फेरोलिंक सुगंधित फेरोमोन स्प्रे समीक्षा – क्या फेरोलिंक फेरोमोन्स रियल के दावे हैं?? यहाँ पता!

फेरोलिंक सुगंधित फेरोमोन स्प्रे समीक्षा – क्या फेरोलिंक फेरोमोन्स रियल के दावे हैं?? यहाँ पता!

फेरोमोंस are known to be chemical substances that impact behavior and mood. The natural secretion of pheromone is usually affected by several factors leaving some deficit in the pheromone pull.

In an effort to augment the natural pull of pheromones, बहुत सारे फेरोमोन और फेरोमोन आधारित उत्पाद कई दावों के साथ बाजार में उतारे गए हैं.

Finding the right pheromones product to use can be more difficult than expected as there are fake products amongst the effective ones.

As I was making researches in the internet to see what’s obtainable, I stumbled over the Pherolink Scented Pheromone Spray which claims to offer all we may need from pheromones.

आदर्श रूप में, I should simply rush and grab this product, but what if it does not achieve its claims? I have cut across such scenarios and the only way to avoid this is to have an honest evaluation of the formula.

इस समीक्षा में, we intend to gather as much details as possible about this product and reach a particular decision.

Simply read on to get these insights!


उत्पाद का नाम: Pherolink Pheromone Spray

सरकारी वेबसाइट: www.Pherolink.com

न्यूनतम मूल्य: कीमत भिन्न होती है

पूरा अंक(से बाहर 100): 73 अंक

अनुशंसित उपयोग: Just 2-3 स्प्रे

धन वापसी नीति: 30 दिन पैसे वापस गारंटी

क्या है Pherolink Scented Pheromone Spray ?

Pherolink Scented Pheromone Spray एक के रूप में विपणन किया जाता है concentrated formulation of human pheromones. यह एक होने का दावा natural power pheromone based spray.

This product is sold in different retail websites where it is said to make us more attractive and make our first impression great. It should also facilitate positive feeling and enhance social feelings.

It might interest us to know that some factors negatively affect the potency of naturally secreted pheromones. By using Pherolink Scented Pheromone Spray, the distributors claim that we should overcome those factors (द्र्श्य दिखावट, social status, आकर्षण).

उनके अनुसार, this formula is not designed to do some magic. We as users will have to be polite, clean and of good behavior to achieve maximum effect.

संक्षिप्त व्याख्या में, users of this pheromone based product are not guaranteed to get new encounter, hence the reason we should put the factors stated above into cognizance in the course of using the product.

Pherolink Natural Power Pheromone Spray is scented and can still be used with our favorite cologne as it should not produce a noticeable scent when used as directed.

For us to use this, the recommendation is to apply 2-3 sprays in our cloth. The spray is meant to last for about 5-6 घंटे and we can apply it again after this time.

तो और अधिक, the maker ofPherolink Scented Pheromone Spray for men explain that using too much of this pheromone will not intensify the effect rather it may cause opposite reaction.

भी, we as users can apply it for almost every occasion, but it gives more effect in a place that is not filled with some horrible scent (smoke) and in places that are not congested.

Is this product recommended by experts? मेरी निष्कर्षों से, इसमें शामिल है known pheromone substances and for the endorsement/recommendations, we will see more details as we go further.Pherolink-Scented-Pheromone-Spray-Review-Are-the-Claims-from-Pherolink-Pheromones-Real-Find-Out-Here-Results-Amazon-Review-Spray-Unscented-Pheromones-For-Him-And-Her

पढ़ने रोक नहीं!

सामग्री प्रोफ़ाइल

Pherolink Scented Pheromone Spray for men promotes to contain a highly concentrated (0.4mg) blend of pheromones. These should include Androsterone, Androstenol and Androstenone.

यह कैसे काम करता है?

Pheromones are known to work with the science that opposite sex attraction occurs naturally and is triggered by pheromone scents.

Their stimulating effect in the vomeronasal organ to the brain is critical to their ability to cause attraction and other behavioral changes.

दूसरे शब्दों में, pheromone based products should be targeted to stimulate the VNO to achieve the intended benefit.

As for Pherolink Scented Pheromone Spray for men, there is no clear description of whether it works in the प्राकृतिक फेरोमोन के रूप में एक ही तरह से या नहीं.

How then, will the product cause the claimed opposite sex attraction? Is it assumed to work as such? Maybe the distributors have some information which we are yet to unravel.

पढ़ते रहिये!

यह किसके लिए है?

Pherolink Scented Pheromone Spray is said to be made for men who want to enhance their appearance and attract their woman of choice.

