TRUE Jerk Men’s Pheromone Formula – Review of My Before and After Results !

TRUE Jerk Men’s Pheromone Formula – Review of My Before and After Results !

This pheromone spray for men was one of my favorite I have specifically chosen to use it when I go out in the day time, especially when I’m dressing-to-kill.

Not only this review will hopefully highlight every information we must know about the True Jerk Mens Pheromone Formula, but I will be talking about my before and after results.

Yes, I bet you can’t wait to find out if it really works or not, to attract beautiful women in our lives and not to mention, the company made a caution note since it contains Copulins effective pheromone.

Plus, I will be sharing what other customer users are saying about such product, from reviews/comments that I look up online !

I’ve investigated the time thoroughly and therefore, will be making a responsible review relating the idea from my own personal experience of usage from this True Jerk Mens Pheromone Formula.

Take your time, sit back and scroll down to read all about this effective formula !TRUE-Jerk-Mens-Pheromone-Formula-Review-of-My-Before-and-After-Results-Reviews-TrueJerk-True-Jerk-Pheromone-Amazon-Spray-Cologne


Name of Product: TRUE Jerk Mens Pheromone Formula

Official Website:

Minimum Price: Product’s Official Website Sells It For = $44.96

Overall Rate (out of 100): 97% Success Rate

Recommended Usage: 2-3 Sprays Only

Refund Policy: 1 Full Year Money Back Guarantee

What Is TRUE Jerk Mens Pheromone Formula ?

According to the product’s primary webpage, the company who is (True Pheromones Inc) promotes that this TRUEJerk pheromone formula is for only men who wants to attract those bad girls out there.

Not only it states to grab their full attention, but it was exclusively made for bad boys to use and get the “bad girls” to show sexual interest and attractiveness.

As they do explain, bad girls are usually the hottest and the hardest to get, where TRUEJerk Men’s Pheromone Formula comes in the play.

Looking over at the formula’s official website, this pheromone spray should make hot women be more comfortable around the user, plus make them feel safe and completely open.

Yet, TRUEJerk spray formula only combined two very effective pheromones to transform into a dominant alpha male / bad man.

Now you do know that they are several consumer reviews out there, which most are all positive feedback and comments from previous user’s experiences.

And regards to any studies/tests done with this True Jerk Mens Pheromone Formula, the product’s company does not offer to show any evidence done on their formula.

But keep reading to find out my results !

Product’s Compounds/Dosage

TRUE Jerk Men’s Pheromone Formula states to contain a potent mixture of effective pure pheromones to turn us as users into an alpha male.TRUE-Jerk-Mens-Pheromone-Formula-Review-of-My-Before-and-After-Results-Reviews-TrueJerk-True-Jerk-Pheromone-Amazon-Spray-Cologne-Scent

Which, they are Androstenone who is the most potent sexual male pheromone to attract women and they combined 100% Copulin Pheromone into the TRUEJerk’s formula.

Which, Copulin is a real female pheromone to boost up the sexual potential around women. 

A full bottle of spray contains 1,650 mcg (8.25 mcg/spray) of pheromones with a total volume of 30ml, equals to about 200 full sprays all together.

All I have to do is apply TRUEJerk spray to my skin pulse points (writs, neck, chest, etc) and the transformation begins, which lasts 4-6 full hours.

And what I do is apply no more than 3 full sprays, of course each spray on a different spot.

Indications/What To Expect

The primary official website of TRUEJerk formula, the company mentions that this exclusive pheromone spray is for those who wants to become a “bad boy” or as how they say it, an ultimate alpha male.

And by increasing our overall confidence levels and self-esteem, plus enhances more masculinity attitude and overall being, TRUEJerk transformation should make women want sex right away.

According to the product’s company, it should transform myself (as a user) to be the kind of guy that women want to go straight to bed for sexual intercourse, instead of coming across as friendly.

Which they do mention that these types of “bad girls” are very hard to attract and get their full sexual interest.

They claim to give the impression that I just “recently gotten lucky” by having the power to attract her sexual desire and attention.

