PherSpray Cologne Review – Pheromones for Men (Attract Women) – My Results Here !

PherSpray Cologne Review – Pheromones for Men (Attract Women) – My Results Here !

Back in 2013, I remember when I purchased the PherSpray cologne for men to attract women !

Which, it was quite interesting the the results I actually got and not to mention, the smell literally turned women on with the precious aroma it has.

At the time, what I would do is right from the time I got to the gym, I would take a quick 1-2 sprays directly to my neck and walk right past the ladies at the front desk.

Yes, I remember one hot young lady working at the front desk, me and her felt like we had somewhat of a connection between us because every time I walked by her, I would catch her eye staring directly to my eyes and sure, I had a deep crush on her.

However, I’m not going to sit here and tell you every story I have when wearing the PherSpray cologne, but we are going to find out about what made this pheromone spray cologne effective and also find out if others got similar results like I did.

Feel free to take your time and read along, as I will get into details about the product’s label, then share more of my results !

Name of Product: PherSprayPherSpray-Cologne-Review-Pheromones-for-Men-Attract-Women-My-Results-Here-Reviews-Pher-Spray-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Official Website:

Where I Bought It:

Minimum Price: 1 Full Bottle Price Varies

Overall Rate (out of 100): 95% Success Rate

Recommended Usage: 1-2 Sprays Needed

Refund Policy: Amazon 100% Money Back Guarantee

What Is PherSpray ?

This PherSpray formula is a pheromone spray that was designed to attract the opposite sex, which the company have introduced both versions, man to attract women and the formula for woman to attract men.

So the one I personally used, of course, would be the PherSpray for men to attract women !

Now, according to the PherSpray official website, they claim that the ladies will be approaching me as a former pheromone wearer, plus they mention smiles, flirting and touching interacting, and even asking me out !

Yet, did that really happen? Well, let’s first talk about the product’s label before we get to that point.

This pheromone spray claims it’s the “science of attraction”, which may be true, from my personal experiment.

PherSpray webpage states that those attractive males that gets all the girls out there, these folks usually have more naturally occurring pheromones released from their own body, than others.

Which, by using a pheromone spray bottle, it will be very alike or even more effective to get the woman or man we want.

The PherSpray 30ml Bottle (appox. 200 sprays) promotes as the “Extra Strength” formula with a total of 20mg of pheromones.

Keep reading to find out more !

How Does PherSpray Work?

The company of the PherSpray formula, they haven’t got into much about the details on how their product really works.

But like every other pheromone product out there, pheromones are known to send out signals to the opposite sex, which triggers sexual attraction responses and also feelings/connections.

The vomeronasal organ or VNO inside each human being’s nose, it’s that little small organ that detects scent, such as the pheromones.

And by detecting effective pheromones, you can expect to send powerful attraction signals and connection bond from the opposite sex.PherSpray-Cologne-Review-Pheromones-for-Men-Attract-Women-My-Results-Here-Reviews-Pher-Spray-Formula-Sign-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Now the PherSpray official website does show “testimonials”, but I rather look over to the Amazon website where I actually had bought the PherSpray long time ago, and see the real reviews from previous users there.

Which, is actually real comments and not fabricated from the company, like many products do.

What To Expect from PherSpray ?

Being called as the “science of attraction”, PherSpray does claims a few benefits to expect when wearing either the men’s version or the woman’s one to attract men.

So when I wore it, it highly increased my confidence levels, which they state to get more looks aka eye contact, smiles and increase in communication with the opposite sex.

It should enhance sexual desire and overall sexual attractiveness, plus folks will show more respect and even look up to you !

According to them, they mention better sex with our partner and improve existing relationship, which PherSpray can be worn either to go out or stay in with our sexual partner.

And to use it, all I would do is apply 1-2 sprays or even more If I wanted to, and right from the start, I smell the arousal scent that this pheromone spray gives, where it should last a very long time.

I’m sure the ladies love it too !


PherSpray does have an official website as I mentioned earlier, but I actually bought it right from the Amazon retailer website.

Which, Amazon does carry a money back guarantee and If somehow I was not satisfied with the results, I would apply for the refund and Amazon would send someone out to my door and take the package back, where within 3-5 days, my refund would be back to my account.

Plus, Amazon ships within the same day or so, also carries a tracking code, which I know exactly how long the product would take to get delivered to my doorstep.

For those of you who have the Amazon Prime membership,  you will get FREE Two-Day Shipping when ordering the PherSpray formula.

Read on !

PherSpray Overview

The Good:

  • Mentions Extra Strength FormulaPherSpray-Cologne-Review-Pheromones-for-Men-Attract-Women-My-Results-Here-Reviews-Pher-Spray-Formula-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her
  • Designed to Attract Opposite Sex
  • Increases Sexual Attractiveness
  • Expect More Smiles, Looks, Etc
  • Pleasant Scent/Aroma from the Spray
  • Official Website Was Found
  • Folks Will Show More Respect
  • Improves Existing Relationship
  • Mentions Greater Sex with Partner
  • Flirting & Touching Interactions
  • Each 30ml Bottle (appox. 200 sprays)
  • Enhances Sexual Desire & Arousal
  • Positive Reviews/Results was Found
  • Amazon Does Carry a Refund Policy

The Bad:

  1. Even though there are more positive (good) reviews than bad and negative ones, mixed reviews were found.
  2. No real evidence was found by clinical trials done or scientific studies on such product.
  3. Nothing was mentioned about the “pheromones” included in its formulation.

Final Outcome/Results

Now we do know mostly every information and details about the PherSpray, even though no ingredinet’s profile was found or any true evidence to back up the product.PherSpray-Cologne-Review-Pheromones-for-Men-Attract-Women-My-Results-Here-Reviews-Pher-Spray-Formula-Amazon-Comments-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

However, from my personal experience, PherSpray works like a charm!

Believe it or not, this pheromone spray was the type of my favorite cologne/perfume we usually have in our closet that I normally don’t want it to end or change it, and continue using it forever, if I could, just by the smell it has.

I don’t know how to describe exactly the scent it has, but it definitely smells good and when I walk past by any hot females, I can sense and watch them inhaling it a deep enough to just look and smile at me.

Which, I actually used it every single day and there is not a day that it left me unsatisfied, which every time I walk to the front desk at my gym, the same girls would look at me with a smile and always ask me how I’m doing.

The one I actually had a crush one, there were days that she would walk around the gym, just to come near or around me. I loved this pheromone spray!

And not to mention, when you visit the PherSpray on Amazon retailer at (, you’re going to see what other consumers are saying about this particular pheromone formula at the review’s section. Yes, good results as well !

I hope this review has helped you figure it out if it really works or not! Which, don’t be afraid to drop me anything underneath this review !

However, there is no guarantee that it will Liquid-Alchemy-Labs-Review-Does-Their-Pheromones-Colognes-Really-Work-Find-Out-HERE-VOODOO-Pheromone-Cologne-Pheromones-Bad-Wolf-Nude-Alpha-AQUA_VITAE-SXD-Gel-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Herattract women to us. If you really want something to really attract the woman of our choice, take a quick look at the Liquid Alchemy Labs pheromones exclusive perfumes !

Here taking you at my review, there are some of the top sexual attraction pheromone colognes on the market.

Kindly drop your comments! 

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