LuvEssentials Pheromones Reviews – Max Attraction, Aware, Scent of Eros, etc – All Here !

LuvEssentials Pheromones Reviews – Max Attraction, Aware, Scent of Eros, etc – All Here !

While looking at some pheromone products on the Amazon retailer, one of the LuvEssentials pheromone products was who caught my eyes, to review it.

Then I went along on a mission to search for these pheromone formulas to find out what they have to offer us as a pheromone wearer.

Finding the LuvEssentials website, they promote as  “the scent of attraction”  who have been in the industry for over a decade (a total of 14 years) proving pheromone formulas for both men and women.

They have both sex versions (male and female) pheromones such as Max Attraction, Aware, Scent of Eros and others, which right now, I’m in a position to get started and write below for us to find out if these pheromones really work.

Keep reading !LuvEssentials-Pheromones-Reviews-Max-Attraction-Aware-Scent-of-Eros-etc-All-Here-Luv-Essentials-Pheromone-Sprays-Ingredients-Bottles-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her


Name of Products: LuvEssentials

Official Website:

Minimum Price: Depends on What You Choose

Overall Rank (out of 100): 75 Points

Recommended Usage: 1 Spray Needed

Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What Is LuvEssentials ?

LuvEssentials is basically a company/brand of a few pheromones formulas available for either man or woman to attract the opposite sex.

Selling pheromone products for over 14 years, they claim to be the top-seller in eBay, all over on the media and news, plus endorsed by the (James Vaughn Kohl), who is the pheromone research leader in the industry.

According to the LuvEssentials official website, their top best selling formulas have been designed to give the maximum strength and effectiveness in attracting the opposite sex and become more desirable.

Which, there are actually reviews and comments online from the previous consumers, especially on Amazon retailer where I first found it.

So let’s get into details about each LuvEssentials product of theirs !

Max Attraction For Men / Max Attraction GOLD for Men

Max Attraction (1.0 Fl Oz.) for men is said to help dramatically attract women into the wearer’s life, improve your love life, and get better chances to get together with women.

It mentions to contain a total of 8 optimized human pheromones blended into a complex for 38 mg of total pheromones to reach the highest potential for maximum effectiveness, as they explain.

The proprietary blend is said to contain the pheromones such as Androstadienone, androstenone, androstanone, alpha -androstenol, plus unique silicone oil.

Now LuvEssentials designed the Max Attraction For Men (unscented) and the Max Attraction GOLD for men, who have a “cool, fresh fragrance

Yes, they are the same cologne spray, but one is unscented and the Max Attraction GOLD is scented w/ the same effects, as according to them. The benefits are such as :LuvEssentials-Pheromones-Reviews-Max-Attraction-Aware-Scent-of-Eros-etc-All-Here-Luv-Essentials-Pheromone-Sprays-Ingredients-Bottles-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

  • Women Respond Differently
  • Attracts Women to Wearer
  • Choose Scented or (Unscented)
  • Improves Love, Romantic Life
  • Have Better Chances with Females
  • Enhances Sexual Interaction
  • Claims It’s the Most Powerful Formulas
  • Convenient, Easy, Discreet Spray Bottle
  • Fair Price – Unscented or Scented One
  • Mixed (Good/Bad) Reviews Were Found

Max Attraction For Women / Max Attraction SILK for Women

Yes, the Max Attraction for women is slightly different than the men’s version, but having both either scented aroma of a warm, sensuous scent or the unscented one available for women as well.

Max Attraction for women formulas should make you (woman) become more attractive and grab men’s attention when being around them. It states that it can improve your romance and sex life, and overall have men chasing you.

Now the formulation blend for this women’s version, LuvEssentials added 7 total of pheromones (including Copulins blend of 56mg) and 42 mg of synthetic pheromones together with unique silicone oil for higher duration and higher effects.

Containing Copulins, it said to heighten men’s sexual drive and sexual excitement, since Copulins exposure increases the testosterone in men’s body.

Max Attraction for women or the Max Attraction SILK for women, the benefits to expect when wearing this pheromone perfume, would be :LuvEssentials-Pheromones-Reviews-Max-Attraction-Aware-Scent-of-Eros-etc-All-Here-Luv-Essentials-Pheromone-Sprays-Ingredients-Bottles-For-Her-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

  • Men Will Respond Differently
  • Attract Men into Your Life
  • Become Irresistible – Sexy
  • Improve Overall Love Life
  • Increases Sexual Attractiveness
  • Claims to Be More Alluring
  • Have Men’s Full Attention
  • Mention Having Them Chase You
  • Added a High Dosage of Copulins
  • Mixed Reviews Were Found (Pros/Cons)
  • Affordable Price – Scented or Unscented

Aware – Confidence Enhancer

The Aware refers as a “confidence enhancer”, it is said to be a unisex pheromone spray formula for anyone to wear it, either if you’re a guy like me or a woman.

Aware should increase your own confidence levels and self-esteem, which works incredible for business, work or social situations.

This pheromone product contains 5 unique pheromones making a complex of 35 mg of synthetic pheromones for a maximum grade of potency.LuvEssentials-Pheromones-Reviews-Max-Attraction-Aware-Scent-of-Eros-etc-All-Here-Luv-Essentials-Pheromone-Sprays-Ingredients-Bottles-Aware-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

The advantages would be:

  • Boost Up Confidence Levels
  • Unisex Pheromone Formula
  • Make Folks be Open-minded
  • People Become More Friendly
  • Best for Social Interactions
  • Mentions Reduce Inhibitions
  • Only 1 Spray is Needed
  • Mixed Reviews Found As Well
  • Cheap Price – Affordable Price

Scent of Eros – Musk & Floral Fragrance

With 5 mg pheromones in the Scent of Eros (Musk Fragrance), who is the men’s version bottle designed by (James Vaughn Kohl) research leader, this pheromone product should make myself (man) get noticed by women by the great masculine pheromone scent it has.LuvEssentials-Pheromones-Reviews-Max-Attraction-Aware-Scent-of-Eros-etc-All-Here-Luv-Essentials-Pheromone-Sprays-Ingredients-Bottles-Aware-Eros-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

The main 2 pheromone compounds included in the Scent of Eros men’s cologne, would be androsterone and androstenol, which have been known to mess with women’s feelings/mood and sexual behavior.

