Alpha Q Pheromone Review – The NEWEST Exclusive Pheromone Cologne/Perfume Out There? Find Out HERE!

Alpha Q Pheromone Review – The NEWEST Exclusive Pheromone Cologne/Perfume Out There? Find Out HERE!

Alpha Q pheromone is a brand of pheromone perfume which I found online during my search for reliable pheromone based formulas.

Evidently, the marketing website does not have much information about the product. So, I had to look up for more information about Alpha Q at least to start from knowing the manufacturer.

The pheromone perfume is said to be a new product by Liquid Alchemy Labs. It claims to increase men’s attractiveness and seduction powers. This really sounds good. Are these claims evidence based?

With these known, I have done proper research from which I should gather the information about this formula in a comprehensive and a complete review.

Why not relax and read on to get this information!


Name of Product: Alpha Q


Minimum Price: Full Price $119 without $19 Discount

Overall Rank (out of 100): 98 Points

Recommended Usage: Just 2-3 Sprays

Refund Policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee

What is Alpha Q ?

Alpha Q is said to be a pure masculine fragrance designed with intoxicating human pheromones for the specific function of attracting the opposite sex (women).

At first, it seems very difficult knowing the company behind it. After series of search in google and in other internet search engine, I could find where it is said to be another product by Liquid Alchemy Labs.

Going through the different products manufactured by Liquid Alchemy Labs (listed in some review sites), Alpha Q is not one of them yet, it was said to be another new discovery by Gary Nelson.

Back to what the product claims!

The pheromone based formula should produce a fresh lingering scent to seduce women and make them recognize the user’s alpha male demands.

The formula is a 2oz spray solution of which we are told to use 2-3 sprays (in straight line) while pushing down on the nozzle about one (1) inch of the desired area.

Ingredient Profile

From our information source, the different fragrances in Alpha Q are Top Notes (Blackcurrant, Bergamot, Pineapple, Exotic Licorice, Pink Lime), Middle Notes (Rose, Patchouli, Limewood, Sichuan Pepper, Bamboo, Sage) and Base Notes (Oakmoss, Musk, Vetiver, Sequoia Wood, ISO-E super (Molecule 01)).

How Does Alpha Q Work?

For a fact, no formula starts showing beneficial effects without acting through an established pathway.

With the said fragrances and, fragrance notes in Alpha Q, how will it work to benefit the user? In an effort to get a genuine answer to this, I continued searching for more information.

Unfortunately, the product’s distributor/manufacturer gave no single information on this. Not even the actual pheromone in the formula was mentioned.

Who Is Alpha Q For?

The distributors of Alpha Q claims it is for men who want to add value to their alpha status.

In paraphrase, I should awaken my alpha male status to attract and seduce my woman of choice just by using Alpha Q as directed. Interesting!

The product’s description implies that it is for us folks who need a very effective pheromone based formula for optimal results.

It is not made for use in individuals whose condition requires the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and cure of any disease.Alpha-Q-Pheromone-Review-The-NEWEST-Exclusive-Pheromone-Cologne-Perfume-Out-There-Find-Out-HERE-For-Men-to-Women-Reviews-Result-Liquid-Alchemy-Labs-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

Don’t stop reading!

Overview Structure

The Benefits:

  • Increases Alpha Status;
  • Claims to Attract Women;
  • Increases Sexual Appetite;
  • Creates Sexual Feelings;
  • Fresh Lingering Scent;
  • Contains Human Pheromones;
  • Increases Self confidence;
  • Claims to be Safe;
  • Claims to be Potent.

The Drawbacks:

  1. It is on the high $$$ side and not every folk can afford it;
  2. People talking about it (few review sites), but it has very limited information.

Customer Support/Guarantee

The only statement about Alpha Q that looks like a guarantee is the claim that it is potent in boosting men’s alpha status.

Evidently, the claim is questionable as we are yet to be told the actual content of this product as well as what it does.

However, the website that Liquid Alchemy Labs leads to, there is nothing like the manufacturer’s refund policy, contact email or evidence showing for us users.

Yet, Alpha Q on its official primary website on Liquid Alchemy Labs, Gary Nelson does state ; “Unfortunately our Merchant account is down again. So to get Alpha Q you will have to purchase through our partners website.

Read till the end!

Conclusion/My Personal Opinion

Having researched and gone through the different highlights about Alpha Q, can we confidently say that it does what it claims?

Well, in my own opinion, there are very few details seen about this formula which the only way to find out is if we decide to test this pheromone based formula.

Now the fact that Gary Nelson (creator) of the Liquid Alchemy Labs as you can see my review here on all of their products, Alpha Q might be an exclusive product to improving sexual feeling and attraction with women.

Why do I say that?

Well, all of the their products have high quality pheromones with incredible scents/fragrances, which works effectively as it claims. Now imagine this new launched effective pheromone formula?! Alpha-Q-Pheromone-Review-The-NEWEST-Exclusive-Pheromone-Cologne-Perfume-Out-There-Find-Out-HERE-For-Men-to-Women-Review-Result-Liquid-Alchemy-Labs-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

So since it’s newest pheromone cologne/perfume on the market, there is no reviews from previous users out there, so the only way to find out is by giving it a shot, right!? For a fact, believe it or not, I’m actually going to try it myself for my own personal use.

Plus to mention, when we visit the Liquid Alchemy Labs official website at (, it does state that we as users can use the discount code to get $19 off of the first 100 Alpha Q orders. Go head and use it as well!


(p.s. the coupon code is no longer available, since I’m late to order it..)

I hope this review has helped you to find out if Alpha Q is for you or not.

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