Eye Of Love Cologne & Perfume Review – How Genuine are these Colognes & Perfumes? Go through Review!

Eye Of Love Cologne & Perfume Review – How Genuine are these Colognes & Perfumes? Go through Review!

With the advent of modernization, the general believe that one can enhance his or her pheromone secretion strongly holds.

This points to the varieties of pheromone based cologne/perfumes manufactured by different companies which claims to boost self esteem while creating more attraction (social response).

Going through the different cologne and perfume brands marketed in the internet, I came across the Eye Of Love Cologne & Perfume which states to achieve the attraction we desire.

The details given on the product’s official website are quite captivating, but that will not mean we should just jump into the cologne/perfume without knowing what they have to offer.

This is why we have to go through this review as this will help us make informed decisions.

Make yourself comfortable and read the review!


Name of Products: Eye Of Love Cologne & Perfume

Primary Website: www.Eye-OfLove.com

Also Found on Amazon: www.Amazon.com/EyeOfLove

Minimum Price: Prices Varies From Each One

Overall Rank (out of 100): 88 Points 

Recommended Usage: Neckline and Wrists

Refund Policy: Nothing Found About Refunds

What Is Eye Of Love Cologne & Perfume ?

Eye Of Love Cologne & Perfume is marketed as a brand of pheromone based perfumes and colognes.

The manufacturer of these pheromone based formulas promote that they are designed for men and women to attract women and men respectively.

In paraphrase, Eye Of Love Cologne & Perfume manufacturer company have different kinds of pheromone based perfumes and colognes for men to attract women and for women to attract men depending on the intended response.

What Eye Of Love Cologne & Perfume should do, according to the manufacturer’s description is to make us more romantic, confident and attractive to the opposite sex.

They claim to have combined a unique blend of pheromones and fragrances that are safe and compatible with the users’ body.

In line with the research done before putting up this review, Eye Of Love Cologne & Perfume will not only make the users of the pheromone perfumes/colognes attractive, but will also make them successful, charismatic, confident and ultimately create enhanced friendly feelings.

Eye Of Love Cologne & Perfume is said to be enhanced with special fragrances to complement and stimulate a particular mood (be it conversations, interest, sensual feelings).

The recommendation is that we apply these pheromone cologne/perfumes below the neckline and on the wrists daily for best results.

Eye Of Love Cologne & Perfume brands for men are Romantic Pheromone Cologne, Male Pheromone Parfum, Unscented Male Pheromone, Confidence Pheromone Cologne.

Eye Of Love Cologne & Perfume brands for women are Morning Glow, Evening Delight, One Love Pheromone Parfum, After Dark Pheromone Parfum, Female Pheromone Parfum and Unscented Female Pheromones.

There is also Eye Of Love Arousing Pheromone Parfum for men and women. Let us see the details about the one that concerns us.

Romantic Pheromone Cologne:

Romantic Pheromone Cologne states to drive women wild. It contains beachy lemongrass, fresh mint, sandalwood, fresh pickled herbs, milky vanilla and warm musk. It promotes to make men:

  • Attract More Women;
  • Be the Center of Attraction;
  • Be More Romantic.

Confidence Pheromone Cologne:

Now the Confident Pheromone Cologne is formulated for daytime and should boost men’s confidence into the night. It contains honey, jasmine, and vanilla infused with a touch of citrus. It claims to make us:

  • More Confident;
  • More Social;
  • More marketable.

Male Pheromone Parfum:

According to the manufacturer, Male Pheromone Perfume is designed to boost confidence and cause more attraction from women.

Unscented Male Pheromone:

This Unscented Male Pheromone can be added to other perfumes for an added advantage. It also causes the attraction of the opposite sex.

In addition to the Eye Of Love Cologne & Perfume brands for men, there are also those for women to attract men which may include:eye-of-love-cologne-perfume-review-how-genuine-are-these-colognes-perfumes-go-through-reviews-results-does-it-work-pheromones-for-him-and-her

Morning Glow:

This Morning Glow one states to contain a fresh bouquet of yling ylang, sensual jasmine, citrusy apple blossoms, freesia, deep purple violets and undertones of soft white. This promotes to make women more out-going and social.

Evening Delight:

Evening Delight is formulated to be worn in the evening by women who want to be more flirtatious and desirable. It should make women attract more males and become more popular.

One Love Pheromone Parfum:

This One Love Pheromone Parfum is specifically made for special occasions to increase the love, romance and desire between partners. It states to be a sweet blend of citrusy rose, feminine lily, sensual jasmine and musky vanilla. It should make women:

  • More Sensual;
  • Have More Intimacy;
  • More Confident.

After Dark Pheromone Parfum:

The After Dark Pheromone Parfum is formulated to be worn after dark. It says to make women more sensual and desirable in the night. It is a blend of jasmine, lily, creamy sweet white chocolate, fresh grapefruit and vanilla.

Unscented Female Pheromones:

This Unscented Female Pheromones is meant to be used with other perfumes for women to attract males. It states to give them an added advantage.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Eye Of Love Cologne & Perfume promotes be an arousing collections of pheromones and colognes that are safe and effective for use by both men and women. That is, the manufacturer claim that these pheromone based perfumes do not cause harm to the users.

The manufacturer state that their pheromone based formulas are scientifically proven as they incorporate specific concentrations of pheromones and fragrances for best results.

They have different types of pheromone based perfumes/cologne depending on what we want to achieve.

We can contact them through sending e-mails to them or by filling our messages in the message form seen on the products’ official website.

Positive feedbacks, from previous users of Eye Of Love Cologne & Perfume, were seen.

Conclusion/My Personal Opinion

As described in this review, Eye Of Love Cologne & Perfume manufacturer have different pheromone based formulas for different purposes.

They state to be highly effective, yet we were only able to see a generalized statement about pheromones as proofs.

They have got some good reviews, but a documented evidence of safety and efficacy would have made the formulas more credible.

Similarly, the company did not mention anything about returns and refund of any formula in case we are not satisfied with the results.

Here is what I have to say!

The fact that Eye Of Love Cologne & Perfume has gotten positive feedbacks is a plus. Also, we can always go for the ones that interest us depending on what we want to achieve. At this point, I will say that Eye Of Love Colognes & Perfumes are worth checking out.

However, there are other high top quality pheromones in the online world, where for men to attract women, most pheromone wearers are using the Liquid Alchemy Labs ones, which Yes you can choose the exact one you need for the intended purposes.Pheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-For-Women-to-Attract-Men-Complete-Review-Reviews-Results-Females-Perfumes-Aura-Amity-Captain-for-Her-Eileah-Treasureful-Shine-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Now for women to attract men, most ladies out there are looking Pheromone Treasures womens-to-attract men.

There are both high reputation companies of quality pheromones products, plus there is a respected money back guarantee just in case you feel like it’s not what they say it does.

Leave us some comments as you experience reading this review.

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