Onyx Pheromone Review – Does It Really Stimulate Feminine Desires? Only Here!

Onyx Pheromone Review – Does It Really Stimulate Feminine Desires? Only Here!

A pheromone brand with the name Onyx Pheromone Eau De Toilette claims to achieve a profound effect (attraction) for the wearer (women).

Onyx Pheromone Eau De Toilette is a pheromone brand manufactured by Cobeco Gems.

Having written an honest review about a brand Cobeco products in the past, could this mean that they stand behind each product of theirs?

This could possibly be so. However, it is not usually the case because some companies tend to compromise quality in some of their products and cover up with the few potent ones.

Could this be the case for Onyx Pheromone Eau De Toilette?

Follow the review to find out!Onyx-Pheromone-Review-Does-It-Really-Stimulate-Feminine-Desires-Only-Here-Results-Reviews-Cologne-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her


Name of Product: Onyx Pheromone 

Websites Found: On Several Retail Sites

Minimum Price: Price Varies from Retailers

Overall Rank (out of 100): 83 Points

Recommended Usage: Just a few Application

Money Back Guarantee: Claims 100% Satisfaction

What is Onyx Pheromone Eau De Toilette ?

Onyx Pheromone Eau De Toilette is sold as pheromone perfume with exciting masculine scent designed for men to attract women.

It is known to be among the Cobeco GEMS Collections (manufactured by Cobeco Pharma); a Dutch producer and a wholesaler of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and stimulating products.

With reference to the manufacturer’s description, Onyx Pheromones also known as Onyx Pheromone Eau De Toilette creates feelings that are inspired by the natural effects of pheromones. This implies that it should have the same seductive effect as natural pheromones.

To further explain the product’s details, the manufacturer shares that it will stimulate the feminine desires for the masculine appeal.

Here is the big question. Is the pheromone content in Onyx Pheromone Eau De Toilette capable of causing the attraction we need?

Does it have proofs of safety and effectiveness? This will be determined as we go further in this review.

Onyx Pheromones is said to create an irresistible effect to the opposite sex owing to its exciting masculine scent.

Generally, all we need to do is to use a few applications of this pheromone perfume on the supposed body parts (hand or neck or near the ear) to experience the effect.Onyx-Pheromone-Review-Does-It-Really-Stimulate-Feminine-Desires-Only-Here-Results-Reviews-Cologne-Spray-Website-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Don’t stop reading! 

Ingredients Profile

Onyx Pheromone Eau De Toilette promotes to contain pheromones. The manufacturer fails to state the exact type of pheromone and its concentration in this perfume.

This could stand against the fact that Cobeco Gems stands behind all their pheromone products.

It seems there is more important information to discover about this pheromone blend!

Keep reading!

How Does it Work?

On a general note, pheromones are detected by the Vomeronasal Organ (VNO), located in the nasal cavity (the nose).

When the VNO detects pheromones, it sends the signal to the brain, which is the center of all mental activity.

The manufacturer’s description of Onyx Pheromone Eau De Toilette on the third party website where it is sold implies that even small amounts of the pheromone can stimulate women’s brain and significantly increase men’s attractiveness to women.

In paraphrase, Onyx Pheromones promotes to work in this way to give a seductive effect and a masculine scent that stimulates feminine desire.

Who Is it For?

Onyx Pheromone Eau De Toilette promotes to be specifically designed for men who want to attract the beautiful women they want.

In line with the description of the product by the manufacturer, Onyx Pheromone Eau De Toilette sates to work for men who want a more effective and natural product to seduce women or their partner.

The company mentions that the product is for external use only. Also, users are to test their pheromone products on a small part of the skin before further application.

Similarly, Cobeco pharma states that folks who experience allergic reactions with Onyx Pheromone cologne should discontinue its use.

It is highly recommended that the product be stored in a cool dark, place and out of children’s reach.


The Positives:

  • Augments Natural Pheromone;
  • Attracts Women;
  • Increases Sexual Desire;
  • Improves Relationships;
  • Increases Masculine Confidence;
  • Increases Self Esteem;
  • Improves Love Making;
  • Company’s Profile Exists;
  • 100% Customers’ Satisfaction.

The Negatives:

  1. There are no refund terms and conditions for this product;
  2. Seems like this pheromone product has not been reviewed by any user.

Customer Support/Guarantee

The manufacturer of Onyx Pheromone states that this pheromone will guarantee 100% satisfaction when properly used.

The Pheromone formula should be safe and effective for the purpose it is made as Cobeco Pharma mentions to employ high standards in the manufacturing process. The product’s description implies that it is easy to use.

We as customers can get in touch with the product manufacturer via the different means available on their official website.

For the shipping, the manufacturer of Onyx Pheromone Eau De Toilette mentions to ship the product to addresses that are confirmed and provided by the customer.

Cobeco Pharma seems to provide exchange for damaged products and in a case where the product ordered is not the product sent.

Conclusion/Final Verdict

Having given an honest evaluation of Onyx Pheromone Eau De Toilette, it is evidently made by a certified manufacturer in line with current Good Manufacturing Practice.

Will Onyx Pheromones leave up to the manufacturer’s claims and promises?

There is a great need to make this conclusion in line with the information gathered so far.

Firstly, there is no feedback from any previous user of this pheromone. This should be among the ways to confirm that the product will achieve results.

Evidently, Cobeco Pharma has existed for years with a good history in the health and beauty industry. They seem to be a dedicated team who pay great attention to quality.

There should have been a realizable refund terms and condition for customers to rely on in case the result is not convincing.

At this point, the fact that Onyx Pheromone Eau De Toilette is a brand by a certified company is a plus. With this said, I will not condemn their claims completely.Euphoricxs-Pheromones-for-Men-Review-Is-This-Really-the-PheromoneXS-EU-Version-Only-Here-Euphoric-xs-Acend-Evolve-Taboo-Website-XS-Results-Pheromones-For-Him-and-Her

However, there are other proven to be effective formulas out there, such as the PheromoneXS pheromone ones. Yes, there a variety of them to choose from on what best suits you! You can check it out here on my review for the PheromoneXS formulas.


Don’t hesitate to drop me your concerns below !

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