Caught Up Men Pheromone Cologne – Is Pheromone Cologne Worth Using? Only Here!

Caught Up Men Pheromone Cologne – Is Pheromone Cologne Worth Using? Only Here!

Caught Up is a product is a pheromone cologne that claims to make men attractive to women.

It might interest us to know that there are many of these types of product in the market.

But it becomes inhuman when some companies in this industry come out with fake and ineffective product with outrageous claims.

Mere looking through the details about this pheromone cologne, separating the facts from the false, if any cannot suffice immediately, hence the reason we should carefully follow this review.

Since I have not previously used this particularly pheromone based formula in the past, I have taken it upon myself to put up a detailed review about it.

The major aim here is to enlighten us and guide us in making decisions as regards Caught Up pheromone product and others.


Ride on with me!

Name of Product: Caught UP Pheromones

Amazon Website:

Minimum Price: Price Varies 

Overall Rank (out of 100): 57 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: Must Check with Retailer

What is Caught Up Men Pheromone Cologne ?

Caught Up Men Pheromone Cologne is marketed as an unscented pheromone product. It claims to increase the tendency of men to attract women just by applying it generously as directed.

Pheromones as we all may know, are naturally occurring substances that trigger sexual responses in the opposite sex.

The manufacturer of this pheromone cologne explained that all we have to do is to apply the formula in the pulse body points to create the intended response.

They also mentioned that we as users can wear this pheromone cologne under our favorite cologne. It is not scented.

Ideally, there should be proofs to show that Caught Up Men Pheromone Cologne is not a fake product.

From my research, this pheromone cologne is made in a U.S based facility and is marketed under the brand “Pamper YourSelf’’.

On the other hand, I could find a lot of customers’ feedbacks about this pheromone cologne, but a larger number of them are negative.

Does this mean that Caught Up Men Pheromone Cologne is not as effective as claimed? This could be true or the reverse as we are to see a conclusion to this as we go further into the review.

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What Does it Contain?

Caught Up Men Pheromone Cologne is said to contain a male pheromone known as Androstenone.

Evidently, we were only told the content of this pheromone cologne and there is nothing like label shown as a proof.

With reference to the disclaimer information in the retail website where Caught Up Men Pheromone Cologne is sold, actual product packaging and materials may contain more and different information than the one shown.

Could this be the case here?

There is a way of finding out anyway. I am sure you want to get this information and others!

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How Does it Work?

Generally, pheromones and their prototypes (pheromone based products) work by stimulating the Vomeronasal Organ (VNO) in the body.

The natural pheromones could be a good example here. When they are secreted, VNO detects them and sends whatever signal they carry to the olfactory nerves.

At this point, the hypothalamus in the cortex of the brain will be stimulated to trigger emotions; be it sexual desire, romantic, attraction or arousal.

From my research, I could not find where Caught Up Men Pheromone Cologne is said to elicit its effect in the same way. We won’t assume it’s so.

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Who Is It For?

The distributors of this product claims that it is for men who want to have their woman of choice caught up in them.

Does this mean that as a man who wants to look attractive, I can use this male pheromone cologne to attract any woman I desire? Yes, that is the claim after a thorough research about it.

The product’s information also implies that it is for folks who want some good pheromone based formula to use with their favorite cologne.



  • Claims it Attracts Women;
  • Increases Sensual Feelings in Women;
  • Claims Doubled Dose Pheromone;
  • More Attention from Women;
  • Claims to be Powerful;
  • Simply Used in Pulse Points;
  • Shipping is Fast;
  • Exists in Known Retail Sites;
  • Made in the U.S;
  • Found Users’ Feedbacks;
  • The Cologne is Cost Effective.


  1. There are many real negative feedbacks from previous users of this pheromone cologne. So, the fact that it is powerful and effective is questionable;
  2. No information about the product’s manufacturer and official website;
  3. A lot more details are needed about this pheromone cologne;
  4. Users’ results might be atypical.

Customer Support/Guarantee

The distributor of this pheromone cologne claims that the formula incorporates a double dose pheromone, hence should be effective for the intended benefits.

They mention to ship all orders for the product fast (within 1-3 days after confirmation).

From our information source each purchase (from ebay) is accompanied by two (2) packs of a 1/3 fl. Oz roll-on formula, making it very easy and convenient for use.

In an effort to find out if there is other support/guarantee from the distributor, I was amazed as all have been exhausted even the refund policy.

Not to mention, they also have it available on the Amazon retail website (

See the conclusion!

Final Facts

Caught Up Men Pheromone Cologne as we have seen claims to be a perfect combination (pheromone based cologne) for men to attract women.

Firstly, the product’s claims of creating desired attraction and sexual feelings in women are questionable as there are no data to support them.

Similarly, Caught Up Men Pheromone Cologne only shares to contain male pheromone (androstenone) without stating the actual pheromone concentration.

For the product level of safety and effectiveness, the real users’ feedbacks that should rule of this are mostly negative. The positive ones seems falsified and/or paid for from my findings.

The product’s refund information and the company’s profile are lacking.

Having elaborated on these, you should obviously have a straightforward conclusion.

In paraphrase, Caught Up Men Pheromone Cologne claims are outrageous. Checking it out will likely be a waste of time. We should look elsewhere, such as Liquid Alchemy Labs pheromones for men to attract women.

Liquid Alchemy Labs has got the most points for the most effective pheromone colognes. You can view my review here!

Remember to leave your concerns and I will get back to you faster than you may expect.

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