Healthy Attraction PheromoneExtra Strength Pheromone Oil For Men & Sensual Pheromone Oil For Women – 评论

Healthy Attraction PheromoneExtra Strength Pheromone Oil For Men & Sensual Pheromone Oil For Women – 评论

Scrolling down on the Amazon retailer website, a product who goes by the name (Healthy Attraction Extra Strength Pheromones Oil) poped up in my recommendation section, 对于 pheromones cologne.

Right from the start, I noticed a high number of close range to 200 customer reviews sharing their experience with the use of this particular product.

Healthy Attraction Pheromones Oil seems to not only carry for men version such as cologne, but they also have it on women’s version to attract their sexual partner/s 以及.

Remember it’s anextra-strengthclaiming formula who promotesmaximum sexual attraction“, all from the pheromones inside each each bottle.

So I can’t wait to find out what real customer users are saying about this popular pheromone cologne/perfume listed on Amazon.

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名称: Healthy Attraction PheromonesHealthy-Attraction-Pheramone-Extra-Strength-Pheromone-Oil-For-Men-Sensual-Pheromone-Oil-For-Women-Review-Reviews-Results

Men’s Webpage:

Women’s Webpage:

最低价格: Depend on Which Formula

总体排名 (在......之外 100): 81 点

推荐使用: Mist to Skin Exposure

退款保证: Amazon Does Carry It

什么是 Healthy Attraction Extra Strength Pheromone Oil ?

基本上, I found it in the top shelf of pheromone products on the Amazon retailer website.

The name of the product is exactly what it describes to be, 一种 (Healthy Attraction Extra Strength Pheromones Oil).

The one I found first is the masculine version, which is a cologne with sex attractant pheromones to attract our sexual mates or the opposite sex.

It states to help us men maximize our dating chances with women/mate, by enhancing sexual appeal and arousal.

Claims to bring an incredible scent of flagrance that takes sexual attraction to a whole different level, plus increases the production of our own unique pheromones that produces naturally.

然而, scrolling down the webpage to look for more information, I stopped by the (Healthy Attraction Sensual Pheromone Oil) 为了 women’s version, 在 perfume glass bottle.

For the ladies formula, it should increase the chances to find the love mates of their life 以及, by stimulating men’s love feelings and sex appeal.

Healthy Attraction women’s formula also shows over 200+ reviews from previous consumers and users, which is basically the popular sister of Healthy Attraction men’s version cologne.

Keep reading to find out what else it does, 和 what scent is described from my research done !

Healthy Attraction Formulation/ScentHealthy-Attraction-Pheramone-Extra-Strength-Pheromone-Oil-For-Men-Sensual-Pheromone-Oil-For-Women-Review-Reviews-Results-For-Men

According to my research findings, 该 Healthy Attraction (30ml / 1 Oz glass bottle ) both versions of formulas were made in a facility here in the U.S.A.

They designed it with no unnecessary fillers, where it is free from Paraben, sugar free, and Sulfate free, which it seems to be a high quality formula.

Now they both carry the same sex attractant pheromone compounds, 哪个是Andronone & Copulandrone.

All it changes is theother ingredientscombined in each version of formulas, 拥有 a different scent of smellattracting effects.

(Healthy Attraction Extra Strength Pheromone Oil) for men promotes to have a 胆大, masculine w/ a refreshed and clean scent for sexual attraction towards women.

And for the (Healthy Attraction Sensual Pheromone Oil) infused perfume for women, it gives out a spicy, sweet, floral aroma that brings out an exotic sexual feminine flagrance.

然而, not only the product’s organization claims each version of formula brings out the sexual pheromones, but it also mentions that it mixes with the production of natural pH balance 对于 our own unique natural scent.

What To Expect ?

If I were to use this (Healthy Attraction formula for men), 他们声称 在人群中脱颖而出, since it maximizes sexual appeal, confidence and arousal.

It should stimulate sexual attraction with hot women around me and make them be turned on towards the user.

根据他们, they claim to help maximize the chances and opportunities to meet new dates, perfect to find the love of our life aka perfect mat, 和/或 build your current relationship.

States to magnetically 吸引异性 by stimulating their love and sexual feelings towards you, which makes sense why they named it Healthy Attraction”.

胆大, fresh attractive scent the guy’s version has, most customer users online are sayingit smells good and clean“, and a few others are saying it works or somewhat.

现在 perfume for women, they mention to combine the perfect mixture of ingredients to make the (Healthy Attraction Sensual Pheromone Oil) bring asweet, spicy and alluring flagrance scent.

Women who were to wear this feminine perfume, you can expect to increase your self- esteem and confidence levels to make you feel sexy and smell like a sexy beauty.

加, it boosts up flirtability and sexual attractiveness to turn on the opposite sex (男人) 上.

It increases sexual arousal, sex appeal, and sexual pleasing guys around you.

And as I mentioned earlier, they also claim to work with increasing women’s naturally occurring body pheromone, and that’s all by spraying the product to skin exposure for best results, 他们解释.


The brand of this Healthy Attraction both flagrance formulas of spray, is the (Healthy Vibes), which I found them to sell several sexual products on the internet, from sex lubricants to pheromones, 等等.

