Euphoricxs Pheromones for Men Review – Is This Really the PheromoneXS EU Version? Only Here

Euphoricxs Pheromones for Men Review – Is This Really the PheromoneXS EU Version? Only Here

A pheromone is a substance that is secreted and excreted from the body. Pheromones are known to be capable of triggering some attraction.

Research has reported that pheromones effects can be compromised by natural factor(s) such as sweat.

In an effort to augment the effect of natural pheromones, a good number of companies have made the synthetic prototypes of these pheromones. But how do we separate the effective pheromone formulas from the ineffective ones?

With the help of the internet, I came across EuphoricXs Pheromones for Men in Europe version. It claims to offer non-comparable benefits as regards making men attractive and others. We, prospective users may want to ask how this pheromone based fragrance work to achieve the above claims.

My job here is to obtain as much details as possible this product about and put together an unbiased review.

Grabs some cold refreshments and roll with us!

Name of Brand/Products: Euphoric XS™ Euphoricxs-Pheromones-for-Men-Review-Is-This-Really-the-PheromoneXS-EU-Version-Only-Here-Euphoric-xs-Results-Pheromones-For-Him-and-Her

Official Website:

Minimum Price: Depends on Which Formula 

Overall Rank (out of 100): 97 Points

Recommended Usage: Apply 1-3 drops/sprays

Refund Policy: 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

What is Euphoricxs Pheromones for Men ?

Euphoricxs Pheromones for Men are marketed as brands of pheromone based fragrances for men to be in control.

The different varieties of Euphoricxs Pheromones for Men formulas include Ascend Pheromone Blend for Men, Ascend XS, Evolve XS, Taboo XS, XiSt XS, Cohesion XS and S.O.B XS.

Ascend Pheromone Blend for Men

Ascend Pheromone Blend for Men, from my findings is designed to make us gain the trust of those around us. In line with the manufacturer’s details this blend of pheromone formula should also help its users get respect and lasting confidence.

The pheromone does not contain any fragrance other than the natural odors of the pheromones. However, users can apply their favorite cologne or fragrances to mask potential unpleasant pheromone odors.

The recommendation is to apply 1 or 2 sprays on a dry skin. The effect should last for about 6 to 8 hours.

The Benefits are;Euphoricxs-Pheromones-for-Men-Review-Is-This-Really-the-PheromoneXS-EU-Version-Only-Here-Euphoric-xs-Acend-Evolve-Results-Pheromones-For-Him-and-Her

  • Puts Men in Control;
  • Increases Self Confidence;
  • Achieves Trust and Respect;
  • More Attractive Among Peers;
  • More success.

Evolve XS

Evolve XS is said to be a unique two part system which allows greater concentrations (20mcg) of Androstenone in one spray. According to the manufacturer, it does not have the adverse effect caused by perception of excessive androstenone.

Evolve XS works for everyone and can be used on all occasions. The manufacturer’s recommendation is that we apply 1 to 2 sprays on a clean dry skin.

The blend is shipped unscented and the effect should last for about six (6) to eight (8) hours.

The Benefits are;

  • Creates Strong Sexual Signals;
  • More Attraction;
  • Lasting Effects;
  • Completely Natural;
  • For All Occasions.

Taboo XSEuphoricxs-Pheromones-for-Men-Review-Is-This-Really-the-PheromoneXS-EU-Version-Only-Here-Euphoric-xs-Acend-Evolve-Taboo-XS-Results-Pheromones-For-Him-and-Her

This is marketed as a sexually charged pheromone blend that will make us have more opportunities wherever we go.

In line with the manufacturer’s details, Taboo XS is a subtle and effective pheromone blend. It should bring about sexual excitation in the opposite sex.

Like the Ascend, the manufacturer mentions that we can use our favorite cologne or fragrance with Taboo to mask the potential pheromone odors.

The direction for use is the same as that of the pheromones earlier explained.

EU XiSt XSEuphoricxs-Pheromones-for-Men-Review-Is-This-Really-the-PheromoneXS-EU-Version-Only-Here-Euphoric-xs-Acend-Evolve-Taboo-Xist-XS-Results-Pheromones-For-Him-and-Her

This is said to a revolutionary pheromone spray and what it should do is to create a shiny new impression in the opposite sex.

From the manufacturer’s description, EU XiSt XS should trigger women’s sexual desires while helping men to keep the woman of their choice.

It is built on advanced diffusion technology and can be used in combination with any of our favorite fragrance and/or cologne.

Cohesion XSEuphoricxs-Pheromones-for-Men-Review-Is-This-Really-the-PheromoneXS-EU-Version-Only-Here-Euphoric-xs-Acend-Evolve-Taboo-Xist-Cohesion-XS-Results-Pheromones-For-Him-and-Her

This is marketed as a perfect pheromone blend to make the union between men and women easy.

According to the manufacturer, Cohesion XS should sexually arousal the opposite sex and improve the users’ dating world.

It is shipped unscented and can be combined with other fragrances after taking about 1 or 2 sprays of it.

EU S.O.B XS Euphoricxs-Pheromones-for-Men-Review-Is-This-Really-the-PheromoneXS-EU-Version-Only-Here-Euphoric-xs-Acend-Evolve-Taboo-Xist-Cohesion-sob-XS-Results-Pheromones-For-Him-and-Her

This is said to be a blend of pheromones that thrills women’s experience. With reference to the manufacturer’s description, EU S.O.B XS delivers high energy, sexual excitement and comfort to women while making them trust us.

In paraphrase, this pheromone blend should make the guys nice and make the women hot.

EU S.O.B XS according to the manufacturer is a multi-dimensional blend of androstenone and beta-androstenol for maximum effects.

One (1) or two (2) can be used on a dry clean skin in combination with other fragrances.

Customer Support/Guarantee

EuphoricXS seems to be behind their blends of pheromone formulas with a 45 days money back guarantee. And as I have mentioned before, EuphoricXS is the European version for the PheromoneXS formulas.

In line with the manufacturer’s description, users of Euphoricxs Pheromones for Men can test any of these formulas for this period within which one can get a refund if not satisfied.

EuphoricXS states they are dedicated to satisfying their customers with high standard pheromone based formulas devoid of side effects.

The company offers free shipping on all purchases up to $68 to customers.

Bottom Line Conclusion

Obviously, we have been able to go through a complete detail about Euphoricxs Pheromones for Men. Though, we will see some of the products’ salient highlights before concluding, I want to believe that this review has enlightened us a lot.

Evidently, EuphoricXS uses advanced diffusion technology in making the various pheromone blends for consistent results.

Going by the findings done so far, I could not determine the level of expert recommendations the products have.

Similarly, previous users’ feedbacks are restricted to the company’s official website.

Additionally, the fact that there is a reasonable term of return by unsatisfied folks makes the products more credible.

Here is my final opinion!Euphoricxs-Pheromones-for-Men-Review-Is-This-Really-the-PheromoneXS-EU-Version-Only-Here-Euphoric-xs-Acend-Evolve-Taboo-Website-XS-Results-Pheromones-For-Him-and-Her

Euphoricxs Pheromones for Men state they are made of compatible and high end components with unbeatable effects.

At this point, I will say that I am in support of these products’ highlight. This is to say that we can check them out at their official website at ( and get the combination we desire.

Make sure to leave me your comments about any of the products!

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