爱香评论 – 是他们的信息素科隆/香水确实有效? 评论这里 !

爱香评论 – 是他们的信息素科隆/香水确实有效? 评论这里 !

In my recent search for 信息素喷雾/古龙水, I have come across the Love Scent Pheromone website.

正如我所看到的在这里, they seem to be a superstore of pheromone products 对彼此而言 男女, 他们这样做有几个可供选择的方案.

是, I mean a lot of options from men’s cologne and women’s perfume available for us as customer users.

So my task here is to collect as much data 有关 Love Scent Pheromone products as possible, and I will provide you with that data, and then analyse it personally.

I want to do a slightly more detailed analysis on their pheromone products before making any judgements, 作为根据 details and information I’m able to provide.

My eventual goal is to help you determine whether you should buy it or not. So why don’t we get going.

Follow down as you read along !


Product’s BrandLove Scent PheromoneLove-Scent-Review-Are-Their-Pheromones-Colognes-Perfumes-Really-Effective-Reviews-Here-信息素-喷雾油-网站-为他和她

官方网站: www.Love-Scent.com

价钱: 取决于你选择什么

总体排名 (在......之外 100): 93 点

用法: 至少试一试 8 周

退款政策: 60 天退款保证

什么是 爱情气味信息素 ?

正如你现在所知道的, Love Scent 基本上是一个网站 他们携带吨的地方 女性信息素香水到男性信息素古龙水, 一站式在线商店.

根据他们, 他们出售所有类型的信息素喷雾剂/油, 从 有香味的香水和无香味的版本, 我们可以选择我们想要的.

带一个 多种信息素的集合, 他们提供展示一个完整的页面 来自以前用户的客户推荐, 哪些是最 积极的结果.

现在,Love Scent 公司/制造商是位于尤金的美国工厂, 俄勒冈.

其网站商店上的一些广告, 他们的信息素产品的整个游戏计划, 是为了 highly boost the confidence of each individual user and change people’s perceptions of how they look and feel about you.

Also of course, 至 attract the person we most want in our lives, plus build and improve your current relationship to the better and heighten up our love/sex lives.

It’s always best to make a good impression, which pheromone sprays are known to magnetically attract our opposite sexes.

不要去,只是还没有, keep reading to find out their top best pheromones available !

Top Best-Selling Pheromones

Reading through their official website, one of the most popular pheromone sprays/oils, 将是 Alpha 7, Chikara, 等等.Love-Scent-Review-Are-Their-Pheromones-Colognes-Perfumes-Really-Effective-Reviews-Here-Pheromone-Spray-Oil-Website-For-Him-and-Her-Results-Reviews-Chikira-Alpha-7

Chikara scented pheromones who claims to be the newest improved version of pheromone cologne for men, they state to have added allsex pheromones found in most of the top-selling human pheromone products“, with a total of 7 real pheromones included in just one bottle.

根据他们, by applying this type of pheromone on our skin pulse points, it should take us to thenext step in human sex pheromone technology“.

加, I’m actually able to read the reviews that’s on the page where they have it in-stock for sell.

现在 Α 7 one comes in 2 different options, 从 men’s scented fragrancewomen’s unscented pheromones.

加, they also have combinations with included the Alpha 7, such as both Chikara and Alpha 7 pheromone men’s colognes.

As the company/brand (爱香) explains, Α 7 scented is a men’s formula of high quality pheromones and proprietary blend of essential oils in a complete balanced for effective results.

They share that by using this oil cologne for men, we can expect to increase confidence levels, attractiveness plus perceived authority, for the attention we want.

Which they do mention that it’svery powerful” 在 seducing the woman we most want.

Now the Alpha 7 无味一个, all it changes would be the flagrance/smell, but it seems to work only for the opposite sex, therefore it’s for women.

But it should work similar to the scented men’s formula on having 强大的效果.

Overall Prices

At the Love Scent Pheromone superstore online, 该 price varies from simple low-cost samples to full bottle pheromone perfume and colognes.

What I really like about their website, they made it very professional and organized, where you can click on a single tab, such as for men and it would take us directly to only men’s fragrances.

Same with women’s formulas, or we can click on the samples and choose from our own options on what’s best for us.

Now as I mentioned about the prices tags, sample products you are looking at $9.95 至 $59.95 to all the way up to $100.00+ on full bottles.

Which again, it varys from what Love Scent product we choose !

加, as I’m looking around their official website, I do notice they also have men’s brand colognes from different companies/brands, where it’s a very wide selection of popular colognes all in this superstore website.

