Nexus Pheromones review

Nexus Pheromones Review – Here’s My Personal Results With This Pheromones Spray ! See Here !

Nexus Pheromones Review – Here’s My Personal Results With This Pheromones Spray ! See Here !

The Nexus Pheromones is an attractive cologne that I have always kept my eyes on, where one day I actually gave up and bought a few bottles to give a shot !

So in this review, I will be sharing with you my personal review from before and after results ! 

As you do know, Nexus Pheromones does promote to become more sexually attractive to women and make us men more irresistible and flirt-able.

But after I personally tested this pheromone cologne who have been on the top shelf of pheromone sprays, the results were very interested in my experience.

Which, could be good or bad, but I would leave it to you to find out as you read along with the review !

So get a cup of coffee and follow down to find out my before and after results with the Nexus Phoromones spray !



Name of Product: Nexus Pheromones™

Official Website:

Minimum Price: 4 Bottles + 2 Free + Bonus = $33.33PerBottle

Overall Rate (out of 100): 98% Success Rate

Recommended Usage: 2-3 Sprays Works Up to 8-10 Hours

Refund Policy: 67 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

What Is The Nexus Pheromones™ ?

Nexus Pheromones formula is exactly how it sounds, pheromones cologne/spray to take us men to the “next” level.

As you take a quick look at their official website, the company/manufacturer who is the (Leading Edge Marketing, Inc) made their product’s webpage very professional with tons of information that we all need to know.

But first, I want you to really get to know the product, before I give out my before and after results !

According to them, by just applying this “exclusive” smell to our body, it will make “endless beautiful interesting women” approach us and actually flirt with me.

Basically, it should make me and other users other there more noticeable by women..

As they mention, it should make the ability to stimulate women’s sexual response or the opposite sex, which Nexus Pheromones claims to be 100% pure Androstenone pheromones.

Yet, the company does state that their formula has been featured through medical and scientific form of studies to prove the efficiency of its product.

And now when I click on (Scientific Proof) at the tab on the top menu, it does offer to show several medical/clinical trials and scientific studies done on pheromone scent.

They state that pheromones scent have been proven over and over to magnetically attract women, by making us men more confident, attracted and an irresistible alpha male.

Keep reading to find out every information we all need to know !

Ingredients at Glance

The NexusPheromones mentions to be made up of 100% pure androstenone pheromones.

Yes, it should be 100% natural and they state that it there is “a blend of seven human pheromone compounds” included in their formula’s formulation.

The manufacturer who is a FDA-registered and cGMP facility shares the complete proprietary blend of components in this Nexus Pheromones, which are :Nexus-Pheromones-Review-Heres-My-Personal-Results-With-This-Pheromones-Spray-See-Here-Cologne-Spray-Perfume-For-Men-Pheromone-For-Him

  • Androstenone
  • Alpha-androstenol
  • Androsterone
  • Epiandrosterone
  • Beta-androstenol
  • Androstedienone
  • Androstanone

Each one of these pheromones has its own beneficial of effectiveness, where they actually claim to make it so effective, it “amplified several THOUSAND times for maximum results!

Really, so does it really work? Well, keep reading !

How Does Nexus Pheromones™ Work?

For those of you that don’t know, when we take showers using body washes/soap and shampoos or by having our clothes washed with washing detergents, or by living an unhealthy lifestyle, it takes out the effects of our natural male pheromone scent.

Now as this formula explains, the Nexus Pheromones is a potent sex pheromones that by its own exclusive scent, should reach the women’s noses to positively change their behavior and the way they look at us men.

So this how it really works !

It should affect a woman’s ovulation cycle by making her or women around me stimulated by its sexual chemistry to be more interested in me.

Thereby, making me more attractive and irresistible to all women around me, where I actually feel much more confident and overall well being.

Which, they call it the “Releaser Effect” on how Nexus Pheromones was created.

According to them, it has a “a faint scent to mask the natural musky smell“, which does smell light and very good to me.

Now results do varies as which there are MIXED reviews, where some folks out there expected a “miracle” to happen, and it doesn’t work like that. Yet, keep reading to see my own personal results.

Nexus Pheromones, Learn More

Follow down !

Ingredients at Focus

Now, according the Nexus Pheromones website, they mention that women are magnetically attracted to these types of sex pheromones, which is only by a smell, will change the whole game and take things to the “next” level.

With having this sex scent on my body skin, the manufacturer shares to make me more of an attractive, irresistible and healthy fertile man.

All I do is apply a spray of this Nexus Pheromones to any of our pulse points (such as neck, wrist, chest, etc) and it should work for 8-10 hours of making women respond more positively and sexuality towards me.

Yes, they mention I can either use it alone or actually wear it together with other colognes that I may have.

Now not only it can be used as a short-term fun, it can also build up relationship with the woman I want or even improve existing relationship.

It should basically make women want me more, by having my confidence level rised upattraction builds, and trigger sexual responsiveness.

And it works the other way around as well, by grabing women’s attention and make a good sexual impression, which gives me the ability to meet beautiful women, plus several other benefits !


