信息素雄风 – 费洛蒙为男人 – 全面审查 – 做他们的工作? 看这里

信息素雄风 – 费洛蒙为男人 – 全面审查 – 做他们的工作? 看这里

Some exclusive pheromone formulas that comes in hand-made wooden treasure chest, that would be only the Pheromone Treasures products.

I recently had done a review for the women’s perfumes and it came up that Pheromone Treasures perfumes were有效, 来自 results of evidence I got.

所以我的想法在这里, maybe the cologne ones could be effective 以及 !?

然而, 我们还不知道, until we do our research to get all the information we want about the Pheromone Treasures men’s colognes, 如Grail of Affection, Escape The Friend Zone, Alpha Treasures, The Hookup, 等等..

Everything about the most popular formulas would be reviewed right here in this review. 随之回落!


品牌/公司名称: 信息素雄风Pheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-for-Men-Full-Review-Do-They-Work-See-Here-Grail-of-Affection-Cologne-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her


最低价格: 价格变化从= $39.99-$67.99

总体排名(在......之外 100): 98 点

推荐使用: 未知

退款保证: 60 天无效退款

什么是 信息素雄风 ?

信息素雄风中美. based company/brand that sells a selection of pheromone formulas for both 男女.

According to them where the Pheromone Treasures colognes was found at its primary website, they claim produce the最有效的信息素 manufactured in its own research lab, with the main founder named (约翰·洛达).

约翰·洛达, being the owner of Pheromone Treasures, he states to have been studying and practicing pheromone molecules 对于 more than 5 年份, which he mentions to be confident that his products will work as it’s suppose to.

As he explains, in cases that you find the results are not what you expected, he offers a 60 天退款保证 for unsatisfied users who wants to return the product for a refund.

他们提供international shipping for worldwide folks. All orders come in a no-text plain package for user’s privacy.

Back to the PheromoneTreasures colognes, the company has different cover scent to choose from when purchasing any pheromone product from them, which these scents would be : Aqua Di Gio, 橙香料, 天体沃特斯, 等或无香味的版本.

See the details about each cologne for men below !

Grail of AffectionPheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-for-Men-Full-Review-Do-They-Work-See-Here-Grail-of-Affection-Review-Cologne-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

从一开始就, I see that Gail of Affection (30Ml) ( 被设计成 enhance relationship status and bonds, which they added 4 人类的费洛蒙 (总计21信息素的毫克) 在其配方, where two of them would beBeta Androsterone and Androstadienone.

Gail of Affection is said to 增加信任, appreciation and love bond between the two of you (man to woman), which brings a vibe of lovely connections.

It best to use this pheromone cologne by applying 1-3 drops depending on your race, 什么时候 约会外出 with the special one or stay in together with your sexual/love partner. Here’s 证据证明 that it works :


The HookupPheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-for-Men-Full-Review-Do-They-Work-See-Here-Grail-of-Affection-Review-The-Hookup-Cologne-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

According to the Pheromone Treasures company, the Hookup ( was created to be become the best pheromone cologne to wear when hunting for women for hookup and get laid.

4 独特的信息素 (6mg of pheromones in each 10ml bottle 0r 18mg per 30ml), they mention it will have the effects that you need to get that special girl from the club or bar straight to your bed, 性别.

The Hookup is for those of you who wants to speed up the process when out there creeping for the hot ladies, which it should make you grab their attention as you become the winner for thegolden ticketaka after hours sex.

All you need is 1-3 全喷雾剂, depending on your race and you should be all ready to go and pick up the woman you want.


Captain pheromone cologne for men (, they state to include 8 human pheromones in its proprietary complex (7.5mg of pheromones per 10ml bottle (22.5mg per 30ml), 成为 “队长” in everything you do.

The Captain cologne from Pheromone Treasures, it claims to make you appear as the leader aka “队长”, to have leadership abilities and take the lead at all the time.

应该加强信任, 尊重 and others may look up to you 作为 best of the best, according to the company.

