818 Pheromone Women Perfume Review – Can We Totally Bank on this Pheromone Perfume? See Review!

818 Pheromone Women Perfume Review – Can We Totally Bank on this Pheromone Perfume? See Review!

We have previously seen a review about 818 Pheromone Men Perfume. This is another review about the same company’s perfume, but this time for women to attract men.

Pheromones creates social response and make attraction/socialization easier, but will not change the person wearing it.

Overtime, there has been a lot of hype about pheromones on the internet most of which claims to turn the wearer into a virtual sex goddess.

One really needs to be informed in order to separate the myths and fantasies of pheromones from the realities.

818 Pheromone Women Perfume promotes to offer several advantages as regards attracting the opposite sex and others. How do we know if these statements are true or not? That is the reason for a comprehensive review as such.

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Name of Product: 818 Pheromone Women Perfume818-pheromone-women-perfume-review-can-we-totally-bank-on-this-pheromone-perfume-see-review-results-reviews-scam-website-pheromones-for-him-and-her

Found it In Several Webpages Online

Minimum Price: Buy 1 Bottle – $30.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 11 Points

Recommended Usage: Few Sprays Only

Money Back Guarantee: Must Check with Retail Site

What Is 818 Pheromone Women Perfume ?

818 Pheromone Women Perfume promotes to be a unique formula that is pheromone based and what it should do, in line with the manufacturer’s description, is to create an arousing feeling which should attract the opposite sex.

According to them, women who wear 818 Pheromone Women Perfume should attract men owing the ability of the formula to naturally trigger romantic feelings.

The implication is that a woman wearing this pheromone based perfume will likely attract her desired partner confidently.

We have to always bear in mind that pheromone will not change the wearer rather they will enhance passively attitudes and not the person’s appearance. So, one should not expect to re-establish a broken relationship by wearing pheromones, but can fortify an existing one.

The manufacturer’s description of 818 Pheromone Women Perfume depicts that it is seductive since it can arouse the opposite sex and attract them for sex.

818 Pheromone Women Perfume promotes to exist as a high end and effective pheromone based perfume in the market for women to attract the opposite sex (men).818-pheromone-women-perfume-review-can-we-totally-bank-on-this-pheromone-perfume-see-review-results-reviews-scam-sprays-website-pheromones-for-him-and-her

It is sold in third party websites. The manufacturer does offer a discrete/plain shipping of ordered products.

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The vendors/distributors of 818 Pheromone Women Perfume in the third party website where it was found promote that it contains an active ingredient called pheromone.

According to the manufacturer, each single bottle (0.8fl.oz, 25ml) of 818 Pheromone Women Perfume is made in a certified laboratory set-up which they state guarantees maximum purity, concentration and quality.

The type of pheromone contained in this spray and its concentration was not stated.

The direction is that we should apply it directly on the body (neck) where it should be valid for 3 years from the time of manufacture.

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How Does 818 Pheromone Women Perfume Work?

818 Pheromone Women Perfume as described in the third party website where it was found sends signal to the brain when perceived through the vomeronasal organ in the back of the nose.

By so doing triggers 818 Pheromone Women Perfume social response in men, making them attracted to the woman wearing this pheromone perfume.

818 Pheromone Men Perfume promotes to create more affection between the opposite sexes as well.

However, it increases the wearer’s confidence as well as the extent at which they can attract the opposite sex for sex.

Who Is It For?

818 Pheromone Men Perfume is specifically for Women who want to achieve success in getting the man of their choice.

That is if you are in this group desiring to get men attracted to you, the manufacturer of 818 Pheromone Women Perfume claims that this perfume is for you.

Women who wish to maintain their relationship, according to the description of this formula in the third party website where it was found, will find this pheromone based perfume beneficial.

It should be effective for all occasions.

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  • Attracts the Opposite Sex;818-pheromone-women-perfume-review-can-we-totally-bank-on-this-pheromone-perfume-see-review-results-reviews-scam-spray-website-pheromones-for-him-and-her
  • Maintains Relationships;
  • Incorporates Potent Pheromones;
  • Increases Self Confidence;
  • Increase Sexual Attraction;
  • Safe and Effective;
  • Claims Maximum Quality;
  • Shipped Discretely;
  • Long Life Span;
  • For all Events.


  1. No Official Website;
  2. No information was seen about the manufacturer;
  3. Available in limited websites;
  4. No real data support the claims of the formula;
  5. No before and after results found after using the formula;
  6. Some webpages seems to be fake websites;
  7. There are much better options out there.

Customer Support/Guarantee

818 Pheromone Women Perfume manufacturer in an effort to protect its customers’ privacy, promotes to offer discrete shipping of purchased pheromone perfumes.

According to them, this product incorporates potent pheromone manufactured in an approved laboratory to guarantee quality.

This implies that 818 Pheromone Women Perfume is safe and effective for the intended purposes.

Their package includes one 818 Pheromone Women Perfume for Women except one to order more quantities, which they will definitely give some discounts depending on the retail.

They do state that it has a validity period of 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Conclusion/My Personal Opinion

Having seen the details about 818 Pheromone Women Perfume by the product from retail websites, it is necessary we conclude on whether it works or not based on the details obtained so far.

818 Pheromone Women Perfume states to be a highly effective pheromone based spray formula for optimized sexual attraction, yet nothing was stated about real evidence that backs up the product claims.

Secondly, I could not find enough reviews from individuals who have used the formula before.

So is this pheromone perfume for women worth checking out?

Well, 818 Pheromone Women Perfume is meant to be sprayed directly on the body, by the wearer, to attract the opposite sex and achieve the users’ desired attraction.

Similarly, it states to be compatible with the wearer’s body, hence should have no harmful effects other than to attract the opposite sex.

As for me, I usually would not spend time on a product that has no real proof of claims. Therefore I implore us to go for a more proven and effective products, that suits our needs, out there.Pherofem-Woman-2-Man-Review-Here-Are-The-Reviews-from-Consumers-Results-Natural-Pheromone-Perfume-Spray-ShyToBuy-Reviews-Result-Women-Version-Natural-Pheromones-for-Him-And-Her

I believe this review will help us make an informed decision and if you want to check out a natural enhancing pheromone formula called Pherofem Woman-2-Man perfume.

Yes, it has been on the high rank category for the top best women’s pheromone formulas out there. Feel free to check out my review on all about it right here !


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