Pherofly X4 Review – Is this Real or Fake? See Details in this Review!

Pherofly X4 Review – Is this Real or Fake? See Details in this Review!

A pheromone based perfume by the name Pherofly x4 claims to drive men crazy when worn by women. This is amazing, right! Does it have an attractant that is this potent? We will find out.

Pherofly X4 is marketed on third party websites and it also has an official website where I found more details about it.

Also, I could find that there are feedbacks about this product probably by folks who have used it in the past.

For now, we cannot make any reliable inference regarding the safety or effectiveness of Pherofly x4 until all its details as well as proofs, if any are compared and evaluated.

Definitely, the information that will be shared in this review will help us know if this product is worth going for or not.

Your task is simply to settle down and roll with this review! 



Name of Product: Pherofly 4x

Website: Found on a Few Websites

Minimum Price: Price Varies

Overall Rank (out of 100): 62 Points

Recommended Usage: Unknown

Money Back Guarantee: Not Found

What is Pherofly x4 ?

Pherofly X4 is sold as a pheromone based perfume and a natural masculine attractant designed for women to attract men.

This pheromone based perfume is manufactured by (Extasialand and it is distributed by Versandhandel Stefan).

According to the manufacturer, what the formula should do is to make the wearer (women) appear more feminine, have an incredible feeling of dominance and seduce men.

From the above explanation, one can presume that this pheromone perfume is made with a series of very potent pheromone types. This or the reverse might be the case. We will know when we get to the ingredients.

Though there are not much reviews about Pherofly x4, a good number of customers who have used the perfume in the past attested positively as regards its effectiveness.

Each bottle of Pherofly x4 contains 10ml of the formula of which the user should simply spray it to pulse points and in other sensitive areas of the body (neck, arm, wrist, in the body) to experience the effect.

It seems the manufacturing company has more to say to further elaborate on the product.Pherofly-X4-Review-Is-this-Real-or-Fake-See-Details-in-this-Reviews-Results-Pheromone-Review-Pheromones-for-Him-and-Her

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Ingredients Profile

With reference to the manufacturer’s description, Pherofly x4 is made of four (4) different kinds of pheromones (attractant).

These should include Fragrance, Water, Essential Oils, Propylene, Glycol, Androstenones, A-keto, Delta 16-OL and Tetraenol.

How Does it Work?

The information seen about this product by the manufacturer/distributor has a clear implication that it works in the same way as natural pheromones.

If we can remember, natural pheromones are known to stimulate the Vomeronasal Organ (VNO) in the nose. This in turn sends signal to the brain for the intended effect.

Judging by the differences in peoples’ body structure, will Pherofly x4 achieve a level of opposite sex attraction that is measurable with natural pheromones? This is exactly what the product manufacturer claims, but we should see evidences that back up its claims.

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Who Is It For?

Pherofly x4 manufacturer shares it’s for women who want to improve their appearance as well as their love life.

In paraphrase, the distributor of this pheromone product promotes that women who want to look more feminine, superior and seductive to men will benefit from using the formula.

Similarly, women who want to have more vitality and more business offers as implied in manufacturer’s description will benefit from using it.

Pherofly x4 is not meant to be used in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment or cure of any disease or ailment.


The Positives:Pherofly-X4-Review-Is-this-Real-or-Fake-See-Details-in-this-Reviews-Result-Pheromone-Review-Pheromones-for-Him-and-Her

  • Increases Opposite Sex Attraction;
  • More Sexual Appeal;
  • Increases Feminine Power,
  • Triggers Romantic Feelings;
  • States it’s Easy to Use;
  • Highly Concentrated formula;
  • Claims it’s Safe and Effective;
  • Company’s website Exists;
  • Customers Feedbacks are Positive.

The Negatives:

  1. Pherofly x4 is online available for purchase online, which seems only from one country;
  2. Result may from person to person;
  3. The concentration of the different pheromones used in this formula was not stated;
  4. There is no information about the product’s refund policy.

Customer Support/Guarantee

In line with the manufacturer’s description of the product, it should be compatible with the user’s body and as such should not cause any harmful effect.

The product manufacturer promises to offer free shipping within the State for orders that are up to 30 Eur.

The price of Pherofly x4 is fair as a good number of prospective users out there can afford it.

For clarifications or more information, users can call the manufacturer, send emails or use the address on the product’s official website. However, as I am looking online, it seems that this Pherofly x4 is not available here in the USA.

Bottom Line Facts

Permit me to say that the manufacturer of Pherofly x4 has done a great work by highlighting the important details about the product.

From my research and findings about this pheromone formula, I can say that its components have some positive effect in improving overall appearance. There are no data to support this claim.

As we already know, Pherofly x4 contains four different types of pheromones, but the details as to the proportion of its content is lacking.

As for me, more information is required about this formula and the maker should be bent on finding out this.

However, there is no information about the product’s refund terms and conditions. What if a situation arises where users could not achieve what they want?

The fact that Pherofly x4 constituents are known and its users should not experience any harmful side effect adds credibility to its claims.

Here is what it should be!Pheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-for-Men-Full-Review-Do-They-Work-See-Here-Grail-of-Affection-Review-Hookup-Captain-Dunamis-Duo-Cologne-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Well, from my findings and sources, I would rather jump into something much more effective such as the Liquid Alchemy Labs pheromones or even the Pheromone Treasures which are both effective from different companies out there.

Most users have got great results from pheromones by these manufacturers. You can check out my review on each one here!


Don’t be shy! Feel free to drop me your comments and I will respond to you in due time!


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