Alpha TreasuresPheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-for-Men-Full-Review-Do-They-Work-See-Here-Grail-of-Affection-Review-Hookup-Captain-Alpha-Treasures-Cologne-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

现在 Alpha Treasures ( 是一个 oil based pheromone cologne where it should make you (as a man) become the alpha male that all women wants to be together and all men wants to be around,

当他们解释, it should enhance the ability for you to get things done and become the alpha male that conquers any challenge that comes in your way, since Alpha Treasures can be worn at anytime (商业, 工作, or out) of the day.

Alpha Treasures contain making you be best you you can bebuild overall confidence levelsface any aspect you may have in your daily basis.

Escape The Friend ZonePheromone-Treasures-Pheromones-for-Men-Full-Review-Do-They-Work-See-Here-Grail-of-Affection-Review-Hookup-Captain-Alpha-Treasures-Escape-Friend-Zone-Cologne-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

是, Escape The Friend Zone ( cologne should do exactly what it’s named for, “escapeyou from the friend zone and turn her into a girlfriend, all by the unique complex of having atotal of 4 pheromones, such as the main one called Alpha Androsterone.

Remember that one special good-looking girl that still has you asjust a friend, well Pheromone Treasures claims to have designed the Escape The Friend Zone to break the ice and get them to start liking you 并成为 性吸引力.

As they do state, this pheromone product should“poke” at their sexual attraction responses, and all of the sudden, gets you out of the friend zone.


友好的光环 ( 成为一个 信息素喷雾式, 谁包含阿尔法雄甾烯醇 和其他一些信息素, 它的建立 化妆人们变得更加舒适和友好当你周围的穿着者.

这种信息素科隆应该有你 “放松” 每个人都全部打开 通信, 通过减轻焦虑, 让每个人都似乎 对你和其他人很友好.

最好是穿友好的灵气喷外出时 满足新人们社交场合 以使自己和其他人感觉好极了.

Zero to 69费洛蒙珍宝 - 费洛蒙换男装 - 全回顾 - 执行 - 他们 - 工作 - 见 - 在这里 - 审查 - 联播队长-Alpha的珍宝 - 取消 - 朋友 - 区 - 零到69科隆Pheromones-对于-他和 - 她的

零到 69 ( male pheromone cologne, this one is quite interesting where it contains high doses of Androstenone3 human sexual pheromones.

According to the Pheromone Treasures, 零到 60 spray states that it’s for advanced users only which they claim that we men will gain so much alpha so fast and be able to get a girl to come home with you for sex.

It’s basically the sexpheromone cologne to attract women for sexual intercourse, which it is warned of its powerful effects. Some men may even get aggravated when the Zero to 60 user is around.


Pheromone Treasures shares that this Treasureful服务 ( to make you have the confidence you need 有能力去 shine and gainleadership, all from the proprietary blend (5mg of pheromones per 30ml bottle).

Treasureful Shine is for those of you who are doing pretty well in life, to even better and be at the top, which it should make you confident in everything you do or come across.

是, it requires you to be proud of your own lifestyle and by wearing the Treasureful Shine, 你应该 shine even brighter


现在这 Dunamis Duo pheromone (, 它的 一种 2 制品 (1 oil based and the other 1 alcohol based) that was created to work together being very effective for a successful night out.费洛蒙珍宝 - 费洛蒙换男装 - 全回顾 - 执行 - 他们 - 工作 - 见 - 在这里,圣杯的 - 情感 - 审查 - 联播队长-词dunamis铎科隆 - 费洛蒙换他 - 和 - 她的

alcohol based one is said to give you an instant aura of masculine and confident type of guy 通过破冰接近女性,开始夜, 和 基于油配方 规定给你一个 性吸引力的氛围 应该持续了整整一夜, 他们解释.

基本上, 它应该让你 成为占主导地位的雄性社会交往 和你的出现油化妆 性异性, 所有你需要的是 2 每一个施加一个滴第一然后邻近应用程序的相同点的另一个.


