PheromoneXS Unisexy Pheromones – A Complete Review of Each Unisexy Pheromone !

PheromoneXS Unisexy Pheromones – A Complete Review of Each Unisexy Pheromone !

During my research to find the synthetic pheromones that works, I was captivated by some pheromone formulas called PheromoneXS Unisexy Pheromones.

Individuals no longer depend on natural body pheromone secretions to create social awareness owing to the restructuring of the pheromone industry by science.

Undoubtedly, pheromones are secreted and excreted from the human body which ideally should have the same social effect as the synthetic pheromones.

But this seems not to be the case because of variations in the human body chemistry.

Pheromones secreted naturally by the human body are usually accompanied by sweats and body odors, hence will not confer the social response desired. As a way to augment the body’s pheromone secretion cycle, synthetic pheromones have to come to play.

PheromoneXS Unisexy Pheromones promote to be the real deal as regards pheromone fragrance/cologne for attraction and other social response. The official products’ website also has some details for these products.

At this point, we cannot determine how genuine these products are till we see the complete details.

Continue reading to find out more!

Name of Brand: Pheromone XS™ PheromoneXS-Unisexy-Pheromones-A-Complete-Review-of-Each-Unisexy-Pheromone-Reviews-Results-Pheromone-Spray-Oil-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her


Minimum Price: Depends on Which Product 

Overall Rank (out of 100): 97 Points

Recommended Usage: Application Varies

Refund Policy: 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

What Are PheromoneXS Unisexy Pheromones ?

PheromoneXS Unisexy Pheromones are brand of PheromoneXS by Stephen Osborn; a pheromone enthusiast and hobbyist. Stephen’s pheromone manufacturing firm is based in the U.S and they promote to have made blends of high quality pheromone formulas.

According to them, their carefully balanced blends of pheromones are a perfect solution to boost our natural pheromone signature.


Stephen’s pheromone company promote to use only synthetic human pheromone in their formulas which are usually in 10ml containers and are 60 times more powerful than their competitor’s 30 or 40ml formulations.

According to them, PheromoneXS Unisexy Pheromones do not require multiple sprays as this may lead to ghosting effect (sending people away instead of attracting them).

Their recommendation is one spray of any of these unisexy pheromones formulas directly to our body (neck, wrist, chest, the pulse points of the body) to experience the effects.

On the other hand, we can use PheromoneXS Unisexy Pheromones with other fragrances/colognes or mix and match them to get our desired result.

They offer full customer satisfaction guarantee with positive reviews accompanying their pheromone formulations marketed on the internet.

More details below!

BLISS XS-Pheromone Spray/Oil

Each BLISS XS Unisexy pheromone blend bottle is a 10 mL / US 0.33 fl oz bottle with built in atomizer containing AndrosteRONE-Sulfate, Alpha-AndrosteNOL, AndrostENONE ALLOtetrahydroxycorticosterone (ALLO-THDOC),DeHydroEpiandrostArone (DHEA), Dipropilyne Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B).

The recommendation for this pheromone is 1-2 spray/drops and it should last for 6-8 hours. The difference between the spray and the oil is their rate absorption. The spray formula absorbs faster. The benefits are:PheromoneXS-Unisexy-Pheromones-A-Complete-Review-of-Each-Unisexy-Pheromone-Reviews-Results-Pheromone-Spray-Oil-Bliss-Xs-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

  • Confident Feeling;
  • More Attraction;
  • More Attention;
  • Good Presence;
  • Deep Conversation;
  • More Opportunities.


According to the manufacturer, LOVE BOAT is designed to awaken great feelings around the wearer. Each Love Boat for Men bottle is a 10 mL / US 0.33 fl oz bottle with built in atomizer containing: Androsterone Sulfate, DHEA, Pregnenolone, Dipropilyne Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B). The effective dose is 1-2 sprays/drops with a duration of 6-8 hours. The benefits are:PheromoneXS-Unisexy-Pheromones-A-Complete-Review-of-Each-Unisexy-Pheromone-Reviews-Results-Pheromone-Spray-Oil-Bliss-Love-Boate-Xs-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

  • Creates Deep Stares;
  • Attracts Sexual Conversation;
  • Attracts Blushing Women;
  • Attracts Distracted Men;
  • Creates the Feeling of Love at First Sight.


This is a PheromoneXS Unisexy Pheromone formula. According to the manufacturer, it should create a perfect environment to invite others around us.

Each Flirt-XS Unisexy pheromone blend bottle is a 10 mL / US 0.33 fl oz bottle with built in atomizer containing: ALPHA-AndrosteNOL, BETA-AndrosteNOL, ALLOtetrahydroxycorticosterone (ALLO-THDOC), Dipropylene Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B).PheromoneXS-Unisexy-Pheromones-A-Complete-Review-of-Each-Unisexy-Pheromone-Reviews-Results-Pheromone-Spray-Oil-Bliss-Love-Boat-Flirt-Xs-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

The effective dose is 1-2 sprays/drops and the duration is 6-8 hours. The benefits are:

  • Enhances Appearance;
  • Lightens Mood;
  • Increases Chattiness;
  • More Opportunities.


