Love & Desire Perfume Pheromones – Any Positive Effects? Find Out Here!

Love & Desire Perfume Pheromones – Any Positive Effects? Find Out Here!

Pheromones have been described as a natural channel of communication between people. A common believe (with differences) about them is that they should work for and on everyone.

A pheromone brand by the name Love & Desire labels to be the best and the most effective pheromones.

They are available in a good number of retail websites and each of the pheromone brands for men and women presents in three (3) capacities (100ml, 50ml and 15ml).

Love & Desire Perfume Pheromones seem to incorporate a unique connection of pheromone attractants which we should see in our subsequent evaluation of the products.

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Name of Products: Love & Desire Perfume PheromonesLove-and-Desire-Perfume-Pheromones-Any-Positive-Effects-Find-Out-Here-For-Men-Women-Results-Reviews-Amazon-Website-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Websites Found: Available in Several Retail


Minimum Price: Amazon Price Vaires

Overall Rank (out of 100): 93 Points 

Recommend Period Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: Must Check for the Refund

What is Love & Desire Perfume Pheromones ?

Love & Desire is a brand with which a collection of pheromone based perfumes for men and women is distributed.

Love & Desire Perfume Pheromones for Men

This is sold as an energizing fresh masculine scent that is filled with life and freedom. According to the manufacturer, people who use this fragrance feel special and look more attractive to people around them, especially to the opposite sex (women).

As explained in the distributor’s website, it is not only a seductive pheromone blend, but a high quality packaging perfume.

In line with the description of the pheromone perfume in the retail website where it is sold, it is said to be an original and an extremely effective blend of four (4) pheromones that guarantees maximum effect.

The manufacturer also shares that the action of Love & Desire Perfume Pheromones for Men is supported by research and is widely known.

They promote to have had over 8 years of experience in the perfume and erotic fragrance industry.

Love & Desire Perfume Pheromones for Men are available in three (3) capacities which include 100 ml (for daily use), 50 ml (for daily use) and 15 ml (intensive pheromones).Love-and-Desire-Perfume-Pheromones-Any-Positive-Effects-Find-Out-Here-LoveDesire-For-Men-Women-Results-Reviews-Amazon-Website-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

What are these powerful pheromone blends in Love & Desire Perfume Pheromones for Men?

The Composition

From the information source, the ingredients should include androsteole and  androstenone. androsterone and androstadienone.

How Does it Work?

Pheromones and pheromone-based perfumes with the right concentration of added pheromones are known to work naturally and invisibly.

Love & Desire Perfume Pheromones for Men should work by stimulating the Vomeronasal Organ in the nose of women to create sensual feeling in the brain.

The smell of these pheromone formulas are said to be extremely masculine, sexy and mesmerizing unlike pheromones that have no smell (usually insensible for the user/receiver).

Having blended Love & desire perfume with pheromones, users no longer have to apply other fragrances.

The Benefits are;Love-and-Desire-Perfume-Pheromones-Any-Positive-Effects-Find-Out-Here-LoveDesire-For-Men-Women-Results-Reviews-Amazon-Website-Man-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

  • Creates Sexual Feelings;
  • Attracts Women;
  • Triggers Sympathy and Respect;
  • Makes Wearer Irresistible;
  • Increases Men’s Appreciation;
  • Increases Self Confidence.

Love & Desire Perfume Pheromones for Women

This is said to be a sexy, fruity flower fragrance specifically meant for decisive and independent women who know what they want and ready to take it.

From my source of information, Love & Desire Perfume Pheromones Women is described to be extremely feminine, sensual, sophisticated, strong, hot and rebellious.

In line with the description of the product in retail website where it is sold, the distributor mentions that it provokes confusion in men’s minds. It should work beyond making the user neutral.

The fragrance for women promote to include such aromatic ingredients like blackcurrant, pear, Italian Clementine, orange, ginger’s flower, hibiscus seed, freesia, Californian cedar tree and vanilla. It also contains the four different pheromones (androsteole and  androstenone. androsterone and androstadienone) as those in Love & Desire Perfume Pheromones Men.

Love & Desire for women also appear in three capacities which include 100 ml (to daily use), 50 ml (to daily use) and 13 ml (intensive pheromones).Love-and-Desire-Perfume-Pheromones-Any-Positive-Effects-Find-Out-Here-LoveDesire-For-Men-Women-Results-Reviews-Amazon-Website-Woman-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

The Benefits are;

  • Increases Women’s Attractiveness;
  • Creates Sexual Feelings;
  • Claims to Seduce Men;
  • Fragrance is Refreshing.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Love & Desire Perfume Pheromones manufacturer seems to give replacement for damaged, defective or wrong products.

In one of the retail website where the perfumes are marketed, they mention to offer full refund within 180 days of receiving the products.

The distributor should protect the privacy of its customers in that customers’ details are not shared.

The information obtained about Love & Desire Perfume Pheromones in some retail websites where they are sold states that they are safe, compatible and effective for both men and women.

They seem to have different payment options that are secure for customers to use. Love & Desire Perfume Pheromones are not marketed in an official website. Contacting the real products manufacturer might be a difficult task.

Final Verdict

Love & Desire Perfume Pheromones label to be the most popular and effective pheromone brands in the Europe.

The manufacturer promotes they should achieve the attraction expectations of men and women the same way as natural pheromones.Love-and-Desire-Perfume-Pheromones-Any-Positive-Effects-Find-Out-Here-LoveDesire-For-Men-Women-Results-Reviews-Amazon-Website-Homme-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Evidently, there are positive reviews given by previous users based on their effect online.

The constituents were shown and are known chemical attractant unlike those seen in other pheromone products.

The manufacturer mentions to give full refunds for returned products that are within 180 days from the date of receiving them.

I have not experienced the effects of Love & Desire Perfume Pheromones, but I may recommend it for folks who are looking for something good to use. You can check it on Amazon retail website (


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4 thoughts on “Love & Desire Perfume Pheromones – Any Positive Effects? Find Out Here!

  1. Smells like flowers on paradise, pleasant scent, not over powering. Most deff met my expectations. I totally recommend

    1. Hey Lucie,

      That’s great! I mean, nothing that is too much is not always good which you mentioned “not over powering”. So I assume you are talking about the Love & Desire pink perfume (Pheromones for Women), correct!? Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Cheers!

      Sharing is Caring,
      Julio – Pheromone Wearer

  2. Claudette says:

    Hi Julio, nice blog you have. The pink one I am currently using and I really like it. I very happy with the results and the smell is very pleasant. It’s my second bottle and after seeing your blog post, it made me leave a comment.

    1. Hey Claudette,

      Thank you for your feedback. Awesome! I am glad that you not only enjoyed my blog but also the perfume. Would mind sharing your own results? As this will help other women out there to know about your experience. Hope to hear from you more!

      Julio – Pheromone Wearer

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