And the women’s version Scent of Eros, it contains Copulins mixed with a light floral scent.

The benefits are :

  • Increases Attention From Others
  • Enhances Flirty Connections
  • Self-Assertive & Confidence
  • Changes Mood of Opposite Sex
  • Noticed by Other Sexual People
  • Improves Interaction with Others
  • Choose From Scented or Unscented


LuvEssentials mention to really be behind all of their products and provide 100% customer satisfaction and customer service.

To contact them, they offer a (contact us) form to type and send it to them, via email and have even their address, in case to return a product back to them, where they offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

The company who would be (Lodix Corp) claims to give all your money back if their product doesn’t work within 60 days, but shipping & handling fees will not be included.

Now the tab called (In The News) at the LuvEssentials official website, they only show media sources and news channels that talks about particular “pheromones” and not about their products or anything about them.

Nothing was found regardless of clinical trials or any evidence to back up the products, other than the endorsement from (James Vaughn Kohl) and the reviews I’m able to find online.

All orders should come in being completely discreet, in a plain package and billing statement will appear as (Lodix Corp), when purchasing from the LuvEssentials ( official website.

In fact, they also have a (Luscious Lips Double Pack – For Sexy, Sultry Lips) product for women to get a quick enhancement “pump” on the lips for sexy, juicy and bigger lips, which lasts about 2-3 hours.


Coming to an end for the LuvEssentials pheromones products, I can finally come to a complete conclusion on what I what to say about my findings and searching for these formulas.

Well, we do know that their products have been in the industry for over 13 years, which I’m aware that there are new and optimized pheromone formulas out there that may be much more effective.

Back to LuvEssentials formulas, they do seem to really be behind their products, but the fact that there are many mixed reviews online at Amazon retailer and all over the internet, which the negative reviews claiming “didn’t like the smell” or “doesn’t work” statemetns are a variety of these type of comments.

I’m not saying they don’t work, but I’m trying to say that there are several customers that did not get the results and expectations when wearing these pheromone formulas.

Plus, there are no proof of evidence from clinical trials or any evidence to back up the products, to show us that it really works. At this point, I may say that they are not different than any other pheromones out there.Liquid-Alchemy-Labs-Review-Does-Their-Pheromones-Colognes-Really-Work-Find-Out-HERE-VOODOO-Pheromone-Cologne-Pheromones-Bad-Wolf-Nude-Alpha-AQUA_VITAE-SXD-Gel-Web-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Yet, if you want to go for something that is really effective, according to the users, the the Liquid Alchemy Labs who have the effective Bad Wolf, Nude Alpha pheromone cologne for men to attract women.

I would check out the complete review by clicking right here and go from there, where previous customer users are saying great results with the Liquid Alchemy Labs products.


Let me know if you have anything in your mind right now. I would love to hear anything you have to say, regardless of anything. Feel free !

Julio - Pheromone Wearer

Julio here, the founder and editor of (, I have dedicated my own time to find out the truth of each human pheromone formulas out there in the industry and share full unbiased details with everyone ! Me being a pheromone wearer, this website is dedicated based on my personal own use with some of these pheromone products, and the ones I have not used yet. I'm going to give you the real review before making any judgement to find out if it works or not. So feel free to take a look at some of the pheromones I have reviewed so far, which there are over 100+ products' reviews done here ! Now If there is one I have not reviewed yet, please let me see that you're here and throw me a line below in the comment box, with the product's name and I will go from there !

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8 thoughts on “LuvEssentials Pheromones Reviews – Max Attraction, Aware, Scent of Eros, etc – All Here !

  1. It works but you have to keep using it to notice the results. At first use not so many benefits. I mean i am not expecting any a magical affects but continue using I have noticed women seem more happy around me. Not bad! Thumbs up

  2. Hi there, me a 24 years old male its my first time here and according to one of my best friend, Brad told me to buy the MaxAttraction Gold one. I really like how confidence he feels near me or anywhere around me. He told me that its all because of this Gold cologne. Giving it a try, wish me luck.

    1. Hey Melvinites,

      That’s good to hear! Sure, do that and make sure to come back and you also share your own experience with such product with all of us!

      Julio – Pheromone Wearer

  3. Silk one is okay. I have had better ones before. Julio I will look around your website and see what are the best options. Thank you for such a beautiful and organized website.

  4. I bought this along with some fun, ssetiohicatpd sex items to liven up my husband and my ten year marriage. I honestly did not think this product would work. I was extremely skeptical even though I know the powerful effect of naturally occurring pheremones. My husband is usually pretty touchy-feely and incredibly easy to turn on but when I applied it according to the instructions, it had a huge effect on him. I noticed when he would get grumpy all I would have to do it go over next to him, he would forget about his bad mood, grab me and kiss me everywhere!!! And when we made love that night, he was definitely more aggressive than normal.I also noticed when I went to the store, men I would walk by would turn and look, not oogling per se, but like something caught their attention about me and they could not put their finger on it. The cute, younger checker at the grocery store who is usually just surfacey and polite, totally chatted me up, told me I looked familiar and he swore he knew me from somewhere and then brushed my hand with a smile on his face when he handed me my change. This product works. My secret love potion.

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