फेरोमोन्सएक्सओ रिव्यू – पुरुषों का कोलोन है & महिलाओं का इत्र वास्तव में प्रभावी? परिणाम देखें!

फेरोमोन्सएक्सओ रिव्यू – पुरुषों का कोलोन है & महिलाओं का इत्र वास्तव में प्रभावी? परिणाम देखें!

The attractive powers of pheromones, पिछले कुछ वर्षों में, have been exaggerated by the advertisers and/or distributor of pheromone-based cologne/perfumes, which I found the फेरोमोन्सXO.

There have been claims that these scents will make partners irresistible to each other and the scientific/clinical back up for these claims, ज्यादातर मामलों में मौजूद नहीं है.

हाँ, फेरोमोन कुछ शक्तिशाली प्रतिक्रियाओं को ट्रिगर करते हैं (यौन). लेकिन यह है कि जब प्रश्न में उत्पाद ट्रिगर इस तरह के प्रभाव के लिए फेरोमोन पर्याप्त मात्रा में होता है.

PheromonesXO एक फेरोमोन आधारित सूत्र जो मैं जबकि फेरोमोन उत्पादों है कि प्रभावी रहे हैं के लिए खोज की खोज की है. यह लाभ की एक अच्छी संख्या को बढ़ावा देता है, जिनमें से सभी इस में सुलझाया हो जाएगा स्वतंत्र समीक्षा.

फेरोमोन्सXO विभिन्न प्रयोजनों के लिए एक आधिकारिक वेबसाइट और विभिन्न संयोजनों की क्या ज़रूरत है. हम इस समीक्षा में उत्पाद के इन किस्मों की प्रभावशीलता स्थापित करेगा.

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ब्रांड का नाम: फेरोमोन्सXO

वेबसाइट: www.PheromonesXO.com

न्यूनतम मूल्य: Price Vary Depends

पूरा अंक(से बाहर 100): 74 अंक

अनुशंसित उपयोग: Couple Sprays

धन वापसी नीति: 100% Money Back Guarantee within 15 दिन

क्या है फेरोमोन्सXO?

PheromonesXO is marketed as a brand of pheromone-based formula. निर्माता के अनुसार, the products are of different varieties for men and women. They are used depending on the result users want to achieve.

These products hail from the United States. They are marketed by the manufacturer as high quality and effective preparations पुरुषों और महिलाओं के लिए.

What these pheromone brands should do is to make relationships stronger, make partners yearn more for each other, increases self confidence, enhances one’s sex appeal and increases theविपरीत सेक्स के आकर्षण.

All that is expected of you is to apply the preparation on some special spots of the body to experience the effects. The product’s description on the official website implies that users of फेरोमोन्सXO brand are guarantee of achieving their desired result.

Pheromones are referred to as substances secreted by the human body to trigger sexual responses from the opposite sex and others. If PheromonesXO contains sufficient quantities of pheromone, its different varieties should elicit the same effect.

They can only be purchased from its primary website.

The details for the different product varieties were stated, परंतु no scientific or clinical study was mentioned to back up the product claims.

Let us see the details about the different PheromonesXO brands!

PheromonesXO for Women

The varieties of PheromonesXO for women are Bonding XO Pheromones for Women, Ice Breaker XO Pheromones for Women, Naked Truth XO Pheromones for Women and Sexiness XO Pheromones for Women.

Bonding XO Pheromones for Women:PheromonesXO-Review-Is-the-Mens-Cologne-Womens-Perfume-Really-Effective-See-Results-Reviews-Bonding-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

This type of PheromonesXO, निर्माता के अनुसार, increases the power of women to maintain a stronger relationship with their partners.

What it should do according to them is to improve communication, increase trust and increase the level of affection between partners. Bonding XO Pheromones for women claims to give women the feature to lure men and make them open up first.

Ice Breaker XO Pheromones for Women:

This pheromone-based formulation claims to be designed and developed for women and it states to make men approach you first. निर्माता के अनुसार, if a woman who desire to get men make the move, lured and attracted without stressing, फिर Ice Breaker XO Pheromones for Women is what they need.

It is described as a powerful combination of pheromones containing Alpha and Beta Androstenol which provides an exceptional range of feeling to its users (महिलाओं) from people around them. It is known to motivate men to talk to opposite sex while in the dating scene.

Naked Truth XO Pheromones for Women:PheromonesXO-Review-Is-the-Mens-Cologne-Womens-Perfume-Really-Effective-See-Results-Reviews-Naked-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

यह है एक mixture of women pheromones तथा copulins that have some powerful impacts on connections. The Naked Truth XO Pheromones for Women claims to make us men more open, confident and behave as if our partners know what we have in mind. It claims to make women have control over conversations whereby the man talks his mind.

निर्माता के अनुसार, this class of PheromonesXO is not only effective in विपरीत लिंग को आकर्षित, but should also build confidence/self-esteem of people around us.

इसके अतिरिक्त, it promotes to create the type of appeal and closeness desired by women.

Sexiness XO Pheromones for Women:

This type of PheromonesXO claims it’s for women who wish to boost their natural sex appeal and be the center of attraction के लिए लेकिन.

Sexiness XO Pheromones for Women is known to contain copulins (the most effective amongst the female pheromones), hence it’s ability to support greater connection, improve men’s libido and make relationships stronger.

कंपनी के अनुसार, if you are a woman, the pheromone-based formula will improve your mood, self confidence and sexual interest while making you easily attracted to the man you desire.

PheromonesXO for Men

The varieties of PheromonesXO for men, according to the product’s official website are Alpha XO Oil Pheromones for Men, Bad Boy XO Pheromones for Men, Bonding XO Pheromones for Men, Confidence Oil XO Pheromones for Men, Ice Breaker XO Pheromones for Men and Naked Truth XO Pheromones for Men.

