Mojo Pro Pheromone Review Attract Men – Mojo Pro Attract Women Review – Are Claims Hyped or Real? Only Here!

Mojo Pro Pheromone Review Attract Men – Mojo Pro Attract Women Review – Are Claims Hyped or Real? Only Here!

Pheromones are natural hormones produced by most living creatures as they respond to signals to attract same or opposite sex and/or create social bonds.

In humans, pheromones are a bit complex, but studies have shown that some pheromone moieties (androstenone, androstadienone, androstenol, estratetraenol and more) really work to affect mood, attractiveness, authority, confidence and approachability.

Mojo Pro Attract Men Pheromone which I found on the internet claims to increase men’s responsiveness to women.

Does this mean that it is made with proven pheromone molecule(s)? Could it be another scam that intends to lure people into spending their hard earned money without benefits?

As a matter of fact, I am here to gather the relevant details about this product and put them together so that we can see what it has to offer at a glance.

All you need to do is to refresh yourself and follow the review!

Name of Product: Mojo Pro PheromonesMojo-Pro-Pheromone-Review-Attract-Men-Mojo-Pro-Attract-Women-Review-Are-Claims-Hyped-or-Real-Only-Here-Mojo-Cologne-Reviews-Amazon-Uk-Results-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Primary Website:


Minimum Price: Price Varies

Overall Rank (out of 100): 74 Points

Recommended Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: Not Found

What is Mojo Pro Attract Men Pheromone ?

This is marketed as an aphrodisiac and a pheromone based spray designed to attract the opposite sex (men). It is designed and manufactured in London, UK.

As seen on the product’s official website and in third party websites where it is sold, Mojo Pro seems to be the name of the product’s name/brand.

In line with the product’s description, it should create scents that will attract men.

On the other hand, Mojo Pro promotes to combine an irresistible smell and fresh fragrance in a perfect sized pheromone based spray.

The normal way to use this product as explained is to spray it on the body (neck, wrists, and pulse points). By using it this way, women should enjoy an increased confidence and sex appeal.

As an afterthought, I found out that there is also Mojo Pro Attract Women Pheromone. It is designed for men to attract women.

From my research and findings, Mojo Pro manufacturer gave no clinical/scientific data that supports the product claims.

There are customer reviews on this product on e-commerce websites and they are mixed. Some people who have used it in the past share that it only smell good and do not provoke any response.

Another group of users share that it works for attraction. Could these positive reviews be falsified looking at the limited information about this formula?

Keep reading! 

What Does It Contain?

Mojo Pro Attract Men Pheromone and Mojo Pro Attract Women Pheromone is said to contain pheromone molecules. Unfortunately, the exact pheromone molecule in this formula was not stated. In my own opinion, this pheromone product will likely not be what it promotes to be.Mojo-Pro-Pheromone-Review-Attract-Men-Mojo-Pro-Attract-Women-Review-Are-Claims-Hyped-or-Real-Only-Here-Mojo-Cologne-for-men-Reviews-Amazon-Uk-Results-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Yes, an effective pheromone based formula should at least have it ingredients stated with their concentrations, right!? The reverse becomes the case with Mojo Pro Pheromone formulas.

But don’t go just yet, follow down!

How Does It Work?

The description of this pheromone perfume in the retail website where it is sold implies that it works in the same way as naturally produced pheromones.

We may recall that the natural pheromones work by stimulating the Vomeronasal Organ to send signals to the brain for a desired response.

Aside the fact that none of the known pheromone molecule is seen to be present in neither for the Mojo Pro Attract Men Pheromone or Mojo Pro Attract Women Pheromone, we were not told the actual pathway that leads to the claimed effect of this product.

I sense inefficiency and low level of expertise in the manufacture of this so called pheromone formula.

Let us see the rest of the details! 

Who Is It For?

Mojo Pro Attract Men Pheromone distributors claim it’s for women who want to get the attention of any man of choice.

This is to say that any woman who wants to look irresistibly attractive can use the perfume.

Also, from a third party website, they mention that the perfume will not spoil the user’s favorite perfume. This simply means that women who want a product to combine with their favorite perfume will find Mojo Pro Attract Men Pheromone beneficial.

Similarly, Mojo Pro Attract Women Pheromone is for men who want to look more attractive.



  • Increases Opposite Sex Attraction;Mojo-Pro-Pheromone-Review-Attract-Men-Mojo-Pro-Attract-Women-Review-Are-Claims-Hyped-or-Real-Only-Here-Mojo-Cologne-Reviews-Amazon-Uk-Results-3-Ml-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her
  • Gives Refreshing Scent;
  • More Social Attention;
  • Increases Self Confidence;
  • Compatible with other Perfumes;
  • Claims it’s Safe and Effective;
  • Should be Easy to use;
  • No Reported Side Effects;
  • Users’ Reviews Exists;
  • Made in the USA.


  1. The product lacks clinical and/or scientific proof;
  2. User’s results may vary from person to person;
  3. It has limited details, which it may not do all that it claims.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Coming forward to finding out, Mojo Pro Attract Men Pheromone and Mojo Pro Attract Women Pheromone are manufactured by “Naughty Originals” who is a company located in London, UK.

It is said to incorporate potent pheromone molecules, hence should be safe and effective for the stated benefits.Mojo-Pro-Pheromone-Review-Attract-Men-Mojo-Pro-Attract-Women-Review-Are-Claims-Hyped-or-Real-Only-Here-Mojo-for-women-Reviews-Amazon-Uk-Results-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

The product distributors state that it is compatible with the body and with other perfumes.

It should be easy to use as it comes in a convenient 3ml bottle with an atomizer.

Conversely, there is no option with which unsatisfied users of this product can receive a refund.

What should we hold on about these products?

See the conclusion!

Final Results

Firstly, Mojo Pro Attract Men Pheromone claims to be a potent pheromone based product that attracts the opposite sex, yet it lacks expert’s review and endorsement.

Evidently, the product is said to be made with pheromones, but the company behind it fails to list the exact pheromone and the concentration present in the formula.

Even with all these flaws, a good number of feedbacks about the product are positive.

Now, I got into more search and I found real users’ reviews in Amazon ( of which some users out rightly stated that Mojo Pro Attract Men Pheromone “only smells good”.

With this and other criteria that should be considered before accepting such product as a proven product, I classify it as one of those inferior perfumes with little or no pheromone effect.

Up till this point, the manufacturer’s profile cannot be found. Therefore, I have no reason to use or recommend this formula to us.

It was just accompanied by claims that are hyped to captivate desperate folks out there. However, there are proven pheromone formulas out there to not only have the “smells good” benefits, but actually attracts and sensors the opposite sex which are the Pheromone Treasures formulas.Pheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-for-Men-Full-Review-Do-They-Work-See-Here-Review-Hookup-Captain-Alpha-Treasures-Escape-Friend-Zone-Zero-to-69-Cologne-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

By clicking here, I’m going to send you to my review and read on which one will best suit you to really attract the opposite sex.

Don’t be afraid to drop me your comments underneath this review! It’s my pleasure to read and see what you have to say!

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