Pheromax Man Review – Does It Achieve its Claims? This Review Will Tell! Results? All Here

Pheromax Man Review – Does It Achieve its Claims? This Review Will Tell! Results? All Here

Opposite and/or same attraction can occur naturally and can also be triggered all of which are the effect of natural and synthetic pheromones respectively, such as Pheromax Man.

All humans secrete pheromones naturally. But as a result of evolutionary changes, the naturally produced pheromones are most times unable to trigger the needed attraction and social responses.

The above statement supports the fact that pheromones are synthetically made to augment and/or mask the naturally produced pheromones for enhanced effects.

Because a lot of companies manufacture different varieties of these formulas, how do we then evaluate them to know the ones that best suit us?

All these and other relevant information about Pheromax Man pheromones will be detailed as we go further into the review.Pheromax-Man-Review-Does-It-Achieve-its-Claims-This-Review-Will-Tell-Results-LoveScent-Amazon-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

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Product’s Name: PheroMax Man

Official Website:

Minimum Price: Each Bottle for $79.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 84 Points

Recommended Usage: Try it Out to Find Out

Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What is Pheromax Man ?

Pheromax Man is marketed as a powerful pheromone spray formula for men to attract women. Nulife promotes this formula as an exclusive pheromone perfume for men in a high-end design atomizer.

As implied in the product information, it should create attraction, increase sexual responses from the female sex while improves our social life.

According to the manufacturer, this Pheromone blend is an unscented hi-tech product from Germany. Users can open the atomizer to add a cover fragrance.

In line with the manufacturer’s description, the atomizer can be used many times with our favorite pheromone mixtures.

Pheromax Man claims to be an effective spray product to attract women.

Are the blends of pheromones in the product the same as those used by artists, dating coaches and dating gurus? Or is it amongst the products that will end up achieving little or no result?

Nulife mentions that each bottle of their pheromone based spray formula is made with 5mg of pheromone. As for me, I doubt if this concentration will achieve the product’s claims and promises.

Going through the information about Pheromax Man, I discovered little information. This may have impacted the formula negatively because users of pheromone products like me will always want to know all about what they intend to use.Pheromax-Man-Review-Does-It-Achieve-its-Claims-This-Review-Will-Tell-Results-LoveScent-Amazon-Reviews-Spray-For-Men-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

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Ingredients Profile

Pheromax Man is said to incorporate the highest concentration of pheromone compared to other pheromone products marketed on the internet.

It contains 3 mg Androstenone and 2 mg androstenol which adds up to 5mg pheromones per bottle.

For the use, pheromones (especially the spray formulas) are usually applied sprinkled directly on the skin and in the areas where our body produces heat (the inner elbows, wrist, neck, chest, under the arm).

How Does it Work?

The manufacturer’s details about Pheromax Man imply that it creates sexual attraction as well as social response in the same way with natural pheromones.

Studies have shown that pheromones acts on specific receptors and organs in the nose to trigger responses.

Does Pheromax Man use the same pathway since this is the usual way pheromones work to achieve benefits?

Because Nulife did not state the exact mechanism of action, I cannot at this point assume that it works in the same way as natural pheromones.

Pheromax by Nulife lacks adequate details. Does it have any satisfaction guarantee?

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Who Is it For?

Pheromax Man claims it’s for men who want to attract and seduce any woman they desire.

This means that if you want to get the attention of a woman I desire and improve my social appearance, Nulife claims that this pheromone based product is for you.

It is not intended for use to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or ailment.


The Benefits:Pheromax-Man-Review-Does-It-Achieve-its-Claims-This-Review-Will-Tell-Results-LoveScent-Website-Amazon-Reviews-Spray-For-Men-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

  • Increases Attraction;
  • More Attention From Women;
  • Increases Romantic Response;
  • Creates Sexual Feelings;
  • Improves Social Status;
  • Hi-tech Pheromones;
  • Claims High Pheromone Concentration;
  • Safe and Effective;
  • Claims it’s Compatible;
  • Distributor’s Website Was Found;
  • Official Website Exists;
  • Refund Policy Exists.

The Demerits:

  1. The product’s information is limited;
  2. Reviews are mixed(positive and negative);
  3. Pheromax Man is only available for purchase online.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Pheromax manufacturer seems to give replacements for damaged, defective or wrong products.

Nulife promotes to protect the privacy of its customers, where customers’ details are not shared.

The description of Pheromax Man in the official website ( and in other retail websites where it is sold, shares that it is safe, compatible and effective for men to attract women.

For a fact, there company seem to have different payment options that are secure for customers to use.

According to them, payments are always executed according to conditions of the credit card industry. They employ 3D-Secure, anti fraud system, SSL-encryption and secured connections.

Nulife has an official website of which we can contact them by putting up a call to them or by emailing them.

Final Verdict

With these details seen so far about Pheromax Man, I believe we have been well briefed as regards the benefits and odds of this spray formula, if any.

It is available on the distributor’s official website and in other third party websites where it claims to be a highly effective pheromone spray formula on the market.

Pheromax Man does not have enough details and from what previous users of this product are saying, the manufacturer’s claims seem questionable.

Also, reviews about this pheromone formula are few with existing positive and negative feedbacks.

Yes, results may vary from one person to another, but I discovered that the pheromone concentration is not much compared to its counterparts, yet the manufacturer claims it has the “highest pheromone concentration”.

Here is my opinion!

Pheromax Man is backed up by a refund terms & conditions on Amazon ( and the retail website LoveScent brand ( does also carry a money back guarantee. Pheromax-Man-Review-Does-It-Achieve-its-Claims-This-Review-Will-Tell-Results-Love-Scent-Website-Amazon-Reviews-Spray-For-Men-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

With reference to customers’ reviews and other details obtained about Pheromax Man, I can say that this formula may not follow as the claimed effects as regards opposite sex attraction.

It might be able to make us feel a bit confident, but the only way to actually find our personal results with the product, would be by giving it a shot and see the results ourselves !


Feel completely free to kindly drop your thoughts below!

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