哇, 信息素珍宝也确实有一些 挺有意思的信息素古龙水 为我们 男人穿和女性吸引到我们的生活.

是, 他们也有一个信息素分子独特的信息素特异性公式 成为家伙, 亚洲女性的欲望, 一个特异性的公式来吸引拉丁裔妇女, 加上一个用于喷印度和巴基斯坦妇女 以及.

现在我不能 发现任何特定证据 从信息素珍品与我们分享从结果 研究或任何试验完成增加可信度到他们的信息素配方.

我没有找到积极的评价 在几个PheromoneTreasures古龙水, 由于 女性香水 已经 审查有效.费洛蒙珍宝 - 费洛蒙换男装 - 全回顾 - 执行 - 他们 - 工作 - 见 - 在这里,圣杯的 - 情感 - 审查 - 联播 - 拉丁科隆 - 费洛蒙-FOR-他和 - 她的

一个事实, 实际上,我感兴趣的期待 让无论是拉丁, 零到 69 或者联播 一个为我个人的使用, 据说这是令人难以置信的工作,为 单人喜欢我 谁在周末外出 泡妞.

加, 更何况, 信息素珍宝公司的老板提到来报价 60 day refund policy to all customers, so if somehow I’m not 100% happy with the results, I would just send it back for a refund or exchange.

You can visit their 官方网站 在 ( 并从那里 !

Don’t be afraid to share with me your opinions about anything. Don’t be surprised if these products really work, which you better come back to me and let me know your results!

七月 - 信息素穿着者

这里胡里奥, 创始人和主编 (, 我有专门的我自己的时间,找出每个人的信息素配方的真相在那里与大家同行业和股票完全公正的细节 ! 我是一个信息素穿着者, 这个网站是基于这其中的一些信息素产品我个人自用专用, 和那些我还没有使用. 我要给你做任何的判断,以找出是否有用,或者之前没有真正的检讨. 所以随意看看一些到目前为止我还回顾了费洛蒙, 其中有超过 100+ 产品的评论在这里完成 ! 现在,如果有一个我还没有审查, 请让我看看,你在这里把我扔了一个线下的评论框, 与产品的名字,我会去从那里 !

看所有帖子 七月 - 信息素穿着者 →

8 上“的想法信息素雄风 – 费洛蒙为男人 – 全面审查 – 做他们的工作? 看这里

  1. Fantastic blog you have here Julio! I am very impressed!!! So does all of these perfumes come in those treasure boxes?? I really find it interesting! Can you show me the women ones?! Thank you Julio!! 🙂

    1. Hey Jenna,

      First, I would like to say thanks for the positive feedback about my website’s blog. Now regards the treasure boxes”, YES all of them do comes inside eachtreasure box as you mentioned, which makes sense the pheromone brand name called (信息素雄风). And regards to the Women’s Pheromone Treasures, 您可以 click here to head over the review for women’s pheromones to attract men.

      七月 – 信息素穿着者

  2. My man uses the two little oil treasures one and every time we go out great results. Really attracts attention. I just can’t keep my eyes off him. Smells good too I am also pleased with results and overall smell.


  3. 七月, have you tried this? Sh*tt L2k one works like a charm! Everytime I put these bad boys on, I walk feeling like a king no lie guys look up to me, girls just keeps staring. I am going for the alfa machino one and i’ll let you know how it goes. Wish me good luck

    1. Hey Michale,

      Great to hear man! I like how you actually came back here and express your experinces, I mean the name says it all (License to Kill). Which one though, LIIK v.1 or LIIK v.2 ?

      Sharing is Caring,
      七月 – 信息素穿着者

  4. Works very well! Also I love the design. Currently using dunamis dual one! Thank you my friend julio

    1. Hey Manie,

      Awesome to hear man. 感谢分享, as it will help others inform your experience here.

      七月 – 信息素穿着者


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