फेरलुर समीक्षा – क्या फेरलूर काम करता है?? मेरे परिणाम देखें & अमेज़न पर समीक्षाएँ! केवल यहां

फेरलुर समीक्षा – क्या फेरलूर काम करता है?? मेरे परिणाम देखें & अमेज़न पर समीक्षाएँ! केवल यहां

Swinging across the Pherlure cologne, I found it to be one the previous colognes that I personally have experimented भूतकाल में, which I actually had forgotten all about it.

Now the thing that caught my eyes in the first place, was the professional and very attractive website of this formula !

अभी तक, it’s not all about the looks and beauty, but I’m going to share with you my own personal results from wearing it in the past, I will also share the previous consumer’s reviews, and evidence, जबसे proof is all it matters ऐसे उत्पाद के बारे में.

Myself scrolling down to its website, I finally remember that they also have it in women’s version, the Pherlure perfume for her !

कौन कौन से, this review will target both Pherlure from the men’s pheromone cologne to women’s pheromone perfume to attract our opposite sex mates.

भी, I quickly search it up and found it on Amazon retailer website plus other websites talking about it, where reviews are shown to provide you with other user’s before and after results, all from this pheromone formula !

इसलिये, I’m going to put everything together in one single review right here and have a review summary based on my personal experimented and the information I find online !

पढ़ते रहिये !


उत्पाद का नाम: Pherlure PheromonePherlure-Review-Does-Pherlure-Work-See-My-Results-Reviews-On-Amazon-Only-Here-Cologne-Perfume

सरकारी वेबसाइट: www.Pherlure.com

न्यूनतम मूल्य: 2 बोतलें + 1 Free Bottle = $33.33PerBottle

समग्र कीमत (से बाहर 100): 0% सफलता दर

अनुशंसित उपयोग: 2-3 Sprays or More

पैसे वापस करने का वादा: 30 डे वापसी नीति

क्या है Pherlure ?

So before I go straight forward with showing you my results, let’s find out about the Pherlure product first !

Pherlure seems to be some type of “अनन्य” फेरोमोन सूत्र that has in both men’s and women’s version, all to attract our opposite sex.

According to its official website, they claim it’s theattraction bottled” क्योंकि वहाँ हैं “फेरोमोन” included in the formula’s formulation, and pheromones are known as the attraction chemicals.

कौन कौन से, they even mention to take advantage of every luck we may have when interacting with our opposite mates, such as get the ध्यान (“spark”) हम चाहते हैं.

The product’s manufacture claims Pherlure has been on the worldwide pheromone industry for the past 6 वर्षों.

They state to contain only real pheromones inside either the cologne for him or the perfume for her.

Now on Amazon where the product was found, it states that consumers using this pheromone formula has increased theirsexual intercourse activity levels by 62.4%“.

भी, they claim it’s thescience of seduction in a bottle” !

अभी तक, वो हैं lacking proof of this to show us (as former users), which I’m not even able to find any evidence whatsoever at the product’s primary website.

A statement claming this and that, anybody could say whatever they want and post it, so we want to see real proof !

Substances/How Does Pherlure Work?

The Pherlure company known as (ANR INT INC), they are U.S. based located in Miami, Florida, they mention that that their product is manufactured in a U.S. certified facility.

Pherlure webpage promotes to केवल “real” सेक्स फेरोमोन the product’s formulation !

Which one of them is(Di-Dehydroepiandrosterone), कौन है main active ingredient मेंpheromone complex.

The other ingredients/substances, मैं नहीं ढूंढ पा रहा हूँ exact ingredient’s profile online.Pherlure-Review-Does-Pherlure-Work-See-My-Results-Reviews-On-Amazon-Only-Here-Cologne-For-Him-Perfume-For-Her

As they do mention, it brings a subtle scent“, which I can wear the Pherlure cologne alone, or can be used with our favorite cologne for the best scent.

Now talking about the scent, the cologne does have afresharoma कब I applied to my skin pulse points.

कौन उपयोग कर सकता है Pherlure ?

The product’s company introduced both versions (for him and for her).

The Pherlure for him is for us men to attract women, increasessexual awareness and triggers overallताकतवर” आकर्षण, के रूप में वे समझाने.

उनके अनुसार, the men’s cologne will arouse the female’s sex gland, by stimulating sexual desire and sexual appetite, plus enhances sexual responses towards the user.

The Pherlure women’s perfume for him, it should attract men. अभी तक, not much details are found for the women’s version !

हाँ, मुझे लगता है करने में सक्षम थाreviews on Amazon retail website, and a few customer users are saying it does reallysmell great , but the attraction effects were not as they expected.

कौन कौन से, they are also more negative reviews online than good, as what I’m seeing.

But don’t go just yet, make sure to read until the bottom line for you to see my results !

ग्राहक सहयोग / गारंटी

Folks who were to order from the Pherlure official website, they mention offer private privacy to all of us as buyers.

All packages will be shipped within 2-3 business days in a plain, discreet and no text package, which it was dropped at my doorstep showing nothing written.