ConnectionXS is referred to as the deep rapport blend. It is a PheromoneXS Unisexy Pheromone brand which promotes to create a connection between us and people in our vicinity.

Each Connections-XS Unisexy pheromone blend bottle is a 10 mL / US 0.33 fl oz bottle with built in dropper containing: Beta-AndrosteNOL, Alpha-AndrosteNOL, ALLOtetrahydroxycorticosterone (ALLO-THDOC), Dipropilyne Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B). The effective dose is 1-2 sprays and the duration is 6-8 hours. The benefits are:

  • Deep Rapport,PheromoneXS-Unisexy-Pheromones-A-Complete-Review-of-Each-Unisexy-Pheromone-Reviews-Results-Pheromone-Spray-Oil-Bliss-Love-Boat-Flirt-Connections-Xs-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her
  • Clarity in Communication;
  • Trust;
  • Deep Connection;
  • Confidence.


The Vibe one promotes to give us the vibe that everybody wants. Each Vibe-XS Unisexy pheromone blend bottle is a 10 mL / US 0.33 fl oz bottle with built in atomizer containing: Alpha-AndrosteNOL, Beta-AndrosteNOL, AndrosteRONE Sulfate, ALLOtetrahydroxycorticosterone (Allo-THDOC), Dipropylene Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B).

The effective dose is 1-2 sprays and the duration is 6-8 hours. Its benefits are:PheromoneXS-Unisexy-Pheromones-A-Complete-Review-of-Each-Unisexy-Pheromone-Reviews-Results-Pheromone-Spray-Oil-Bliss-Love-Boat-Flirt-Connections-Vibe-Xs-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

  • Social Ease;
  • Deeper Conversations;
  • Timeless Connections;
  • More Attraction;
  • Increases Confidence.


Odyssey XS is strictly for use in parties and gatherings. It should not be used while intending to concentrate, operate machinery, drive, fly or do anything that might require full attention.

Each Odyssey-XS Unisexy bottle is a 10 mL / US 0.33 fl oz bottle with atomizer containing: Alpha-Androstenol, Pheromones, Dypropelene Glycol, SD40B, Clary Sage.

The effective dose is 1-2 sprays and the duration is 8-12 hours.


This is a PheromoneXS Unisexy Pheromone brand. It promotes to create a sense of focus and direction for both the wearer and the people around.PheromoneXS-Unisexy-Pheromones-A-Complete-Review-of-Each-Unisexy-Pheromone-Reviews-Results-Pheromone-Spray-Oil-Bliss-Love-Boat-Flirt-Connections-Vibe-Thinker-Xs-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Each Thinker XS for Men bottle is a 10 mL / US 0.33 fl oz bottle with built in atomizer containing: Beta-Androstenol, EpiAlloPregnenolone, Dipropylene Glycol, Alcohol Denat (SD40B).

The effective dose is 1-3 sprays and the duration is 6-8 hours. The benefits are:

  • Paves way for Working Solutions;
  • More Opportunities.

Customer Support/Guarantee

PheromoneXS Unisexy Pheromones manufacturer promote to offer refund to any unsatisfied users of their products. This implies that we can get our money back within 45 days of purchasing any of their pheromone brands if we are not satisfied with the result.

They state to offer high blends of pheromone formulas with proven effects. Also, PheromoneXS blends can be used with other fragrances/colognes and they can be mix-matched to get a desired fragrance.

They offer fast and worldwide shipping and can be contacted through the channels provided in their product’s official website.

They offer bonus packages which can be individualized (matched to our needs).

Analysis & Interpretation

We have seen the different PheromoneXS Unisexy Pheromone blends each with a specific purpose. These formulas as we were told are a result of series of research and they should produce the effect (social response) we desire.

The constituents of these formulas are known and the fact that Stephen’s pheromone lab is certified adds credibility to the company’s different formulations.

There exist a good number of reviews about the PheromoneXS Unisexy Pheromones which is a sign that the company pheromone formulas do what they claim.

The fact that we customers are protected by a stress-free money back guarantee additionally validates the claim that PheromoneXS manufacturer stands behind each product of theirs.PheromoneXS-Unisexy-Pheromones-A-Complete-Review-of-Each-Unisexy-Pheromone-Reviews-Results-Pheromone-Spray-Oil-Bliss-Love-Boat-Flirt-Vibe-Thinker-Website-Xs-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

At this point, I will say that Stephen’s pheromone blends (PheromoneXS Unisexy) will be a great option and are worth checking out at their official website (

Kindly leave comments based on if this review has helped you figure out which product would be the best option for you.

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