The Positives:

  • Makes Users More AttractedNexus-Pheromones-Review-Heres-My-Personal-Results-With-This-Pheromones-Spray-See-Here-Cologne-Spray-Perfume-For-Men-Pheromone
  • Stimulates Sexual Chemistry
  • Feel More Fertile, Healthy Man
  • 100% Human Pheromones
  • Enhances Masculinity in Users
  • Makes Wearer More Irresistible
  • Women Responds Positively
  • Builds Up Confidence Level
  • Does Have a Official Website
  • Women Becomes Very Flirty
  • Wearer Appear More Noticeable
  • Use It Alone or with Other Cologne
  • Proven to Be Effective
  • From a Respected Company
  • Amazon Also Carries It
  • Builds Up Sexual Attraction
  • Makes Women More Interested
  • Positive Reviews/Results was Found
  • Works Up to 8-10 Full Hours
  • 67 Day Money Back Guarantee

Nexus 67Day Money Back Guarantee

The Negatives:

  1. There are mixed reviews, where some folks are expecting for the cologne to do all the work, which in my opinion, Nexus Pheromones is basically a high boost “tool” to me, for advantages to get hot women quicker.

Customer Support/Guarantee

As I mentioned earlier, this Nexus Pheromones spray formula is from a well-respected company and from what I know, they actually do have some good quality products to offer to us men.

Back to the product, they offer to cover every consumer with a 67 day money back guarantee, so just in case myself as a former user is not satisfied with the results, I can simply send it back for a complete full refund.

Unlike other companies out there, not many stand up front with their return time-period policy for a cologne, which seems to me that they are confident that their formula would work.

At the Nexus Pheromones primary website, they offer several pages such as the (FAQ) section, Proof of evidence and how it works, it should clear up anything unclear we may have in our mind.

When I ordered it online, my privacy was completely discreet, where the package came in with nothing written on it, just plain, plus card statement did not appear with the product’s name.

Now, regarding customer service, they have a contact us page to write or I can contact them via phone, email or mail.

Basically, they seem to really be behind their product and not hide behind the computers.

Does gain points in my opinion !

Review Summary + My Personal Results

Finally, I can share with you my own results from the usage of the Nexus Pheromones cologne!

So here it is !

I bought a few bottles after I had actually searched up plenty of information, and after that, I felt confident that this cologne spray could work on me, to approach beautiful women.

As I put my hands on a bottle, I spray it directly to my neck and wrist, I noticed it smelled good, natural and light, but nothing happened at that moment.

I drove up to the gym, I noticed women outside going in and I walked past them, which felt awkward to me, since it seems like they stopped talking to each other for a second and quickly peeked at me.

Right there, I felt a boost ! Confidence went up and I knew that they found something interested in me. Yet, they did not approach me.

I walked to the locker room, got ready and walked right out to train upper chest (play with weights). Then, I noticed a few women on treadmills, just simply giving me looks and one of them who I knew, gave me a smile as I walked past by her.

As I’m at the dumbbell’s section, a young lady walked up and grab some light dumbbells and started working out her arms right next to me. I felt incredible but a bit awkward, since women don’t really come next to me like that, and that’s not all !

She asked me if I was using the seat there, with a inner-smile she had on and I told her confidently, “it’s all yours sweetie”. From right there, I noticed that this Nexus Pheromones spray cologne is completely effective and works great on me.Nexus-Pheromones-Review-Heres-My-Personal-Results-With-This-Pheromones-Spray-See-Here-Cologne-Spray-Perfume-For-Men-Pheromone-For-Him-Amazon-Reviews-Review

Yet, I wasn’t expecting for it to do it all like other men who claimed “it does work“, because I do know its not a magic or miracle spray, but it does help me feel more confident and attractive, which that’s the main key to get to women.

Basically, it triggers women’s chemistry to notice me, where they will look straight at me and make them find a way to get anywhere near me or have any type of communication with me, without them realizing that anything is going on, all from this exclusive cologne.

You can find out more by visiting the Nexus Pheromones cologne official website at (

Try Nexus Pheromone

I hope this complete review have cleared up any information you needed to know and I hope you enjoy reading my own personal experience with this effective Nexus Pheromones. If you have any question, feel free to ask me below !

Julio - Pheromone Wearer

Julio here, the founder and editor of (, I have dedicated my own time to find out the truth of each human pheromone formulas out there in the industry and share full unbiased details with everyone ! Me being a pheromone wearer, this website is dedicated based on my personal own use with some of these pheromone products, and the ones I have not used yet. I'm going to give you the real review before making any judgement to find out if it works or not. So feel free to take a look at some of the pheromones I have reviewed so far, which there are over 100+ products' reviews done here ! Now If there is one I have not reviewed yet, please let me see that you're here and throw me a line below in the comment box, with the product's name and I will go from there !

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7 thoughts on “Nexus Pheromones Review – Here’s My Personal Results With This Pheromones Spray ! See Here !

  1. Julio, after your blog here I just ordered 3 nexus colognes. I mean it is my first ever with pheros. Wish me good luck bro

    1. Hey Joaquin,

      Sure I think you are on your way to experience great effects as well with the Nexus Pheromones formulas. However, do make sure to come back and let us know your own results and experience with it. I would love to hear it!

      Julio – Pheromone Wearer

      1. I have not had much enough time to test this cologne fully, but it does smell good and seems to last longer than other similar sprays that I tried before.

        1. Hey Larry,

          Well, yes the smell and the duration works great with me. Now what matters the most is how it affects us when others such as women come near us men. Yet, most folks out there are expecting for this Nexus Pheromones to do all the work and that’s not how it works. It boost up ourselves to lift up and be the man we want to be.

          I Believe You, Cheers
          Julio – Pheromone Wearer

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