Pherone Pheromones Review – Will These Formulas Achieve Attraction? Get to the Review!

Pherone Pheromones Review – Will These Formulas Achieve Attraction? Get to the Review!

Pheromones, most of which affects men and women differently, are substances that trigger subtle reactions (sexual attraction, relaxation, excitement, and euphoria) and social responses.

A good number of them arguments the naturally secreted pheromone, which are most times affected by sweats, to give an attractive aura.

A significant number of pheromones floods the internet most of which claims to be the real deal as regards attraction.

My painstaking research, on the internet, to get the pheromone based colognes that are really effective pulled me to Pherone Pheromones, which promote to incorporate research grade pheromones to enhance our person.

Of course, we know that we cannot just jump into using this product without getting a vivid description of what it has to offer, hence the reason for this independent review.

Grab some refreshments and follow the review for more details!


Name of Products: Pherone Pheromones


Minimum Price: Depends on Which One

Overall Rank (out of 100): 92 Points 

Recommended Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: Claims a 30 Day Guarantee

What Are Pherone Pheromones ?

Pherone Pheromones are known to be a brand of scientifically designed pheromone based cologne.

These pheromone formulas, according to the manufacturer should enhance our lives and that of the people we come in contact with.

Pherone Pheromones manufacturer state that their formulas incorporate research grade pheromones and what they should do is to make us more attractive, bring more respect in business/social scenes, make people around us more relaxed/comfortable and improve our mood.

Depending on the intended purpose, this company has varieties of pheromone based colognes on the market and these should include:

Pherone MaxFlex Bundle:

This is known to be the company’s most powerful dominance formula. They offer it alone and as a combined formula containing Pherone Formula V-5 (Pherone MaxFlex Bundle) for maximum flexibility. Pherone Formula V-5 gives an aura of calm and happiness, according to them.

Pherone MaxFlex Bundle incorporates a total of 11mg research grade pheromones.pherone-pheromones-review-will-these-formulas-achieve-attraction-get-to-the-review-results-reviews-oil-dx-pheromones-for-him-and-her

Pherone Pheromone D-17X (SuperMacho):

Now this one states to also be a powerful dominance formula. It contains 5mg of androstenone and a total of 6mg research grade pheromone. As described by the manufacturer, it brings more attraction and makes women to stare at us when we (men) walk.

Pherone Formula V-5 (Lover):

Now the V-5 Lover is to make women feel comfortable and happy in their presence. It is also effective for men who want to make a good impression. This pheromone triggers warm attraction without intimidation. It contains 5mg of research grade pheromones.

Pherone Formula M-11 (Balanced Attraction):

The M-11 one attracts women and makes them feel sexier. It states to have had success in lesbians who describes themselves as more “butch”. It creates an aura of alpha male authority as well as a relaxing/calming effect. It contains 5mgn of research grade pheromones.

Pherone Formula M-15 (Power):

M-15 is designed to get attention, increase attractiveness and make women feel relaxed and happy. It incorporates 5mg of research grade pheromone (androstenone).

Pherone Formula G-3 (Man for Man):

The G-3 one is specifically designed for men to attract men. It should enhance men’s attractiveness while creating a powerful male aura. It incorporates 5mg of research grade pheromones.

Pherone Formula W-1 (Youth and Desire):

Now this W-11 pheromone was originally made for women to attract men. It boosts men’s testosterone level and attracts them to the wearer. It is also for male to female trans-sexuals. It incorporates copulins and 4mg of research grade pheromones.

Pherone Formula W-9 (Copulin formula):

Formula W-9 contains copulins, which increase men’s testosterone level, giving a noticeable improvement in mood and sexual energy. It does not contain pheromones and is produced in line with good standards.pherone-pheromones-review-will-these-formulas-achieve-attraction-get-to-the-review-results-reviews-oil-dx-m-pheromones-for-him-and-her

Customer Support/Guarantee

Pherone Pheromones manufacturer state to offer refunds to unsatisfied users of this pheromone based cologne. That is, we can ask for a refund if within 30 days of using any of the Pherone pheromones we are not satisfied.

Their company promotes to incorporate the finest blend of research grade pheromones in their formulas; hence they should be very effective for the intended purposes.

These products are easy to use and should be compatible with the users’ body. The manufacturer offers some bonuses which should make us save some money on purchase.

The ingredients contained in all the pherone pheromones are said to be scientifically proven and should not cause any harmful side effects.

The manufacturer offer fast shipping and can be contacted by putting up calls to them using the number on their official website or by mailing them.

Conclusion/My Personal Opinion

Evidently, Pherone Pheromones manufacturer has given a comprehensive and an explicit information about their pheromone based colognes.

Can we now expressly say that these oil formulas are the real deal to achieve attraction? Not at all because it’s pertinent we re-visit the details before concluding.

Pherone Pheromones promote to be scientifically proven to create the social and/or sexual response intended.

They are made in line with good manufacturing practice with research grade ingredients for maximum efficacy.

The manufacturer have an official website and there are quite a significant number of users who have given positive feedbacks from using the products.

The facts that we can ask for a refund within 30 days if we are not satisfied is a plus.

My honest opinion!

Pherone Pheromones, I will say is worth using to argue our pheromone pool. We can actually purchase the combinations we need to make us feel good.Nexus-Pheromones-Review-Heres-My-Personal-Results-With-This-Pheromones-Spray-See-Here-Cologne-Spray-Perfume-For-Men-Pheromone-For-Him-Amazon-Reviews-Review

Now if you don’t, I personally still have been using the NexusPheromones spray, which till this day, I’m getting great results with women when I’m actually wearing it.

Which, I usually wear when I’m going out because I know it’s a strong, effective pheromone product and that way, I’m ready to feel the sexual connection with women by getting looks at me and therefore, start a conversion and go from there.

Yes, you can find out more about my experience with Nexus Pheromones effective cologne at my review by clicking right here !

Leave your reply as if you use these blends!  

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