This implies that by using this product, I should induce sexual attraction in women without having to talk so much. This sounds really good.

The distributor’s description of the product implies that folks who want a more natural and potent pheromone formula सेवा improve their self image and confidence will find Pherolink Scented Pheromone Spray beneficial.

भी, it is said that if I belong to the group of people who want a good pheromone product to combine with their cologne, I will find the product helpful.




  • Increases Men’s Attractiveness;
  • Puts Women in the Mood;
  • यौन भावनाओं को बनाता है;
  • Intensifies First Impression;
  • Creates Positive Feelings;
  • Brings More Respect;
  • स्व आत्मविश्वास को बढ़ाता है;
  • Highly Concentrated Pheromone;
  • Natural and Potent Formula;
  • दावा यह सुरक्षित और प्रभावी है;
  • Suitable For All Occasions;
  • सुरक्षित और इस्तेमाल में आसान;
  • Buyers’ Information is Safe;
  • Company Offers Refunds.


  1. The manufacturer’s refund policy is not explicit;
  2. 'ग्राहक फीडबैक मिश्रित कर रहे हैं;
  3. Pheromone effect only last for 5-6 hours and this is a short period of time;
  4. Manufacturer’s information are not presented.

ग्राहक सहयोग / गारंटी

Pherolink Scented Pheromone Spray manufacturer mentions to refund us if we return the product within 30 days of purchasing it. Will the refund cover the used or the unused product package?

मेरी निष्कर्षों से, they only offer refunds for products returned intact (unopened products).

This pheromone product is said to be made with highly concentrated and potent human pheromones, hence should effectively achieve the stated effects.

They made recommendations on the best way to use this product for maximum benefit.

For inquiries, हम कर सकते हैं easily communicate with them through email or by filling the message form in their primary website.

निष्कर्ष / मेरी निजी राय

ज़रूर, this review has highlighted and discussed in-depth, all about Pherolink Scented Pheromone Spray. With reference to these details, we can easily know if the product will work as claimed or not.

हाँ, the pheromone contents of this product were listed, but its claims lack expert’s recommendation.

I will applaud the fact that a good number of past users gave feedbacks इस उत्पाद के बारे में. Looking at the feedbacks, I can easily infer that they are 70% positive and 30% negative. This could be a pass mark only if some of them are not falsified.

The pheromone effect might not last as long as expected. इसलिये, we as users will have to spend more money to continue using it.

दूसरी ओर, the absence of a detailed product’s pheromone concentration and the manufacturer’s profile raises a lot of interest.

तथापि, customers may not get refunds if the product is returned open. Having brainstormed on these details, मैं कहूंगा कि Pherolink Scented Pheromone Spray is not really what it claims to be.

We can go ahead to read more customers’ opinions about the product on Amazon and in other retail websites.


इस समय, I want to believe that we now know what will suit us as users of pheromones. मेरे लिए, Pherolink Scented Pheromone Spray is not an option, however there are much better options out there such as the Alpha Dream pheromones.

Now with the Alpha Dream exclusive pheromone formulas, we can expect to get good results when using it. Find out more by clicking here and see the complete review on all about them.

Don’t be afraid to drop me anything you may have in your mind. I would love to hear all about it!

जुलाई - फेरोमोन पहनने

यहाँ जूलियो, संस्थापक और संपादक (PheromonesForHimAndHer.com), मैं हर किसी के साथ उद्योग और शेयर पूर्ण निष्पक्ष विवरण में वहाँ प्रत्येक मानव फेरोमोन सूत्रों की सच्चाई पता लगाने के लिए अपने खुद के समय समर्पित कर दिया है ! मेरे एक फेरोमोन पहनने जा रहा है, इस वेबसाइट इन फेरोमोन उत्पादों में से कुछ के साथ मेरी निजी स्वयं के उपयोग के आधार पर समर्पित है, और लोगों को मैं अभी तक उपयोग नहीं किया है. मैं पता लगाने के लिए अगर यह काम करता है या नहीं किसी भी निर्णय लेने से पहले आप असली समीक्षा देने के लिए जा रहा हूँ. तो फेरोमोन मैं अब तक की समीक्षा की है में से कुछ पर एक नज़र लेने के लिए स्वतंत्र महसूस हो रहा है, जो वहाँ पर हैं 100+ उत्पादों की समीक्षा यहाँ किया ! अब अगर वहाँ एक है मैं अभी तक समीक्षा नहीं की है, मुझे लगता है कि तुम यहाँ हो जाने और मुझे नीचे एक लाइन फेंक टिप्पणी बॉक्स में कृपया, उत्पाद के नाम के साथ और मैं से जाना होगा वहाँ !

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