Pheromone Treasures – Pheromones for Men – Full Review – Do They Work? See Here

Pheromone Treasures – Pheromones for Men – Full Review – Do They Work? See Here

Some exclusive pheromone formulas that comes in hand-made wooden treasure chest, that would be only the Pheromone Treasures products.

I recently had done a review for the women’s perfumes and it came up that Pheromone Treasures perfumes were effective, from the results of evidence I got.

So my thought here, maybe the cologne ones could be effective as well !?

However, we don’t know yet, until we do our research to get all the information we want about the Pheromone Treasures men’s colognes, such as Grail of Affection, Escape The Friend Zone, Alpha Treasures, The Hookup, etc..

Everything about the most popular formulas would be reviewed right here in this review. Follow down!


Name of Brand/Company: Pheromone TreasuresPheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-for-Men-Full-Review-Do-They-Work-See-Here-Grail-of-Affection-Cologne-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Official Website:

Minimum Price: Price Varies From = $39.99-$67.99

Overall Rank (out of 100): 98 Points

Recommended Usage: Unknown

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Day Refund Policy

What Is Pheromone Treasures ?

Pheromone Treasures is a U.S. based company/brand that sells a selection of pheromone formulas for both men and women.

According to them where the Pheromone Treasures colognes was found at its primary website, they claim produce the most potent pheromones manufactured in its own research lab, with the main founder named (John Loda).

John Loda, being the owner of Pheromone Treasures, he states to have been studying and practicing pheromone molecules for more than 5 years, which he mentions to be confident that his products will work as it’s suppose to.

As he explains, in cases that you find the results are not what you expected, he offers a 60 day money back guarantee for unsatisfied users who wants to return the product for a refund.

They offer international shipping for worldwide folks. All orders come in a no-text plain package for user’s privacy.

Back to the PheromoneTreasures colognes, the company has different cover scent to choose from when purchasing any pheromone product from them, which these scents would be : Aqua Di Gio, Orange Spice, Celestial Waters, etc or Unscented version.

See the details about each cologne for men below !

Grail of Affection™Pheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-for-Men-Full-Review-Do-They-Work-See-Here-Grail-of-Affection-Review-Cologne-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Right from the start, I see that Gail of Affection (30Ml) ( was designed to enhance relationship status and bonds, which they added 4 human pheromones (a total of 21mg of pheromones) in its formulation, where two of them would be Beta Androsterone and Androstadienone.

Gail of Affection is said to enhance trust, appreciation and love bond between the two of you (man to woman), which brings a vibe of lovely connections.

It best to use this pheromone cologne by applying 1-3 drops depending on your race, when going out on a date with the special one or stay in together with your sexual/love partner. Here’s proof of evidence that it works :


The Hookup™Pheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-for-Men-Full-Review-Do-They-Work-See-Here-Grail-of-Affection-Review-The-Hookup-Cologne-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

According to the Pheromone Treasures company, the Hookup ( was created to be become the best pheromone cologne to wear when hunting for women for hookup and get laid.

Containing 4 unique pheromones (6mg of pheromones in each 10ml bottle 0r 18mg per 30ml), they mention it will have the effects that you need to get that special girl from the club or bar straight to your bed, for sex.

The Hookup is for those of you who wants to “speed up the process” when out there creeping for the hot ladies, which it should make you grab their attention as you become the winner for the “golden ticket” aka after hours sex.

All you need is 1-3 full sprays, depending on your race and you should be all ready to go and pick up the woman you want.


Captain pheromone cologne for men (, they state to include 8 human pheromones in its proprietary complex (7.5mg of pheromones per 10ml bottle (22.5mg per 30ml), become the “captain” in everything you do.

The Captain cologne from Pheromone Treasures, it claims to make you appear as the leader aka “captain”, to have leadership abilities and take the lead at all the time.

It should enhance trust, respect and others may look up to you as the best of the best, according to the company.

Alpha Treasures™Pheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-for-Men-Full-Review-Do-They-Work-See-Here-Grail-of-Affection-Review-Hookup-Captain-Alpha-Treasures-Cologne-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Now the Alpha Treasures ( is an oil based pheromone cologne where it should make you (as a man) become the alpha male that all women wants to be together and all men wants to be around,

As they explain, it should enhance the ability for you to get things done and become the alpha male that conquers any challenge that comes in your way, since Alpha Treasures can be worn at anytime (business, work, or out) of the day.

Alpha Treasures contain making you be best you you can be and build overall confidence levels to face any aspect you may have in your daily basis.

Escape The Friend Zone™Pheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-for-Men-Full-Review-Do-They-Work-See-Here-Grail-of-Affection-Review-Hookup-Captain-Alpha-Treasures-Escape-Friend-Zone-Cologne-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Yes, Escape The Friend Zone ( cologne should do exactly what it’s named for, “escape” you from the friend zone and turn her into a girlfriend, all by the unique complex of having a total of 4 pheromones, such as the main one called Alpha Androsterone.

Remember that one special good-looking girl that still has you as “just a friend”, well Pheromone Treasures claims to have designed the Escape The Friend Zone to break the ice and get them to start liking you and become sexual attractive.

As they do state, this pheromone product should “poke” at their sexual attraction responses, and all of the sudden, gets you out of the friend zone.

Aura of Amity™Pheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-for-Men-Full-Review-Do-They-Work-See-Here-Grail-of-Affection-Review-Hookup-Captain-Alpha-Treasures-Aura-of-Amurity-Cologne-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Aura of Amity ( being a pheromone spray formula, who contains Alpha Androstenol and a few other pheromones, it was created to make folks become more comfort and friendly when around you as the wearer.

This pheromone cologne should have you “loosen up” and everyone completely opened up for communication, by reducing anxiety, makes everyone seem very friendly towards you and others.