They claim that the product has been科学证明to work, yet I’m unable to locate any of this data or evidence to prove formulas efficient.

Since the product was developed in the USA, I’m assuming the company’s address would be somewhere here in America.

然而, the Healthy Attraction does not have an official website to make the formula seem more professional, but it’s only available on Amazon, 易趣 and other similar retailer websites / third party webpages.

Most of these sites do carry a 退款保证, such as Amazon with a next day return policy to send it back for a refund.

Depending on the website, buyers would have to check about shipping procedure on how long it could take to have it delivered.


The Green Flags:Healthy-Attraction-Pheramone-Extra-Strength-Pheromone-Oil-For-Men-Sensual-Pheromone-Oil-For-Women-Review-Reviews-Results-For-Men-For-Women

  • Both Sex Versions of Formulas
  • Each One Attracts the Opposite Sex
  • Claims Maximum Sexual Attraction
  • Very Popular on Amazon / Retailer
  • Found a Number of Positive Reviews
  • Very Cheap Affordable Pheromone Product
  • Increase Chances with Opposite Sex
  • Releases Our Own Scent & Natural Ph
  • Women Increases Sexual Feelings
  • For Women’s Version, Men Shows Love
  • Promotes to Enhance Overall Sex Appeal
  • Formula was Made With No Addition Fillers
  • Men’s Version: Masculine, Fresh, Clean Aroma
  • Women’s Version: Sweet, Warm, Florals Scent
  • Mentions to Increase Flirtatious & 性感
  • Increases Sexual Arousal, Making them Turn on
  • Amazon Does Carry a Money Back Guarantee

The Red Flags:

  1. 没有官方网站上找到, which would make the product seem more legit.
  2. Unable to find any real proof of evidence to back up 产品.
  3. Comparing to other pheromone effective sprays in the industry, 他们 cost way more than the Healthy Attraction ones. We usually get what we pay.

Final Thoughts and Advice

Even though they are a number of positive reviews from consumer’s results, there are still a few other customer users to give negative feedback on the Healthy Attraction formulas.

然而, we can’t skip the fact that there are no such evidence from scientific data or clinical studies done with the product, 哪一个loses a couple of points 在我看来.

And now it makes me question on how I don’t know why it’s very cheap compared to its counterparts !?

Even though there are a lot of pheromone formulas out there with different price range, the ones that are known to really work cost five-times more moneyHealthy Attraction both versions of formulas.

So if you want to check out and actually read some of the reviews on either(Healthy Attraction Extra Strength Pheromones Oil) 但对于 或者 (Healthy Attraction Sensual Pheromone Oil) for the ladies, I would suggest first before taking action.

Unless, you want to take my advice and go for a pheromone that is really scientifically proven to work by providing us with their studies, I would recommend you taking a look at the (信息素雄风).费洛蒙珍宝 - 费洛蒙换男装 - 全回顾 - 执行 - 他们 - 工作 - 见 - 在这里,圣杯的 - 情感 - 审查 - 联播队长-词dunamis铎科隆 - 费洛蒙换他 - 和 - 她的

On my review for the Pheromone Treasures exclusive colognes, I’m going to show you every information from about each unique and effective pheromone cologne.

如果你是一个女人, I would suggest taking a quick look at the (Pheromone Treasures women’s perfumes), which will increase your sexual attractiveness with men or what best suits you.

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这里胡里奥, 创始人和主编 (, 我有专门的我自己的时间,找出每个人的信息素配方的真相在那里与大家同行业和股票完全公正的细节 ! 我是一个信息素穿着者, 这个网站是基于这其中的一些信息素产品我个人自用专用, 和那些我还没有使用. 我要给你做任何的判断,以找出是否有用,或者之前没有真正的检讨. 所以随意看看一些到目前为止我还回顾了费洛蒙, 其中有超过 100+ 产品的评论在这里完成 ! 现在,如果有一个我还没有审查, 请让我看看,你在这里把我扔了一个线下的评论框, 与产品的名字,我会去从那里 !

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14 thoughts on “Healthy Attraction PheromoneExtra Strength Pheromone Oil For Men & Sensual Pheromone Oil For Women – 评论

  1. You could turn the bottle over yourself and wont work. I am a female, fairly attractive and I dont get the attention I want.

    1. Hey Christian,

      哇, that’s not good. Thanks for sharing your experience. 然而, let me throw you a hand and show you the Tease XS from PheromoneXS, who have been known effectively tocrave all the attention and for you to tease men to give you all the attention you need.

      Hope This Helps,
      七月 – 信息素穿着者

    1. Janett if you believe in pheromones, this works great for me. My man is always eye contacting me and always near me. Proof from myself here

      1. Hey,

        是, Healthy Attraction Pheromones does seem to really work as its purpose. And awesome, thanks for sharing your experience.

        七月 – 信息素穿着者

  2. Julio results vary because my results here are not as I thought it could be. I’m a girl and I want something to actually get more attention

    1. Hey Hellen,

      哇, that’s not good at all. Which is why I did mention that it’s very cheap, where we usually get what we pay for.

      七月 – 信息素穿着者

    1. Update: After using it several times in public places, I’ve noticed that more women move in closer to me or act more comfortable. Not bad!

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