Androtics Direkt Bewertungen – Die Bewertung für alle Androtics Pheromone Formeln Hier – Alpha, Sofortig, etc

Androtics Direkt Bewertungen – Die Bewertung für alle Androtics Pheromone Formeln Hier – Alpha, Sofortig, etc

Who doesn’t want success in their life? Androtics website to seems to be the company/brand of several pheromone products, sowie Alpha A314, “Instant Gentleman”, “Instant Jerk, etc, plus ein paar Pheromone für Frauen als auch.

Having a Sammlung von Pheromonen, a few of them does seem to be popular in the pheromone industry.

Beispielsweise, the Alpha A314 claims to be a Pheromon Formel to build more trust with others, respektieren und zu mehr Erfolg.

“Dreh die Heizung auf” cologne for men and theInstant Sexinessperfume for women are both for sexuelle Attraktivität.

Nach ihnen, it doesn’t matter our age, either if I’m young or old, all of their products should work within the first 17 seconds.

They even mention that there is nothing like their products, which today I will investigate the meaning of each Androtics pheromones and the whole purpose in one single review.

So don’t go just yet, follow down and everything you may want to know will be right here!

Name der Marke: AndroticsAndrotics-Direct-Reviews-Heres-The-Review-For-All-Androtics-Pheromone-Formulas-Alpha-Instant-etc-Pheramones-Sprays-Oils

Offizielle Website:

Minimaler Preis: Each Product Price Varies

Gesamtplatzierung (aus 100): 92 Punkte

Empfohlene Anwendungsgebiete: Depends On Each Formula

Rückgaberecht: Ansprüche 365 Geld-Zurück-Garantie

Was istAndrotics ?

Androtics is a brand/company wer trägt ein variety pheromone products for both men and women to experience the benefits of each formula.

Being a superstore with a collection of pheromone formulas, Androtics manufacturer is based in the United States at Beverly Hills, California.

Now some of the most popular products that they have, wäre Alpha A314, Instant Openness, Instant Honesty, “Dreh die Heizung auf”, Instant Shine and theses are just for men.

Women’s pheromones would be such as Instant Sexiness orInstant Sexiness B”, plus they have the women’s version for Instant Openers, Instant Communication and Instant Shine.

According to the Androtics official website, they claim to have the “”world’s most advanced pheromone technology” zu produce and develop pheromone products for both sexes.

Welche, they do seem to have more than a decade in the pheromone industry to create these type of colognes/perfumes.

They state to sell only hohe Qualität Formeln !

Eigentlich, at the company webpage, they actually have a forum support section from the total of over 34,000+ customers users worldwide.

Now I would like to find out about each one of their most popular pheromone formulas !

Alpha A314For Men

Alpha A314 is for men to use, which claims it’s a worldmold breaking formula”.

Mit 3 years of research, the company developed Alpha A314 with aunique proprietary complex of 9 effective human pheromones (23.8mcg (micrograms) mit “real essential oils“.

To make it a light oil form of pheromone formula, they included only a small amount of Androstenone with the other 8 pheromones containing .33% of essential oils for a natural scent and to have a better, positive connection with others..

10mL bottle of pheromone, they mention it can be worn during anytime of the day for daily usage, wie an der Arbeit, daily routines, etc.Androtics-Direct-Reviews-Heres-The-Review-For-All-Androtics-Pheromone-Formulas-Alpha-Instant-etc-Pheramones-Sprays-Oils-Alpha-A314

Jetzt here are the benefits of applying this pheromone spray :

  • Enhances Trust & Respekt
  • Appear More Manly & Männlich
  • Oil Based Formula – 1-4 Drops
  • Seem as a Strong Knowledgeable Man
  • Erhöht das Vertrauensniveau
  • Seem More Successful / Beachtung
  • Attribute to Leadership & Sociability
  • Enhances Comfort + Kommunikation
  • Natural Effects Attracts Women
  • Seem More Desirable From Folks Around
  • Mentions It Could take a Month to See Results

This pheromone formula being an oil based form, all I would have to do is release the cap of the formula, and turn it upside down within an inch from either my finger or wrist, then wait until a full drop falls onto the skin surface.

Then I would spread the drop to pulse points, either behind the ears, Hals, Handgelenk, etc.

1-4 drops can be necessary to experience the benefits and results, but up to 7 full drops is the maximum for daily basis.

Noch, the product’s company also makes in spray form auch, für die Alpha A314 cologne.