It is best to wear the Aura of Amity spray when going out to meet new folks or in social situations to making yourself and everyone else feel great.

Zero to 69™Pheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-for-Men-Full-Review-Do-They-Work-See-Here-Review-Hookup-Captain-Alpha-Treasures-Escape-Friend-Zone-Zero-to-69-Cologne-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

The Zero to 69 ( male pheromone cologne, this one is quite interesting where it contains high doses of Androstenone with its 3 human sexual pheromones.

According to the Pheromone Treasures, Zero to 60 spray states that it’s for advanced users only which they claim that we men will “gain so much alpha so fast” and be able to get a girl to come home with you for sex.

It’s basically the “sex” pheromone cologne to attract women for sexual intercourse, which it is warned of its powerful effects. Some men may even get aggravated when the Zero to 60 user is around.

Treasureful Shine™Pheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-for-Men-Full-Review-Do-They-Work-See-Here-Grail-of-Affection-Treasureful-Shine-Cologne-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Pheromone Treasures shares that this Treasureful Shine ( is to make you have the confidence you need to be able to shine and gain “leadership”, all from the proprietary blend (5mg of pheromones per 30ml bottle).

Treasureful Shine is for those of you who are doing pretty well in life, to even better and be at the top, which it should make you confident in everything you do or come across.

Yes, it requires you to be proud of your own lifestyle and by wearing the Treasureful Shine, you should shine even brighter ! 

Dunamis Duo™

Now this Dunamis Duo pheromone (, it’s a 2 products (1 oil based and the other 1 alcohol based) that was created to work together being very effective for a successful night out.Pheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-for-Men-Full-Review-Do-They-Work-See-Here-Grail-of-Affection-Review-Hookup-Captain-Dunamis-Duo-Cologne-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

The alcohol based one is said to give you an instant aura of masculine and confident type of guy to start the night by breaking the ice to approach women, and the oil based formula states to give you a vibe of sexual attraction that should last for the whole night, as they explain.

Basically, it should make you become a dominant alpha male for social interaction and oil based make you appear sexual to the opposite sex, all you would need is 2 drops of each one applying one first then the other one near the same spot of application.

Review Summary

Wow, the Pheromone Treasures do really have some quite interesting pheromone colognes for us men to wear and attract women into our lives.

Yes, they also have single pheromone molecules and unique specif pheromone formulas to become the guy that Asian women desires, a specif formula to attract Latina women, plus one spray for Indian and Pakistani women as well.

Now I’m not able to find any particular evidence from Pheromone Treasures to share with us the results from the studies or any trials done will add credibility to their pheromone formulas.

But I did find positive reviews on several of the PheromoneTreasures colognes, since the women’s perfumes have been reviewed as effective.Pheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-for-Men-Full-Review-Do-They-Work-See-Here-Grail-of-Affection-Review-Hookup-Latina-Cologne-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

For a fact, I’m actually interested in looking forward to get either the Latina, Zero to 69 or the Hookup one for my own personal use, which is said to work incredible for single guys like me who goes out in the weekend to pick up women.

Plus, not to mention, the owner of the Pheromone Treasures company mentions to offer 60 day refund policy to all customers, so if somehow I’m not 100% happy with the results, I would just send it back for a refund or exchange.

You can visit their official website at ( and go from there !

Don’t be afraid to share with me your opinions about anything. Don’t be surprised if these products really work, which you better come back to me and let me know your results!

Julio - Pheromone Wearer

Julio here, the founder and editor of (, I have dedicated my own time to find out the truth of each human pheromone formulas out there in the industry and share full unbiased details with everyone ! Me being a pheromone wearer, this website is dedicated based on my personal own use with some of these pheromone products, and the ones I have not used yet. I'm going to give you the real review before making any judgement to find out if it works or not. So feel free to take a look at some of the pheromones I have reviewed so far, which there are over 100+ products' reviews done here ! Now If there is one I have not reviewed yet, please let me see that you're here and throw me a line below in the comment box, with the product's name and I will go from there !

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8 thoughts on “Pheromone Treasures – Pheromones for Men – Full Review – Do They Work? See Here

  1. Fantastic blog you have here Julio! I am very impressed!!! So does all of these perfumes come in those treasure boxes?? I really find it interesting! Can you show me the women ones?! Thank you Julio!! 🙂

    1. Hey Jenna,

      First, I would like to say thanks for the positive feedback about my website’s blog. Now regards the “treasure boxes”, YES all of them do comes inside each “treasure box” as you mentioned, which makes sense the pheromone brand name called (Pheromone Treasures). And regards to the Women’s Pheromone Treasures, you can click here to head over the review for women’s pheromones to attract men.

      For Your Best,
      Julio – Pheromone Wearer

  2. My man uses the two little oil treasures one and every time we go out great results. Really attracts attention. I just can’t keep my eyes off him. Smells good too I am also pleased with results and overall smell.


  3. Julio, have you tried this? Sh*tt L2k one works like a charm! Everytime I put these bad boys on, I walk feeling like a king no lie guys look up to me, girls just keeps staring. I am going for the alfa machino one and i’ll let you know how it goes. Wish me good luck

    1. Hey Michale,

      Great to hear man! I like how you actually came back here and express your experinces, I mean the name says it all (License to Kill). Which one though, LIIK v.1 or LIIK v.2 ?

      Sharing is Caring,
      Julio – Pheromone Wearer

  4. Works very well! Also I love the design. Currently using dunamis dual one! Thank you my friend julio

    1. Hey Manie,

      Awesome to hear man. Thanks for sharing, as it will help others inform your experience here.

      I Believe You,
      Julio – Pheromone Wearer

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