Also, TRUEJerk should make people show more respect and look up to you, due to its dominance enhancing qualities.


This True Jerk pheromone spray is available not only on its official primary website, but Amazon and other retailers have it to sell.

Yet, retail websites such as Amazon, the price are much more money than grabbing from the original website.

Now (True Pheromones Inc) does back up their products with a full 1 year money back guarantee.

Yes, that means 365 days and if you were to get it on Amazon, there refund policy are only for 30 days only.

Now regarding the TRUEJerk customer service, we can contact them via email, phone line or online chat.TRUE-Jerk-Mens-Pheromone-Formula-Review-of-My-Before-and-After-Results-Reviews-TrueJerk-True-Jerk-Pheromone-Amazon-Spray-Cologne-For-Him

TRUE Jerk Overview

Lifestyle Benefits:

  • Exclusively Made To Attract Bad Girls
  • Transform User into an Alpha Male
  • Makes Opposite Sex Very Attracted
  • Expect Sexual Attractiveness for Sex
  • Contains Only Pure Pheromones
  • Grabs Women’s Full Attention & Interest
  • Company was Found + Offers Samples
  • Makes Women Feel Safe & Comfortable
  • Gets Them to Open More in Sexual Relate
  • Positive Feedback/Reviews Were Found
  • People Show More Respect Around User
  • Boosts Up Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Gives Users Power of Sexual Attractiveness
  • Company Offers 1 Full Year Money Back Guarantee


  1. No evidence found from any studies conducted on this product.

Closing Thoughts & My Results

Up to this point, I have gathered all information and details on all about True Jerk Mens Pheromone Formula (Caution: Contains Copulins), which now is the best part that I bet you couldn’t wait to hear from me as a former user.

So we do know what this effective pheromone spray is for, and again for alpha males who wants to attract the “bad girls” for sexual relate.

And the drawback that I was able to find, would be that there is nothing found from their product’s company and website to prove from any studies or tests done on TrueJerk.TRUE-Jerk-Mens-Pheromone-Formula-Review-of-My-Before-and-After-Results-Reviews-TrueJerk-True-Jerk-Pheromone-Amazon-Spray-Cologne-For-Him-Pheromones-For-Him-and-Her

Regards customer users reviews, there are mostly positive results from previous consumers !

So here is my story !

I had bought only a bottle of TRUEJerk formula which came with a “pheromone condom” (P.s. condom was too small for me) and right off the start when I applied it to my neck, I smelled a strong confident scent.

I mean, it was in the day time and when I applied it inside my BMW M5, it literally left some flagrance scent inside the car, which I loved it !

Had my car parked and I walked to Macy to purchase a gift for a friend of mines, and as I’m walking, I noticed the workers and staff kept giving me looks like I was something different walking on this earth..

Walked past a few guys, they definitely give me a quick look just to see who I was, and now the fun part gets here !

I found what I wanted in Macy store at the Mall, walked up to the counter to pay it off and there were 2 staffs working there, one of them was a decent young woman, and right off the bat, she told the other worker “I’ll take care of him”, with a precious smile.

Then as I’m pulling out my wallet, out of no where, she goes “you smell good !” looking directly deep into my eyes, and with a proud confident smile, I said “thanks”. Of course, I winked at her.TRUE-Jerk-Mens-Pheromone-Formula-Review-of-My-Before-and-After-Results-Reviews-TrueJerk-True-Jerk-Pheromone-Amazon-Spray-Cologne-Scent-True-Pheromones-Website

Not to mention, I dress-to-kill, I do look slightly attractive not by pheromone spray, but overall outlook and as I’m walking away from paying it off, I walked right back to her and asked for a pen and a piece of paper, I gave her my number and boom, later on the night she texted me and we went from there !

Believe it or not, this TRUEJerk pheromone spray has been one of my favorite out of the several ones I have tried. I really love the strong sexual attractive smell, plus the attention from sexual attractiveness I get from women.

Now remember, TRUEJerk is available on Amazon/retailers, but on their official website at (, you will be getting a 1 full year money back guarantee and you will be ensured that you will be getting the original formula from the product’s manufacturer/company.

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