Instant Openness” – For Both Men & Frauen

Now the Instant Openness as I mentioned earlier, it has one for men and one for women.

Grundsätzlich, it’s the friendly/communicationice breaker to allow others around you to open up for communication and give you the Aufmerksamkeit, die Sie wollen.

Nach ihnen, Instant Openness either men or women’s version, both has a very light, orange scent.Androtics-Direct-Reviews-Heres-The-Review-For-All-Androtics-Pheromone-Formulas-Alpha-Instant-etc-Pheramones-Sprays-Oils-Alpha-A314-Instant-Open

  • Increases Communication Sociability
  • Has It for Men or Women’s Formula
  • Allows Others to Be in Good Mood
  • Be More Comfort & Helps Relax to Open Up
  • Known as theFriendly” Pheromone
  • Claims toSoftenYour Image
  • It’s a Spray Formula – 1-8 sprays
  • Attribute to Social Effects
  • Makes It More Fun & Excitement
  • Mentions To Last up to 6 Std
  • Brings a Light Citrus Scent

Noch, das ingredients are only 2 menschliche Pheromone !

Instant Honesty” – For Him & Ihr

The Instant Honesty also has it for both men and women, where it was made to enhance the flow of communication and make others become more honest with you.

Wie sie erklären, folks around you such as our loved ones or friends will start speaking their mind and the honestly will come out no matter whatAndrotics-Direct-Reviews-Heres-The-Review-For-All-Androtics-Pheromone-Formulas-Alpha-Instant-etc-Pheramones-Sprays-Oils-Alpha-A314-Instant-Honestly

  • Increases Honestly Around User
  • Makes People Speak Honestly
  • Can Wear It Anywhere (Arbeit,etc)
  • Improves the Quality of Information
  • Only Need 1-5 sprays – See What’s Best
  • Can Use It With Their Other Pheromones
  • Same Scent as Instant Openness (Light Citrus)

Instant Sexiness” Für Frauen

Looking over at the Instant Sexiness, the company Androtics seems to have 2 verschiedene Versionen für die “Instant Sexiness”, which the other one goes by the name ofInstant Sexiness B”.

But trying to find a compassion of each formula, it doesn’t look like it has any difference. Das benefits are the same, how it works doesn’t change, and it’s basically the same.

Instant Sexiness formula contains a total of 5 menschliche Pheromone and it’s for women who wants to bring out an exotic seduction / confidence outlook, which the results to experience are :Androtics-Direct-Reviews-Heres-The-Review-For-All-Androtics-Pheromone-Formulas-Alpha-Instant-etc-Pheramones-Sprays-Oils-Alpha-A314-Instant-Sexiness-Results-Reviews

  • Grabs the Attention You Need
  • Makes You More Seductive
  • Enhances Own Perception of Yourself
  • Increases Natural Confidence Levels
  • Become More Relaxed & Comfortable
  • Enhances Powerful Secure with Others
  • Claims to Mix With Natural Scent
  • Should Make User Sexual Attracted
  • Werden Sie furchtlos & Feel Like You can Do Anything
  • Makes People Notice You More
  • 1-5 Sprays Is All It Needs
  • Non-offensive Neroli Light Scent

“Dreh die Heizung auf” Pheromone for Men

Androtics brand made a special custom sexual pheromone for men to wear to attract women looking for sexual related.

Wenn ich dies nutzen “Dreh die Heizung auf” Köln, I would use it at either at Riegel, Vereine, night out or dating women, and it should not be used around kids or in the daytime routine around family members or around non-sexuality folks.

Hier sind die Vorteile zu erwarten when wearing this exclusive pheromone cologne für aber :Androtics-Direct-Reviews-Heres-The-Review-For-All-Androtics-Pheromone-Formulas-Alpha-Instant-etc-Pheramones-Sprays-Oils-Alpha-A314-Instant-Results-Reviews-Turn-Up-The-Heat

  • Makes User Appear as Sexual Attracted
  • Shows a Strong Sexual & Physical Presence
  • Does Claim to Actually “Dreh die Heizung auf”
  • Turns Everything Into a Sexuality Scenario
  • All I Would Need Is 1-5 Maximum Sprays
  • Mostly Used for Dating or Night Out Venues
  • 2.5 mcg/spray to 5 mcg/sprayEffectiveness
  • Does Not Mention The Pheromone Profile..

