Increase Your Pheromone Production Hypnosis Session – A Complete Review from Author’s Information!

Increase Your Pheromone Production Hypnosis Session – A Complete Review from Author’s Information!

Hypnosis could be described as self modulated approach that may contribute to stress reduction as well as health promotion.

I came across this program in the internet and I could find out that it involves series of hypnotic sessions.

What could these hypnotic sessions be used for? Are there recommendations based the success rate of the program?

Yes, the claim of the program’s owner here is that Increase Your Pheromone Production program will help us boost our pheromone levels.

Undoubtedly, increased production of pheromone is beneficial to both men and women. But are there proofs showing that the hypnotic sessions in “Increase Your Pheromone Production Guide” will do what it claims?

This above claims is possible and could be falsified as well. Now, how do we find out the real information about this program?

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Name of Program: Increase Your Pheromone Production HypnosisIncrease-Your-Pheromone-Production-Hypnosis-Session-A-Complete-Review-from-Authors-Information-Results-Reviews-Instant-Hypnosis-Pheromones-For-Him-and-Her

Websites Found:

Minimum Price: MP3 Download- $12.95 / CD – $25.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 81 Points 

Recommend Period Usage: 90 Days

Refund Policy: 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

What is Increase Your Pheromone Production Hypnosis ?

This is sold as a guide to a series of hypnotic sessions. From our source of information, Increase Your Pheromone Production hypnosis session is designed to help users increase their body’s production of testosterone and pheromone.

With the stated effect, users of Increase Your Pheromone Production Hypnosis session should attract their partners naturally.

According to the program creator, each of the hypnosis session is hand-crafted and utilizes the latest technology in hypnotherapy and NLP research.

All we should do according to the program’s creator is to relax and listen to the hypnotic sessions to get the power to enhance our animal magnetism and attract the opposite sex.

The creator of this program (Instant-Hypnosis) shares to have been in this industry for over 9 years with hundreds of thousands of satisfies customers.

The hypnotic session is downloadable and is also made in a CD format which they can ship to any location with some charges.

The description of the program in the primary website implies that it is 100% effective; the reason I guess we are told to try the program for free (90 days refund policy).

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What Users Should Learn

  • How to increase pheromone production;
  • Methods to boost testosterone production;
  • Self hypnosis approaches to Enhance Opposite sex Attraction;
  • Stress Reduction approaches;
  • How to promote healthy living.

How Does it Work?

Most hypnosis programs I have seen in the past utilize the power of the mind to achieve results.

From our information source, hypnosis works by guiding the mind into a state of deep relaxation. This state is referred to as the “trance” state in which the critical filtering capabilities of the conscious mind are bypassed. This makes way for the hypnotherapist to provide suggestions direct to the subconscious mind (the control panel) of the brain.

The above statement is the exact way Increase Your Pheromone Production Hypnosis claims to work.

It should achieve these effects through a combination of guided visualization exercises and the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

The recommendation as previously mentioned is to listen to the hypnosis sessions over and over maintaining a relaxed mind and a quiet environment.

Who is it For?

From my research and findings, Increase Your Pheromone Production hypnosis promotes it’s for individuals who want a natural way of enhancing their pheromone production.

Similarly, Increase Your Pheromone Production hypnosis as claimed should be effective in folks who are eager to boost their testosterone level as well as self confidence.

In paraphrase, the creator of the program claims that folks who want to attract more partners and/or the ladies they want will benefit from using the hypnosis program.

It is advised that we consult a healthcare expert before using Increase Your Pheromone Production hypnosis session.

It should not replace any medical instruction and is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.



  • Increases Opposite Sex Attraction;
  • Increases Pheromone Production;
  • Boosts Testosterone Level;
  • Self Hypnosis Program;
  • Claims It’s 100% Effective;
  • Claims Method is Proven;
  • Claims Thousands of Satisfied Clients;
  • Instant MP3 download;
  • Comes with a Complete Instruction;
  • Free International Shipping;
  • Money Back Guarantee;
  • Program Owner’s Information Exists;
  • Sold in an Official Website;
  • The Price is Affordable.


  1. Most users may not be patient to listen to sessions;
  2. There Might be great disparity in results;
  3. There are no feedbacks from previous users of the program.

Customer Support/Guarantee

The creator (Instant-Hypnosis) of Increase Your Pheromone Production Hypnosis seems to back up the program with a 90 days money back guarantee.

Ideally, this is enough time to evaluate the program to see if it works or not.

As mentioned by the program owner, it comes with a complete written instruction on how to use it for best result.

Increase Your Pheromone Production Hypnosis is available in MP3 format for immediate download and in CD format which can be shipped to customers.

The program creator seem to offer live chat support and can also be reach by calling a toll free number in the program’s primary website.

Bottom Line Conclusion

Evidently, a good number of studies have validated the effectiveness of hypnosis and/or self hypnosis in achieving many self as well as health related benefits.

At this juncture, can we infer that Increase Your Pheromone Production Hypnosis will leave up to our expectations? Maybe or not; the reason why we have to see a recap of the information outlined.

For a fact, self hypnosis does work. However, there could be disparities in results owing the differences in implementing the program and others.

Increase Your Pheromone Production Hypnosis is sold at a fair price and the creator also gave the option of a refund if it does not work.

As for me, a program which claims to have satisfied hundreds of thousands of customers should a good number of positive feedbacks from those clients. Unfortunately, there are no feedbacks found.

The program is offered for a price one can easily get hold on, yet backed up by a refund. I suggest we check it out, follow the processes as instructed and see what it can do. Then, feel free to come back to me and let me know your experience on how it works.


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