They also explain that all orders placed will show aseonlineorder on credit card billing statements.

There is a 30 दिन पैसे वापस गारंटी for unsatisfied customers, where all I would have to do is इसे वापस भेज दो 30 दिन and they should refund the money back directly to the account used to place the order.

उनके अनुसार, no questions asked !

और उनसे संपर्क करने के लिए, there is a “संपर्क करें” tab that it will take you to a form page to write and forward it to the product’s company.

Now as I mentioned before about being on Amazon retailer, however it seems that Pherlure is no longer available.

पढ़ते रहिये !



  • Claims to Attract Opposite Sex
  • There is a Formula for Each Sex
  • एक आधिकारिक वेबसाइट है
  • Promotes to Get More Attention
  • Claims It Increases Sexual Awareness
  • States to Enhance Sexual Appetite
  • Promotes to Get More Sexual Desire
  • Does Have a Fresh Nice Scent/Aroma
  • दावा एक 30 दिन पैसे वापस गारंटी


  1. वहां more negative reviews/results than good. A very few that actually experience good results, others did nothing.
  2. No existing “अध्ययन करते हैं” or evidence found to provide and back up the formula’s effectiveness.
  3. Failed to share the full ingredient’s list for us to know it contains.
  4. Amazon are saying it’scurrently unavailable“. – Not a very good sign.
  5. According to sources online, the compound called(Di-Dehydroepiandrosterone) that the company claims to have in their productfolks are saying it’s notnon-existent pheromone”.
  6. Plus the studies claims such assexual intercourse activity levels increased by 62.4%”, are completely fake and unreal studies.
  7. My personal experiment with the product, was not as I expected.
  8. Folks are saying it’s a completescam”, with bogus hyped claims.

मेरे व्यक्तिगत परिणाम + सिफ़ारिश करना

Wow, I didn’t think that Pherlure “फेरोमोन” सूत्र had so much negatives and red signs.

After reviewing it, with all the information I was able to find, वहाँ है no point in ever giving the product a try.

अभी तक, I tried Pherlure back in 2013, I had got just a single bottle of Pherlure cologne for men so I can attract girls at the gym.

Now I’m the type of person who tries a product for a few times and If I don’t notice immediately signs of results (हाँ, I’m actually good at detecting results), such as with this pheromone cologne, I automatically won’t use it after several times or a period of time.

कौन कौन से, Pherlure was one of the products I literally put it to the side after 4-5 attempts on trying to make it work for me. I remember, I would wear in the daily sunny days, and nothing would happen.

तुम्हे सच कहता हूँ, I did like the scent, a little bit !

And at that time, I can’t remember any positive behavior from women from when I had this spray applied to me, which it didn’t work to me and it seems it doesn’t work for others as well.

Now after my research done for this review,  the fake “अध्ययन करते हैं” and fake “फेरोमोन” chemicals that they have put in the Pherlure, I can basically call it a scam, which makes sense on why Amazon no longer has the product available.


So why not share with you one of the effective pheromone formula I have been using till this day, and would be the Nexus Pheromones spray fragrance !Nexus-Pheromones-Review-Heres-My-Personal-Results-With-This-Pheromones-Spray-See-Here-Cologne-Spray-Perfume-For-Men

हाँ, Nexus Pheromones gives me incredible results when I’m around women, I get more looks from hotties, women always seem to be near me, it highly increases my confidence और उल्लेख करने के लिए नहीं, I become super attractive to women I see when I’m wearing this cologne.

So don’t forget to click here to take a look at my review to see my results and find out how I felt in love with the नेक्सस फेरोमोन कोलोन.

जुलाई - फेरोमोन पहनने

यहाँ जूलियो, संस्थापक और संपादक (PheromonesForHimAndHer.com), मैं हर किसी के साथ उद्योग और शेयर पूर्ण निष्पक्ष विवरण में वहाँ प्रत्येक मानव फेरोमोन सूत्रों की सच्चाई पता लगाने के लिए अपने खुद के समय समर्पित कर दिया है ! मेरे एक फेरोमोन पहनने जा रहा है, इस वेबसाइट इन फेरोमोन उत्पादों में से कुछ के साथ मेरी निजी स्वयं के उपयोग के आधार पर समर्पित है, और लोगों को मैं अभी तक उपयोग नहीं किया है. मैं पता लगाने के लिए अगर यह काम करता है या नहीं किसी भी निर्णय लेने से पहले आप असली समीक्षा देने के लिए जा रहा हूँ. तो फेरोमोन मैं अब तक की समीक्षा की है में से कुछ पर एक नज़र लेने के लिए स्वतंत्र महसूस हो रहा है, जो वहाँ पर हैं 100+ उत्पादों की समीक्षा यहाँ किया ! अब अगर वहाँ एक है मैं अभी तक समीक्षा नहीं की है, मुझे लगता है कि तुम यहाँ हो जाने और मुझे नीचे एक लाइन फेंक टिप्पणी बॉक्स में कृपया, उत्पाद के नाम के साथ और मैं से जाना होगा वहाँ !

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