Alpha XO Oil Pheromones for Men:PheromonesXO-Review-Is-the-Mens-Cologne-Womens-Perfume-Really-Effective-See-Results-Reviews-AlphaXo-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

This type of PheromonesXO claims to contain androstenone and three other male pheromones. The manufacturer promotes that it will make us the alpha male we have always desired to be.

अर्थात्, it will make us always succeed in attracting women, being attractive to other people around us and increasing our leadership qualities.

Bonding XO Pheromones for Men:

This brand of PheromonesXO states to make our relationships (with our partners, friends and others) मजबूत.

Confidence Oil XO Pheromones for Men:

This type of PheromonesXO, according to their company, it contains a concentrated blend of highly potent pheromones के लिए लेकिन. It states to drive women to their tangent while making them have more desire for sex.

Ice Breaker XO Pheromones for Men:PheromonesXO-Review-Is-the-Mens-Cologne-Womens-Perfume-Really-Effective-See-Results-Reviews-Ice-Breaker-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

उसी प्रकार, this should trigger women to make the move. The manufacturer promote that all we need is a little spray of this formula to achieve our desired results.

Naked Truth XO Pheromones for Men:

इस, निर्माता के अनुसार एक है mix of three different types of pheromones. What it should do is to create honesty between us and our loved ones. It is known to be social pheromone cologne.

सहायता / गारंटी

The PheromonesXO brand promotes to असंतुष्ट उपयोगकर्ताओं को धनवापसी की पेशकश करें of their pheromone-based cologne/perfumes.

अर्थात्, if I use any of the products of PheromonesXO and not satisfied with the results, I can return the unused products within fifteen days to get a full refund.

They mention to ship the purchased products sealed and tamper-protected. The ordered products, according to them should arrive within 2-4 days for U.S residents and 6-12 business for clients outside U.S.

The products’ return form in their official website makes the return process easier. We are guaranteed to achieve the level of opposite/same sex attraction we desire by using PheromonesXO brand.

The makers of these products can be reached with their contact address, phone calls or filling the contact form.

Read review till the end!

निचला रेखा निष्कर्ष

इस समय, I want to believe that we are enlightened as regards our expectations using फेरोमोन्सXO.

Various details were given for the different products on its official website and the fact that one can get a refund make the formula more credible.

The manufacturer can be reached. ज़रूर, the exact proportions of pheromones contained in the different formulas of PheromonesXO were not stated.

इसलिए, मर्जी PheromonesXO work for us?

कुंआ, these products are not seen in other retail websites, but they are used, according to the manufacturers’ details. They are known to contain pheromones which give them that ability to trigger sexual responses.

UPDATE: मैंटी की तरह लगता है PheromoneXO आधिकारिक वेबसाइट के लिए उत्पादों अब उपलब्ध नहीं हैं. आम तौर पर इस है नहीं एक बहुत अच्छा संकेत वहाँ बाहर कंपनियों को अपने उत्पादों के साथ चाहते हो सकता है कि.तरल-कीमिया-लैब्स-समीक्षा-क्या-अपने-फेरोमोंस-कोलोन-सच-कार्य का पता लगाएं-आउट-यहाँ-जादू-फेरोमोन-कोलोन-फेरोमोंस-बुरा-वुल्फ-नग्न-अल्फा-AQUA_VITAE-SXD-जेल-Pheromones- के लिए-उसे-और उसकी-

इसलिये, पूरी तरह से बेहतर कुछ पर जा सकते हैं, तरल कीमिया लैब्स उत्पादों फेरोमोन ज्ञात किया गया है जब हमारे चारों ओर पुरुषों को महिलाओं लाने अच्छा परिणाम दे. हमारी जरूरतों में से प्रत्येक के लिए एक विशिष्ट फेरोमोन इत्र देखते हैं कि सबसे अच्छा सूट हमें.

असल में, आप ऐसा कर सकते हैं यहीं मेरी समीक्षा देखें और में से हर एक की जाँच जाने तरल कीमिया लैब्स शीर्ष फेरोमोन !


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जुलाई - फेरोमोन पहनने

यहाँ जूलियो, संस्थापक और संपादक (PheromonesForHimAndHer.com), मैं हर किसी के साथ उद्योग और शेयर पूर्ण निष्पक्ष विवरण में वहाँ प्रत्येक मानव फेरोमोन सूत्रों की सच्चाई पता लगाने के लिए अपने खुद के समय समर्पित कर दिया है ! मेरे एक फेरोमोन पहनने जा रहा है, इस वेबसाइट इन फेरोमोन उत्पादों में से कुछ के साथ मेरी निजी स्वयं के उपयोग के आधार पर समर्पित है, और लोगों को मैं अभी तक उपयोग नहीं किया है. मैं पता लगाने के लिए अगर यह काम करता है या नहीं किसी भी निर्णय लेने से पहले आप असली समीक्षा देने के लिए जा रहा हूँ. तो फेरोमोन मैं अब तक की समीक्षा की है में से कुछ पर एक नज़र लेने के लिए स्वतंत्र महसूस हो रहा है, जो वहाँ पर हैं 100+ उत्पादों की समीक्षा यहाँ किया ! अब अगर वहाँ एक है मैं अभी तक समीक्षा नहीं की है, मुझे लगता है कि तुम यहाँ हो जाने और मुझे नीचे एक लाइन फेंक टिप्पणी बॉक्स में कृपया, उत्पाद के नाम के साथ और मैं से जाना होगा वहाँ !

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