They also includedsuppliesfrom Pocket Atomizers to Orgazyme Female Stimulation Gel and much more.

继续阅读 !


Love Scent brand/company seems to have a very good customer support, where we can contact them via online chat, phone line or through email.

They also provide us with their official address to send them any mails or unsatisfied returns, which they state to offer a full, complete 100% 退款保证, including shipping fees.Love-Scent-Review-Are-Their-Pheromones-Colognes-Perfumes-Really-Effective-Reviews-Here-Pheromone-Spray-Oil-Website-For-Him-and-Her-Results-Reviews-Comments-Refund

是, 一种 complete refund policy of 60 full days. If I purchase one of their pheromone cologne and within 8 周, I’m not happy with the results, I would send it back and apply for the 100% 退 back to my bank account.

加, LoveScent company do mention to have avariety of support featuresto help us find better ways to take on the benefits from using the pheromone colognes, such as tips on meeting new people, or improve current relationship.

That sounds great to me !

现在考虑 运输过程, they do claim to ship it out the same exact day that the product was placed, and they have several other options (including next day shipping).

是, all shipping packages should come in a private, 谨慎的普通包装no text written, 对于每一个买家的隐私.



  • Wide Range of Colognes to Choose FromLove-Scent-Review-Are-Their-Pheromones-Colognes-Perfumes-Really-Effective-Reviews-Here-Pheromone-Spray-Oil-Website-For-Him-and-Her-Results-Reviews
  • For Both Men and Women Pheromones
  • There Are 100% Pure Pheromone as Well
  • Does Have Scent or Unscented Products
  • Carries a Few Samples Available
  • Company’s Profile Found (Address)
  • Also Have Top Brand Colognes
  • Great Customer Support For Users
  • 评测 (Testimonials) Were Found
  • Fair Prices (Depending on Which One)
  • Discount Coupons Available
  • 60 Day 100% 退款保证


  1. 无法找到 any negative reviews, which they only provided positive, good reviews/testimonials.
  2. 不显示 any clinical studies or scientific tests done on their products.


Love Scent Pheromone website does seem to carry some high quality colognes and perfumes, 对于 男人和女人.

Now the fact that I’m unable to find any real studies or tests performed 任何产品的, 它确实失去了几分.

但是,这并非如此, all we as customer users wants to know if the products they carry actually work as it claims.

According to the reviews that were found, it does seem to be real previous customersactually took their time to write a testimonial, saying how effective a product are and sharing their personal experience with such formula.

So here’s what I have to say !

If I were to buy any of their pheromones, I would definitely go for one of them such as Alpha 7, or the Chikara one, since they are the top selling colognes for men or what best suits me.

加, I would be confident that if it does not live up to my expectations, I would just send it back for the complete 100% refund available to all customers who actually purchased
from their official primary website at (www.Love-Scent.com).


By purchasing somewhere else, such as a retailer, we might not be eligible for their 100% 退款保证, which is important to choose a specific cologne/perfume from their webpage at (www.Love-Scent.com).

Show me your alive and provide me with any comments or write to me below ! 我很想听听您的意见, It’s my pleasure to answer you with any information you may want to know. 随意 !

七月 - 信息素穿着者

这里胡里奥, 创始人和主编 (PheromonesForHimAndHer.com), 我有专门的我自己的时间,找出每个人的信息素配方的真相在那里与大家同行业和股票完全公正的细节 ! 我是一个信息素穿着者, 这个网站是基于这其中的一些信息素产品我个人自用专用, 和那些我还没有使用. 我要给你做任何的判断,以找出是否有用,或者之前没有真正的检讨. 所以随意看看一些到目前为止我还回顾了费洛蒙, 其中有超过 100+ 产品的评论在这里完成 ! 现在,如果有一个我还没有审查, 请让我看看,你在这里把我扔了一个线下的评论框, 与产品的名字,我会去从那里 !

看所有帖子 七月 - 信息素穿着者 →

2 上“的想法爱香评论 – 是他们的信息素科隆/香水确实有效? 评论这里 !

  1. Primal women one made my man become addictived to me. Its funny how everytime I put like 2 drops on my neck and a few spray from my other perfume he just wants to be on top of me. LOL I mean I admit I am not that good of looking woman. Sorry can’t get any better than that. 🙂

    1. Hey Bebe,

      That’s Awesome! I appreciate you taking your own time and sharing your experience with all of us, as it will help other women out there as well.

      我相信你, 干杯
      七月 – 信息素穿着者


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