Trigger For Her with Pheromones Eau De parfum – Will This Achieve What It Claims? Only Here!

Trigger For Her with Pheromones Eau De parfum – Will This Achieve What It Claims? Only Here!

Trigger for Her claims to be a pheromone based perfume that will achieve all the benefits peculiar to pheromones.

At first, I found it in some retail websites such as Amazon. In an effort to know more about this product, I discovered that the manufacturer does not have an official website.

If Trigger for Her is actually formulated to give benefits seen with pheromones, what are the components that makes it effective? Does it really work as claimed?

In the past, studies have shown that pheromones influences behavior, sexual arousal and attraction.

Conversely, only those products that are made with real pheromones are capable of triggering desired responses.

My task in this review is to collate every data about Trigger for Her with Pheromone Eau de Parfum and present them in a comprehensive way for better understanding.

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Name of Product: Trigger For Her w/ PheromoneTrigger-For-Her-with-Pheromones-Eau-De-parfum-Will-This-Achieve-What-It-Claims-Only-Here-Results-Amazon-Reviews-Perfum-For-Women-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Official Website: Found In a Few Websites

Minimum Price: Price Varies From Place to Place

Overall Rank (out of 100): 55 Points

Recommended Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: Money Back Guarantee Found

What is Trigger for Her ?

Trigger for Her is a brand of product which claims to contain pheromone. From our information source, this product is an Eau de Parfum made in the U.S.

According to the manufacturer, these pheromone based perfume should make women look attractive, alluring and sexually desirable by men.

As stated in the retail website, this product has been into existence for about five (5) years. This implies that it should have great success stories from people who have used it in the past.

Surprisingly, Trigger for Her has got only one positive feedback on Amazon retail website. It couldn’t have been used by only one person in the past five years. This could mean that the product does not work as claimed. Who knows?

Now, looking to see if it is backed up by studies done with the product, I could only find general resources on pheromones.

This product is available in a 100ml (3.4 oz) spray bottle which I believe should be applied on certain body spots (wrist, neck, arms). Yes, It should be safe and skin friendly. No user is seen to have complained of any side effect.

Looking more into the retail websites where this product is sold, I discovered that it is backed by some refund terms and condition.

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Ingredients Profile

As we know, Trigger for Her promotes to be an Eau de Parfum spray made with pheromones. After an in-depth search in the different retail websites where this product is sold, none of them mentions the type of pheromone it contains.

Mentioning that Trigger for Her contains pheromone is not enough to describe a product with such claims.

In my own perspective, the product’s claims are questionable as we are not yet sure that it really contains pheromones!?

However, we cannot stop reading here. It seems there is more information about this spray parfum.

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How Does it Work?

As already established, when pheromones are released they stimulate the Vomero-Nasal Organ which in turn sends signals to the brain to produce a desired response.

As a matter of fact, this is the actual pathway an ideal pheromone or pheromone based product should follow.

Searching the internet to see if the mode of action of Trigger for Her with Pheromone Eau de Parfum is in line with the stated pathway, you may not believe that nothing was said about that by the manufacturer.

They only state that the chemically synthesized pheromone in the product will make women irresistible to men.

To me, this is not enough information for such product which claims to achieve the same benefits as naturally secreted pheromones.

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Who Can use Trigger for Her?

The information about Trigger for Her with Pheromone Eau de Parfum means that it is specially designed for women.

It promotes to be a perfect pheromone based spray for all women who want to increase their attraction potential for men.

Trigger for Her also claims to be a perfect pheromone option for women who want to look more seductive and more confident.

Individuals who want a safer and effective pheromone product will find it beneficial as claimed.

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The Positives:Trigger-For-Her-with-Pheromones-Eau-De-parfum-Will-This-Achieve-What-It-Claims-Only-Here-Results-Amazon-Reviews-Perfum-For-Women-Pheromone-For-Him-And-Her

  • Makes Women Attractive;
  • Creates Sexual Feelings;
  • Increases Seduction Power;
  • Increases Self Confidence;
  • Long lasting Fragrance;
  • Contains Pheromone;
  • Claims to be Effective;
  • No Side Effects;
  • Made in the U.S;
  • Money Back Guarantee;
  • Secure Payment Options.

The Negatives:

  1. The product’s listing seems to have ended in some retail websites;
  2. Effects may vary from one person to another;
  3. The type of pheromone in the product was not stated;
  4. It is only available for purchase online;
  5. No real evidence backs up the product’s claims and promises;
  6. The manufacturer’s profile is lacking.

Customer Support/Guarantee

The manufacturer’s description of Trigger for Her implies that it has been used in satisfying customers’ pheromone need since 2012.

I could not find studies that serve as proof to its claims. Customers are eligible for a 30 days money guarantee. This should mean the trial period within which the user can decide to continue using it or ask for a refund.

It is in a spray bottle, hence should be easy to use. It promotes to be made in U.S where it is safe and effective for the intended benefits.

The distributors state to offer secure payment through PayPal and other payment options.

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My Personal Opinion and Advice

We have just gone through the information about Trigger for Her with Pheromone Eau de Parfum, which claims to be a perfection pheromone blend for women. Can we go on and recommend this product right away?

We wouldn’t have done all these evaluation on the product if recommending it has been that easy.

Firstly, the distributor’s website shows more resources about pheromones in general without any evidence to show if Trigger for Her works or not.

The formula is said to be made of pheromone yet there is no information to that effect. The product has only gotten one feedback which considering the length of time it has been in the market (5 years), I doubt if the reviewer actually used it.

The offer of refund by the distributor is a plus, but more information is needed to make the claims believable.

To some extent, the product’s price is affordable. Even at that I will not advise us to spend such amount in getting a product that may not offer the benefits we need.

In this case, I urge us to go for something that are effective for the intended purpose to attract men, like the Pheromone Treasures for women.Pheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-For-Women-to-Attract-Men-Complete-Review-Reviews-Results-For-Females-Perfumes-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

These exclusive and exotic perfumes for women, I think it would be best to check them out before going in further.

I mean, don’t you want something that works, well click here to see all details on what best suits you!


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