AMMO Cologne / AMMO Summer

Beide AMMO Cologne and the AMMO Summer refers asAmmunition In the Battle of the Sexes”, both are designed with pheromones for men to wear it out on thesummerseason, enthaltend only unique special fragrances Für ein “blue summer scent”, wie sie erklären,.Androtics-Direct-Reviews-Heres-The-Review-For-All-Androtics-Pheromone-Formulas-Alpha-Instant-etc-Pheramones-Sprays-Oils-Alpha-A314-Instant-Results-Reviews-AMMO--Cologne-AMMO-Summer

  • Gets You to Have All Attention
  • Makes Friendly Connections
  • Plus Sexual Attention as Well
  • Claims to Bring an Attractive Scent
  • Needs 3-8 Sprays Per Usage
  • Great For StartersUse It to Go Out
  • Mentions to Last Up to 6 Voll Stunden

Both contain 7.5mcg with only 2.5mcg of androstenone pheromone.

“Instant Jerk” – For Men

Laut der offiziellen Website des Produkts, Instant Jerk was made not for friendlyconnection, but for irresistible jerks to get all the bad girls / ladies out there.

They mention it’s so effective with 3 menschliche Pheromone that anyone around will notice and feel the effects of this potentfantasy fulfillment cologne.

Caution: It could aggravate other males around you, and can prove you the power of pheromones all from this Instant Jerk formula, according to them should not use nearby kids, family members or to work.Androtics-Direct-Reviews-Heres-The-Review-For-All-Androtics-Pheromone-Formulas-Alpha-Instant-etc-Pheramones-Sprays-Oils-Alpha-A314-Instant-Results-Reviews-Instant-Jerk

  • Become the Jerk Women Crave
  • Some Types of Women Love the Jerks
  • Feel More Aggressive & Real Jerk Effects
  • Others May Treat You as If You are Aggressive
  • Same Scent as OthersLight Neroli (orange/citrus)

Instant Shine” – Men’s Feel Good Pheromone

Instant Shine formula from Androtics, it should make you the shining light glow around folks, by making you feel good and become a confident man, with positive natural effects.

It also contains nur 3 Pheromone in the product’s formulation, and advantages are :Androtics-Direct-Reviews-Heres-The-Review-For-All-Androtics-Pheromone-Formulas-Alpha-Instant-etc-Pheramones-Sprays-Oils-Alpha-A314-Instant-Results-Reviews-Instant-Shine

  • ziehen Sie die richtige Person in unser Leben
  • Increases Self Mood & on Others
  • Become the Main Attention
  • Stimulates Positive Impact
  • Claims to Give a Youth Effect
  • Could Expect Sexual Effect as Well
  • Sollte “ShineNear Others Around
  • Light Citrus/Orange Aroma

Mystery Boy” – Party Cologne for Gay Men

Jetzt das custom made pheromone cologne, they included a total of 11 menschliche Pheromone in dem “Mystery Boy” Formel, and this one is ONLY for Gay men.Androtics-Direct-Reviews-Heres-The-Review-For-All-Androtics-Pheromone-Formulas-Alpha-Instant-etc-Pheramones-Sprays-Oils-Alpha-A314-Instant-Results-Reviews-Instant-Mystery-Boy-Spray

  • Experience Gay Homosexual Lifestyle
  • Makes User Seem Fun & Enjoyable
  • Claims To Light up Good Moods From Men
  • Also MentionsYouthful Presence
  • Promotes to Work Best For Night Time

“Instant Gentleman” – For Real Men

The formula bottle’s label explains it all ! Should make wearers become more of a gentleman, masculine and wiser outlook, which can be used at anytime of the day.

All you would need to do is apply 1-3 full sprays of this Instant Gentleman formula to your pulse points (Handgelenk, Hals, etc), which they mention to contain only 2 Pheromone and that’s all we need to presence moregentlemanbehavior.Androtics-Direct-Reviews-Heres-The-Review-For-All-Androtics-Pheromone-Formulas-Alpha-Instant-etc-Pheramones-Sprays-Oils-Alpha-A314-Instant-Results-Reviews-Instant-Gentleman

  • Makes User Seem Wiser & Older
  • Become More Charismatic
  • Seem More Dependable Around Others
  • Can Wear It During Daytime or Night
  • Helps Bring Out Masculinity Behavior
  • Stimulates Comfort and Provides Safety
  • Nur 1-3 Full Sprays NecessaryCitrus Scent


Ja, that was a variety of pheromones to choose from, for both men and women or even gay folks.

Noch, they also have special products as well, so wie die (Come Talk to Me) Formel in both versions for him and her, plus travel size portions, Pheromones-to-go, Combos, custom supplies, etc.

And looking over at their primary official website, I noticed that they claim to offer a DOUBLE full year money back guarantee to all customer users !

So If I were to get any of their cologne and somehow I don’t find the results as what I expected, ich kann return for a full refund, plus they mention to double the money back.

Sounds good to me !

I also found it to have some type of forums for customer users to share their experience with such product, or ask any questions or concerns we may have.

Grüße an die Versandverfahren, all orders over $100, not only customer will earn points, but they will include a free shipping within 1-5 Arbeitstage, and they also mention worldwide international shipping auch.

Um Kontakt mit ihnen, they show both U.S. phone number and an international number, or I can easily email them.


From just a quick glance at Androtics Direct pheromone products, sie scheinen zu wirklich Arbeit, wo sind sie several real customer users online to share their results.

Now from my point of view, I did find it a little skeptical to not find any type of studies or evidence from scientific/clinical results zu prove each product’s efficiency.

It would actually gain more points if the company/manufacture provided us (as a former pheromone user) to show us the evidence of each formula of theirs.Liquid-Alchemy-Labs-Review-Does-Their-Pheromones-Colognes-Really-Work-Find-Find-HIER-VOODOO-Pheromon-Köln-Pheromone-Voodoo-Wolf-Bad-Wolf-Pheromone-Für-Ihn-Und- Ihr

jedoch, top shelf pheromone formulas such as (Bad Wolf, VOODOO, Überdosis, etc) von dem LiquidAlchemyLabs pheromones exclusive colognes, they produced each one of their formulas to contain the highest concentration of pheromones in der Industrie.

Von my evidence found, das Bad Wolf from Liquid Alchemy Labs gewesen sein sehr vorteilhaft on helping us men achieve the sexuelle Attraktivität we want and the Vertrauen we have been looking for.

So if you want something more powerful aka for alpha males, das Domination is currently listed with the most pheromone content in its formula from the number of reviews I have done.

Merken, it’s always going to be what best suits you, just because someone gets great results from a product, doesn’t mean it would be the same with you or so.

Juli - Pheromone Wearer

Julio hier, der Gründer und Herausgeber (, Ich habe meine eigene Zeit gewidmet da draußen die Wahrheit eines jeden menschlichen Pheromon Formeln, um herauszufinden, in der Industrie und Teilen Voll unvoreingenommene Details mit allen ! Me ist ein Pheromon Trägerin, Diese Website basiert auf meiner persönlichen eigenen Gebrauch mit einigen dieser Pheromonprodukte gewidmet, und die, die ich noch nicht verwendet. Ich werde Ihnen die echte Bewertung geben, bevor sie eine Entscheidung zu machen, um herauszufinden, ob es funktioniert oder nicht. So fühlen sich frei, einen Blick auf einige der Pheromone nehmen ich bisher überprüft haben, was gibt es über 100+ Produkte Bewertungen hier getan ! Jetzt Wenn es einen gibt habe ich noch nicht bewertet, Bitte lassen Sie mich sehen, dass du hier bist und werfen mir eine Zeile weiter unten im Kommentarfeld, mit dem Namen des Produkts, und ich werde gehen von dort aus !

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    1. I got a few pheromone products to try them out and this is the only one that actually seems to have pheromones. It says on the bottle: 5mg of pheromones minimum purity 98% I like it that they actually commit to a real quantity and a purity because so many others don’t. My girlfriend initially said she didn’t smell anything but then I noticed her being much more sexy to me as the night wore on. I definitely smelled something unusual.This seems to be the real thing guys.

  1. Julio I recently made a purchase for the instant sexiness. I love this product more than anything. I do feel my best though!

  2. You are actually checking out the alpha a314 , just to let you know , it really works like a charm.

    1. Hey Ricky,

      Good to hear, I appreciate you taking your time to share your experiment. Thanks

      Ich glaube Ihnen,
      Juli – Pheromone Wearer

      1. Hey Sonny,

        Gut, I actually have no idea. These are a few reasons why it might not be available currently, either it’s out-of-stock temporarily, oder they took it off the shelf because of product’s comparability.

        Juli – Pheromone Wearer

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